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  1. Racism and Sexism Strike Again!!! A Defense of Jacqui Briggs

    This post is the main reason behind this topic. In some fandoms that I'm in (like Mortal Kombat for example), if you dislike a certain character, you're automatically racist, sexist, or homophobic.

    Has anyone else experienced this in any fandoms?
  2. Butt hurt gamer that not everyone likes their character?
    Butt hurt SJW that not everyone shares their opinion?


    We get hundreds of these nutter's daily. >.<
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  3. Worst is when it comes to transgender characters; the LGBT community (on Tumblr especially) can go fucking nuts if they don't get their will through.

    Then there's the whole Native American Harry Potter magic "racism" thingie, which is stupid as hell if you ask me.

    People are just desperate to find things to hate on.
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  5. Why can only humans be every class in WoW?
    Other races aren't dumb! >:C
  6. I'm just going to post the most dumb I found in that article and laugh, I couldn't give a toss about constructive critiquing after seeing the myriad of fucking gifs within that article.

    "If you get caught with a move more than 5 times and still haven’t figured out a way to counter or evade, you deserve all the losses you get"

    "moveset quality are (for the most part) subjective."

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  7. Demon Hunters!
  8. Well the first point is pretty accurate. Fighting games have a training mode for a reason. If I hate fighting a certain character, I fight against them in training mode for hours so I can counter and evade them better. Don't bitch and complain about a character if you're not willing to train your ass off and learn how they fight. God knows I've gotten shit in various fighting games just because I main certain characters.

    As for the second part, yeah it's pretty true. It depends on how the character is used and the match-ups. Since MKX is very balanced, pretty much every character can be deadly in the right hands.
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  9. People congregate en masse to say and support meaningless, stupid things? Say it ain't so!

    People just look for reasons to hate things and, heck, it can legitimately be fun. Taking something apart to understand its failings via criticism, or simply playing the role of the contrarian to something popular is enjoyable. It just comes with a whole lot of social etiquette to do properly, and people are often too overly emotional to rationally approach it. So. Eh.

    The basic human need to identify oneself to a tribe and then affiliate to that tribe is given hyper steroids via the Internet's ability to voluntarily Balkanize people. One of the best strengths of the Internet is also one of the greatest sources of its meaningless, petty strifes. When a person has an echo chamber for what they think, they become far more resolute in that idea, because it's no longer just an idea: It's a community. A tribe.

    Tribe A loves anime. Tribe B hates anime. It's no longer about civil discourse: it's now about defending the community.

    Welcome to humanity. At least we argue petty shit on the internet here. In some places of the world, people are still arbitrarily murdered for being born into the wrong tribe. Like being part of the gay tribe in the middle East.

    So, I mean, perspective. As stupid as this shit is, it's normal, and nobody dies from it.

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  10. What does this mean?

    Also, the Balkan peninsula technically doesn't exist.
  11. ...Are you saying it's impossible for a move to be straight-up broken and unfair?

    Like, for a fun example, tell me the player deserves all of the blame for this being as difficult as it is... :P

    In all seriousness, though, I wouldn't even go so far as to call myself a "gamer" most of the time, and even I know that something being difficult =/= the player being bad at it. At least, not necessarily. It's totally possible for a game to be just badly-designed -- or at least, it's possible for specific parts of it to be badly-made or unfair.

    And, this is probably the part where I should point out that I know nothing about the specific game or character in question, so I have no idea if that's the case here, but... yeah. In general, you can make a valid criticism about part of a game being unfair or broken, therefore making it too difficult.


    Yeah, this is dumb, but relatively harmless. Can't say I don't understand how this got started, though. Reminds me of that whole issue that came up about Steven Universe fanart, with fans attacking other fans for drawing characters too skinny or too white or whatever. Since the show is so good with all different kinds of representation, and fans really clung onto the idea of certain groups being represented, any attempt to remove what made that character an example of representation was seen as an attack on the entire group or movement. I guess this is sort of the same thing. If only people had enough common sense to realize that hating a character who happens to be a certain race/gender/whatever =/= hating a character because they are that race/gender/whatever... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  12. I don't know Warcraft lore at all!: The Post!

    Every fucking fandom has it's naysayers. Back when Halo was still good there were people proclaiming Chief was transgender because of a single sentence mentions their lack of libido, which they took as 'they took his dick therefore he's a woman and thus trans'. Same thing went for Baird in Gears of War. It was hilariously bad, but people still defended it.

    It's nothing new.
  13. If the game is already broken and glitchy as hell from the very beginning, then hell yes! Your link was one of the most broken games of all time :P

    But most fighting games don't have that issue at all. If there's an infinite or glitch discovered, the developers always patch it anyways. So my point still stands. If a move is bothering you, go to training mode and learn how to counter it. I've had to do that in Dead or Alive 5 Last Round many times

  14. But... but... Halo 5 had Nathan Fillion. He's a big damn hero.

    The shit you just posted about Chief and Baird is hilarious.
  15. This feels relevant.


    @Dervish Is Halo 5 even out yet? My wife (IN FOLLY AGAINST MY WISHES) bought an Xbox One. Might gamefly it and smoke my way through it just so I've fair reason to gripe.
  16. Sociological term. Means when people voluntarily ostrasize themselves from foreign ideas, via joining insular communities that never challenge their values, but instead only reinforce them. Compare and contrast to someone who joins an Amish society, which intentionally isolates itself away from technology.
  17. Yo, I realized I linked an extreme example, but just because a game manages to be decent or even good doesn't mean it's perfect enough to not have a single tiny thing that anyone would consider imbalanced or flawed. And you certainly can't say that "fighting games" as a whole can't have that problem.

    I mean, look at all the tiny little tweaks they made to characters' movesets when Smash 4 came out. They took away Pit's up+B, for example, because it made it way too easy to recover from a fall. Characters like Kirby and Jigglypuff already had recoveries that sort of allowed them to 'fly', but even then, there were limits. Pit, though? His recovery put even characters like those to shame. It was just too good. And that's why they changed it.

    A game doesn't have to be Sonic '06 in order to have certain points that can legitimately be called unfair. And saying that all fighting games are immune to such criticisms? That's just ridiculous.
  18. Ah, alright.

    BTW I stopped giving a shit about fandom opinions and SJWs (or just social justice in general tbh) some time ago. You can't dictate or predict someone's gender just based on looks and then bash on everyone for simply "not seeing it".

    Granted the example is a bit overused/dumb but that pretty much sums up the views on Danny Phantom.

  19. Yessir. It came out in October. If it helps, I was hugely disappointed in 4 and quite enjoyed 5.
  20. I can't wait for the great anime titty war of '23.
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