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  1. This is a superhero-supervillain romance. Emma Malkov, aka Nightmare, daughter of the super villain Overlord, has two epic abilities- Illusion Casting and Telepathy. She has a relationship with Alex Louis, a hero, who has no idea she's a villain and his mom is sick in the hospital. His powers are Telekinesis and Telepathy.

    We start off with Emma using Telepathy to talk to Alex. They're lovebirds and they do this all the time. Anyways, Ash-
    another villain who has the ability to use fire and has a massive crush on Emma, (she knows this)- walks in and overhears her talking to him. Ash has always known about their relationship, but he's sick and tired of it. He wants Emma to break up with Alex and go ahead and become his girlfriend, like her father wants. She says she will always stay with Alex. No other villain knows about their relationship.

    So, the villains attack the city armory. Fight, fight, fight, steal steal steal, yeah all that jazz. In the middle of it, though, Alex sends a message telepathically to meet him at midnight.

    Anyways, Alex is visiting his mom, sick in the hospital, and talks to her for a bit before she says she's tired and he leaves. That night, Alex meets Emma at this cool pavilion in the park. They talk, and Alex mentions that he's going on a secret mission. For a few MONTHS. Emma gets upset and leaves.

    Fast forward two months later, Ash and Emma aka Flamethrower and Nightmare are performing a bank heist to fund their 'take over the city' plan. That night, Ash invites Emma over and asks her if she and Alex are still together. She says they are. He gets suuuuper angry and knocks her out. That morning, she's back at her house mansion.

    Ash doesn't say a word about what happened that night, and so they do the bad things that villains usually do. We'll think up some stuff.

    So, Alex returns. He comes to the hospital, talks to his mom, lets her go to sleep, and then he falls asleep. He wakes up, and his mother is dying. In these last moments, he tells her that he has powers. They talk a for little bit. Then she passes out. He panics, calls for help, but it's too late. She's dead.

    Alex is really moody and sensitive for a while, even snapping at Emma. Finally, she gives up on trying to make him happy. He's alone for a long time.

    Emma starts to get tired. She hardly ever participates in any fights of heists or anything. She just lays in bed. And... (duh duh duh) she's getting bigger. Emma is pregnant, and without a doubt, she knows that Ash did it.

    (The rest we''l make up along the way.)


    Emma Malkov- aka Nightmare, LOS (TyratheTyrant)
    Alex Louis- aka Wings, OOJ
    Anna Louis- Alex's mom, Normal
    Axom Malif- Emma's dad aka Overlord, Leader of the League of Shadows
    Vixen Malif- Emma's aunt aka Witch, LOS
    Ash- aka Flamethrower. Bipolar, really fun and nice to really creepy. LOS. Super Power- Fire Manipulation.
    Nighthawk- Leader of the Order of Justice
    Zip & Zap- Twins. Work with Emma. Super power- Speed. LOS

    CS- (For all characters)

    (Pic Here if Possible)
    Power- (If any)
    Weapons- (If any)
  2. I would love to join this-- but would you be interested in a one on one version?
  3. Yeah @AngelLass I love to do 1x1 but I'm going to wait and see if anyone else is interested first.
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