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  1. ok guys I need help, I honestly don't care and will not judge but please tell me what you honestly find hilarious I don't care if its innocent, dirty, sexual, stupid, cliché or whatever I just wanna hear your guys opinions. Also I really want you guys to ask me a question of advice or just something you've always been curious about or whatever just ask a question. If you guys could help me out on this I will really appreciate it. So tell/ask me anything thank you!
  2. Wat? What is this even about? What do you need help with? And should this be in general chatting?
  3. Are you just asking about how to write good humor?

    Because that's not only A) highly subjective but also B) really hard to describe in words. o.o Good humor just seems to... work, often in a way that's hard to describe.

    I mean, every time I try to explain why I love the humor in Welcome to Night Vale, for example (which has a style of humor to it that I find rather unique), I can never seem to do it justice by explaining it, because I always make the humor sound really dumb and silly, although it's so much more smartly done than I can make it sound. Explaining humor is hard, ya know?
  4. *knock knock knock knock*

    Who's there!?

    The Doctor!

    Doctor Who?
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  5. I think you should have seen Age of Ultron instead of making this confused thread.
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  7. This thread makes me highly anxious. I want to go home.
  8. shutup asmo and get back up tegans ASS!

    nut shots, nut shots are always funny!

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