INTEREST CHECK Operations: Wolf Pack (Slightly Futuristic Military Group Roleplay

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  1. Genre: Near Future SciFi
    Setting- 2017
    Age Group- PG13

    Will Contain- Cursing, Killing, Drug Usage, More Killing, A storyline, twist and turns, unexcepted outcomes, Killing more things, "Powers" and more!
    Summary- We are a group of soldiers from around the world preforming various missions for a company in WW3. You may have cybernetic implants, or a type of "power", but logic and backstory is needed behind it.

    Private military's and mercenary groups have been formed around the world for many, many, many years. This one was founded in the year 2017, a war between two major organizations broke out in Mid-2015. Hybrid-Electronics, an organization formed on the founding of human cybernetics, inhuman soldiers, and dangerous scientific research. Human Regular Rights (HRR), an organization formed to counter Hybrid-Electronics (H-E) believing they need to stop using inhuman soldiers, cybernetics, and stop their scientific research. The HRR took extreme measures and attacked many H-E buildings, killing workers and guards. Countering extreme measures, H-E fought back. The entire world seemed shocked, and countries began supporting one or the other's side. This was the start of WW3.

    We are apart of the best military group,
    • Worlds
    • Operating
    • Lethal
    • Force
    or W.O.L.F for short. We were hired by Hybrid-Electronics to preform several missions, being paid greatly for each. We will work together to preform various task, including killing, gathering research, stopping HRR supply runs, and rescuing are own.

    In 2015, the world discovered a way to give their soldiers and advantage. This was done by amounts of radiation while near another source, animal injections, and even splicing animal genes with humans.

    I was hoping to have about 5-8 people join this including me, each with one character, unless I allow more. This will be a several part roleplay, including several chapters listed below.
    1. SnowFall
    2. Rolling Thunder
    3. Sparks
    4. Flaming Arrow
    5. Firestorm
    Each one is sort of planned out, each with twist and turns, but the basic idea's will be announced if we get to them.

    More information and the CS will be made if I can get a few interested!

    Anyone have questions or are interested?

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  2. Sounds cool, i would love to give it a try
  3. Sweet! Any Questions?
  4. you say futuristic and involve the body enhancements, does that mean i could create say a robotic suit of armor?
  5. Not quite suit of armor, but say you would want a better vision, electronic eye enhancements such as
    or better strength, a robotic arm.

    If your looking for a more cybernetic body, Ill include that in the OOC
  6. sounds good cause i had a character before who had cybernetic legs and arms, would that be too much?
  7. That would be fine!
  8. good then i think im very much intrested in this, so is this going to be like kind of a bonding military team or just a bunch of these top notch soldiers jammed together and made to work together. cause i read we will have to work as a team but you know theres always that one person who wants to be the lone wolf (play on word joke wink wink chuckle chuckle) lol
  9. Haha, We are just thrown together, based on our skills... More will be revealed upon release! You could always try the lone wolf (xD) approach!
  10. no no no im a team player, besides the rp name Akuma hahaha
  11. Haha! You got any idea on what position you want in the squad? (Medic, Demoman, Recon, etc.)
  12. Im very good at recon like sniper
  13. That would be great! Got some questions so would you mind if I PM'd you?
  14. Go right ahead
  15. I'll express a tentative interest in this. I just have two questions first.

    1. How much are we going to be expect to post (length wise)?
    2. Can I totally, actually be a werewolf? (Because that would be awesome. And you did say gene-spliced mercs were ok.) If not I can do a genetically engineered demoguy.

    And lastly, this does sound cool. : )
  16. 1.) i would be happy with about 1-2 paragraphs, if you include lots of details I may allow less then from time to time. (About 5 lines ATLEAST)
    2.) I wouldnt say straight animal like werewolf, but the claws, teeth, strength and increase agility and speed slightly. Once we get about one or two more Ill post the detailed plot along with terms, and other information for characters! So basically you would have similar traits as a wolf, but keep in mind you would have to have a good reason for having it! They wouldnt let a random citizen have those kinda powers!
    3.) Thanks! This is one of my more thought out roleplays I got in mind, and Im glad I got your interest!
  17. So few... Gah. I was afraid of that. Well. Don't mark me down for a spot quite yet. But I'll keep thinking about it. Everything else sounds good though.

  18. Let me know! You could write more if you want, but the problem with increasing how much people have to write, is alot of people are lazy :P I would be happy with more, because I enjoy writing, but roleplays I have hosted in the past tend to go more smoothly if people posted around 5 lines..... Thanks for considering it though! It means alot, exceptionally since this is my first roleplay on this site!
  19. I can check for errors, but I tend to be a bit of a grammar nazi (blame my English teaching background *shakes fist*). So be warned if you agree, I've got a lot of read to color with. : ) Though I did try to moderate myself.