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  1. Genre: Near Future Sci-Fi
    Setting- 2019
    Will Contain- Cursing, killing, drug usage, more killing, a storyline, twists and turns, unexpected outcomes, more killing things, "Powers" and more!
    Summary- We are a group of soldiers from around the world preforming various missions for a company in WW3. You may have cybernetic implants, or a type of "power", but logic and a backstory is needed behind it.

    I was hoping to have about 5-8 people join this including me, each with one character, unless I allow more (If I can find a good CO-GM, then he or she will be given permission to do so as well.) This will be a several part roleplay, including several chapters listed below.

    1. Arctic Blast
    2. Rolling Thunder
    3. Sparks
    4. HellFire
    5. Firestorm
    Each one is sort of planned out with twist and turns, but the basic ideas will be announced if we get to them.


    It's the year 2019. The war seems to just be getting started. Most of the world has already chosen sides, some sided with keeping humans the way they have lived for hundreds of years. These people, now called the HRR, the Human Regular Rights, have started a painful bloodbath with the H-E, the Hybrid-Electronics. H-E has been around since the end of 2014 and has discovered ways to make soldiers faster, stronger, and damn near closer to animal than human. First it started with crafting arms and other limbs onto people that have lost them. Next, it upgraded to those limbs making them better and more efficient than regular limbs. This started the Cyber-Freak trend (see terms below) . People began cutting limbs off themselves just to have more and more cybernetic implants. The governments that allowed H-E to operate in their countries banned civilians from having implants by making them illegal and unavailable. Those in the military got an upgrade. Now other parts of theirbodies are able to withstand cybernetics, such as their eyes and ears. Once again H-E discovered more ways to increase military power by splicing types of animals and humans genes together to form super-weapons. Those who got the "blessing" of being morphed gained similar traits of those animals, including fangs, claws, eye sight, increased strength and agility. Once they made the mistake of allowing citizens to try to use these methods, which began the Splice-Freaks(See terms below). The government banned it once again for military use only.

    Meanwhile since the start of H-E, the HRR was growing, with cybernetic implants and animal splicing banned for them. Riots started against the H-E . Both groups turned to the world leaders for validation, but they couldn't answer. Soon after the clash between the organizations lead to WW3.

    Operation Arctic Blast

    Welcome to W.O.L.F Pack team. You are the best of the worlds troops and/or mercenaries. You all have been selected by H-E to preform various missions. These missions will take place over time, along with your paycheck. Your team leader is one of the best soldiers H-E could find, his name is Drake Forester. You are to call him Wolf One, or anything he finds suitable. Once you are all set, he'll call a meeting to talk strategy.
    Here is the basics of your first operation with H-E:
    Arctic Blast, named after where you will be going, is a base deep in the cold wonderland known as Greenland. Our enemies, HRR, have planted a base there, which houses one of our top engineers. Your mission is simple. Move in, kill the base commander, obtain the engineer, and move to the rendezvous, where you will be dropped off a few miles from the city you live in. Simple right? Now go get some rest, you got big plans in the future boys and girls!

    OOC Talk
    So you may be asking some questions, so Ill give some answers!

    Question One:
    Which countries are at war?

    Answer One:
    Most of the worlds superpowers sided with H-E mainly due to tension with each other, which includes Russia, the US, China, Brazil, along with Mexico and other small South American countries. North Korea also sided with H-E, and which clearly forced temporary allies to be made between countries.

    Most of European Union sided with HRR, due to being much more closer to God and other religious beliefs. Britain, India, Canada, South Korea and Australia sided with HRR due to various beliefs, Canada however doesnt has been edging out of the war, and could be considered more neutral.

    Most of Africa is neutral, with only Algeria taking HRR's side.

    Question Two:
    What about the electronic implants and splicing? They sound cool! Can we have those?

    Answer Two:
    Of course! You could even have a mix of two, but remember, your robotic arm can't turn into a canon or any other weapon. Your animal splicing can't be with a flying animal(, like if you wanted to grow wings). Or just end the sentence after animal

    Question Three:
    No wings? Then what's the point of animal splicing!?!

    Answer Three:
    Animal Splicing (in this) is when a person grows some characteristics of an animal and their body adapts slightly. For example, you wouldn't become a bear, but you would gain strength, speed, finger like claws, and your teeth would be a lot more canine like.

    Question Four:
    What kinda weapons are allowed? Since it's in the future can I have a mech suit?

    Answer Four:
    NO! Its only a couple years in the future, making the weapons slightly more advanced. So no light sabers, laser rifles, mech suits, flying zebra tanks, or what ever crazy weapon idea you got in your head xD

    Question Five:
    Do you have any questions?

    Answer Five:


      1. Be respectful to other players and me.
      2. Be smart, if you fight a group of 25 trained soldiers, you wouldn't come out without a scratch.
      3. This has lots of twist and turns, so don't except anything will for sure happen.
      4. Include some talking and drama when we aren't battling! A good story always has to have breaks from fighting the bad guys.
      5. For Peeta's sake have fun!
      6. Hunger games reference? Geez that was a CRUMBY joke..(Laughs and crawls away crying.)
      7. Follow the website's rules!
    Terms to know!
    Cyber Freak- One who is obsessed with getting cyber implants.
    Example- Cyborg from the Teen Titans, Robocop, and Kano from mortal combat.
    Splice Freak- One who is morphed with several animals, or one who gets extra work done to him to make him (or her) seem more like that animal.
    Example- A man getting some of his tongue cut to be more like a snake. A man pretending to be a owl and trying to turn his head in circles.

    Character Sheet!
    PICTURE (or descriptive description)
    Name-(Include Nickname)
    Sex-(Gender...you sick freak)
    Nationality-(You gotta be able to understand English, but other languages are optional.)
    Preferred Position- (Medic, Engineer (reserved), Recon (reserved), Support Gunner, Sniper(Reserved), Spotter (Reserved))
    Type of Armor- (As mercenaries you'll get to chose your own armor!)
    History- (At least 2 paragraphs)
    Five Things you like-
    Five Things you don't like-
    What are two things I made a reference to?-

    Special Shout out to WesteriaVale! Thanks again!
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  2. I call reecon
  3. Why not? I want to do this. I claim Demo-man.
    Character Sheet (open)
    Additional identifying marks: Dej doesn't have an tattoos, but he has his fair share of scars. On his right arm, he has a burn mark running from his upper shoulder to his elbow. A bit of the mark also extends onto his back. He has three noticeable bullet wounds. Two high on his upper right hand chest and one down low on the left side of his stomach. (Yes, his right side is far more abused than his left.) He has a jagged scar on his right ankle, specifically on the back where the tendon is, as if something tried to bite his hamstring in half (which someone did try. They're dead now.) He has small minor pin prick scars from various shrapnel and debris, but unless you get really close, you can't see them.
    Measurements: Dej stands a little shorter than most men at 5'9". He's muscular, but not bulky. (He's not Navy Seal strong either, just average.)

    Name: Dej. Just Dej. That's all anyone knows.
    Sex: Male
    Age: 31
    Nationality: American
    Preferred Position: Demo-guy (or as he calls it: Sapper*)
    Type of Armor: Typically Dej wears light Type II body armor. When he's out in high combat situations he goes with Type IV body armor. Though
    considering this is near future I'll leave as is for now, but I reserve the ability to add defense if allowed. (See link for type and description)

    History: Dej has no history before the age of 23. Where he came from, no one knows. It's rumored at he has amnesia and cannot remember. Wither it's true or not, Dej isn't telling. All that's know for sure is that he joined up with a minor mercenary group for the H-E in the early days of the war. He excelled at blowing things up and occasionally blowing up the enemy. After catching the eye of a higher ranking individual, Dej doesn't know who, he was offered to come join the military.

    Dej refused. He liked being his own master. Despite the claims that he was somehow beholden to his small H-E merc group. Up until a few months ago he was wandering around the world, sticking his nose in places it didn't belong. And of course blowing up people and buildings. All for H-E's cause of course. Or was he actually working with a certain
    individual? The same someone who extended the invitation to join W.O.L.F. Pack?

    Before the war began, Dej was a wanderer. Sometimes he involved himself as a
    mercenary in American conflicts, but it didn't happen all that often. For it would lead to him staying in one place for too long.

    Five Things he likes: Bombs. Astronomy, or just looking at the night sky. Cats. Sleep. Travel.

    Five Things he doesn't like: Dogs. Annoying people, mainly those who try to pry into his personal life. Insomnia. Dry heat. Prejudice.

    Personality: Dej is a chatter. He talks and talk and talks. Yet, he doesn't say much of anything. He's more than happy to talk about missions, the war, blowing things up. Yet if you ask him about his past, he'll divert. Contrary to popular belief, Dej isn't crazy. He's quite rational. Everything he does is calculated. He maps out where he is and where he wants to go in his head. If he acts a little crazy about blowing things up, it's for a reason. He's a bit of a daredevil, going into enemy strongholds and making bombs, but he's pretty nonchalant about it, like it's nothing. Well, maybe he is a little off his rocker...

    Most people like Dej. He's friendly, moral and loyal. Dej's morals come from his faith. He won't tell you what he believes, only that he does. He wont kill people if he doesn't have to. He doesn't enjoy killing people. He
    definitely wont kill children if there is any other choice. He also tries not to involve civilians, but he understands collateral damage. He doesn't smoke, drink, or sleep around. Above all else, Dej is loyal. Once he picks a side, he sticks with it. If he decides you're a friend, nothing can really change his mind. (The only way is to try and kill him.)
    What are two things I made a reference to? I only got the Hunger Games because you were super obvious about it. I didn't get anything else. Unless you obliquely referenced Trigun with the arm canon... but I'm doubting that. Anyways, I think I get a pass on this question : )

    Other: Dej prefers not to use a gun. Not because he doesn't like guns. He just sucks at using them. He can use a handgun up close, where there isn't much room for error, but he can't take anyone out at a distance. He's stealthy though. His bio-engineering has left him completely human looking, but has added to his reflexes and senses. He also had a cybernetic eye implanted to allow him to view the world in different spectrums such as infrared, night vision, etc. If Dej has to fight someone, he'd rather a knife in someone's back.

    *Bonus points if you get my reference​

    (And before you thank me... you've left some of my chatter in your into. Just an FYI. You might want to edit the rest of that out.)

    I have more questions.
    I'm confused by this. Today the superpowers also include those in Europe. In fact, the US probably worries more about what England thinks than China or Russia. Anyways, what does Canada think about all of this? Why does everyone forget Canada? Anywho... The reasoning makes me a little unsure about why these countries felt pressured into choosing H-E. Did they not really want to, but did it out of fear? Or did they want to, but blamed other countries for "forcing" them into it? Or are they proud about it.

    Other characters, because I don't want to keep flipping through this thread to find them.
    Captain: Drake Forester "Goblin" (39)
    Recon 1: Michael " Shifter " Mills (27)
    Recon 2: Atlas "Cipher" Kaiser (30)
    Sniper and spotter: Caroline "Wee Lass" Blaire (24) and Caddock "Papa Bear" Blaire (24)
    Medic: Haven Weston "Snow" (20)
    Engineer: Freed West (26)
    Support Gunner: Bridget "Lucky" Mieva (23)​
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  4. Good point! Ill edit your answer in! As for you character however....

    Welcome to the Pack Vale ;D
  6. Yay! I'm excited to get going. : )
  7. [​IMG]
    Name: Michael " Shifter " Mills
    Sex: Male

    Age: 27
    Nationality: American
    Preferred Position: Recon

    Type of Armor:
    Type II-A body armor, when he is not in disguise, when in disguised he uses a thin bullet proof vest that does not show to much.( I used @WesteriaVale armor idea, i hope you do not mind if so i can change it)

    Michael was your ordinary goofy guy, worked hard and went out at night. People enjoyed his company and seemed to get along with him and he seemed to fit in anywhere which is why he was such a good reconnaissance, he blended in well and can go unseen for long periods of time. When people say going ghost, he literally can go ghost inside a enemy line. Taking on a roll very important as if it was an acting career, Michael is fairly friendly to all of his peers but at times he can be very angry and stressed as he did not live a very good life before he had grown up. Yes it is a sad sop story but he does not tell it much, and the few he is really good friends with know. When Michael was a young boy he was abused by his father, his father told him he was scum and was nothing to the world and that if he fell off the face of the earth no one would miss him. His father was a drunk and blamed Michael for the death of his mother, once again yes it is a very original heard story but the way he changed it around slightly amuses others. Instead of becoming an odd child, who could of taken the path of a murderer he took the skills of hiding his emotion. As that is what his father wanted from him the emotion of fear and hate, something for him to react to but when he did not react his father would leave him alone. Thus enabling one of his characters which he uses in his disguises when infiltrating and re-coning, When Michael is down it is visible on his face and it shows in the way he holds himself up. But due to this constant change of character he has developed minor bi-polar issues as he switches between his roles at odd times. It is normally under control but when it slips it can be a bit surprising or scary.

    Michael decision to join the military was to just put his skill to the test, but as he went along he became more and more known. Which soon threw him together with the W.O.L.F Group, the invitation was one he had to think about since working with other people could be challenging to him. But he decided that accepting the invitation was the best way for him to get better at what he was doing, Upon joining he could be known for his silence among the group but slowly growing aloud to his members. As he comes to collect thoughts and ways of possibly taking on a copy of such team, he learns slowly the way they walk talk and act. It is a weird analyzing thing he does, it also helps hims know what ticks them off and what gives him a little heads up when not to bother them.

    Five Things you like:

    1. He enjoys listening to rock music as it puts him in a type of mood making him feel ready for a mission
    2. He enjoys costumes and dressing up in different attire to disguise himself
    3. He enjoys brainstorming with a group and coming up with cool or new ideas to his own memory bank
    4. He enjoys playing his acoustic guitar when he is under stress or just in the mood for relaxation
    5. He enjoys his dog Mishka, the Rottweiler
    Five Things you don't like:
    1. He despises Judgmental assholes who find themselves higher than anyone else
    2. He does not like being under large amounts of pressure
    3. He despises Annoying or very touchy feely people
    4. He doesn't like easily angered people
    5. He despises loud people who are to far over the top

    Personality: Michael is like said before a ordinary goofy guy who sometimes enjoys hard work, but not with to much pressure placed upon him. He can be talkative at times, and at other times silent as he suffers from a small bi-polar issue that does not go to severe. His personality does range at times but a main one he follows by is a friendly person who anyone could talk to and feel at least comfortable. When some ask of his past he does not mind explaining what he has gone through but at times he can become very lost and stop talking, sometimes he is forced to leave the area and recollect himself. It is not often that he acts like that, but on the occasion that he does it is best to let him alone and allow him to come back down to his regular personality.

    What are two things I made a reference to?:
    I'm picking up a bit of an idea from the movie Elysium, and hunger games

    He has been modified so that he has the ability to change his skin pigment, and his eye color,with the help of Nanobots which give off different chemicals that cause these changes. ( if thats not okay i will go with different modifications )

    His dog looks like this, which he leads with a black leash
    Mishka (open)
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    Use it. At least we'll all be on the same page then.
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  9. Accepted! Welcome to the pack Akuma!
  10. Ill post my character Friday, when I got time to finish him xD Very busy week!
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  11. Well Im off for tonight team! Hopefully we get two more by the weekend! If not, and you two want to, Ill give the go ahead to make a second character!
  12. I'd be interested in joining if that's alright.
  13. Yes it is!....i mean yeah join guy...i hardly know <…< >…>
  14. Thank you random citizen!
  15. Oh and I'd like Recon if at all possible.
  16. I would think that's okay, because Lonewolf's character, Drake Forester, should be the Captain of our little group.

    Which would leave these spots open:

    And these taken:

    But, alas, I'm not a mod, so I cannot say for 100% sure.
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  17. Alrighty, thanks for the info regardless.
  18. We will be needing two Recons! Feel free to join up!
  19. Thanks. I'll have it up soon.
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