Opinion on this Art and Partner needed for serious Role Play

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  1. Here to get the writers block done with!
    Working on a couple One Shot Mangas, and have the pictures figured out, and so forth
    but with this busy life in the real world.
    Looking for someone to have long and well adept and detailed lively role play.

    The reason why there are no genres specified is because I'm open to all sorts of Role Play and standards,
    Rusty at the typing but if someone's willing to work with it for a week, after that should be a pro at Role playing once more

    Used to Text Role Play online and that was 5 years ago, for 5 years.
    So if an of you think you're bad ass or wonder teachers,
    This Senpai needs a good tutor in terms of Role play techniques.

    I miss that fire and excitement, most kids these days use one liners and so forth, not much specification to place or time, weather or texture in the ground or their voice.
    So boring.

    Gender is hidden,
    Hope you guys find this oddly specific and well informative being as it is.
    Peace out you awesome peeps

    (Thank you for the help in pointing out the separate threads!!)
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  2. You might get a better response on both of these things if you had this thread be only a partner request, and posted your art separately in the Museum of Creative Arts O.o
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Thread Status:
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