Operation Vertigo(with Sterling)

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  1. Two spies caught in an unforeseen mission,both searching for the same target.One almost dies and the other saves them,letting the target out of their sights in the process.Brougjt together by their employers,the two must learn to work together to find the target.In the process,feelings are created both good and bad and boundaries are tested.Will the two agents come out on top?Or will they fall prey to the clutches of death and destruction?
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    Birth Name: Maxwell Tucker
    Known Alias and Trade ID: Jon Arp
    Codename: Redfern

    Profession: Black Operative, specializing in Espionage, Infiltration, Extraction, and Assassination
    Employment: Messer International, private Intelligence and Covert Ops contractor

    History: Born in Lexington, KY. Youngest of six children, worked tirelessly raising horses on parent's farm. Bale fire swept through farm and burnt entire compound, resulting in the death of his parents. He blamed himself for the fire. Hoping to escape the guilt, he enlisted with Air Force, and joined ParaRescue Jumpers. Served two tours of duty in Iraq, and was involved in Operation High Wire that resulted in the rescue of three generals who were shot down behind enemy lines near Mosel, Iraq. Advanced in commendation due to bravery, joined elite 'Combined Applications Group' until hired by Messer International (MI). Lives in British Columbia, Canada on private lands and operates missions from Vancouver, BC.

    Persona: Forged from hard work and tragedy, Redfern harbors a relentless drive to perfect himself and complete his mission. Expertly skilled in all manner of firearms and unarmed combat, he holds the Air Force record for the highest and longest atmospheric jump. When not on missions, his home in BC (which he refers to as 'The Ranch') becomes his sanctuary, where he hones his skills in firearms, hunting, and intelligence gathering. He owns a personal flight-helicopter that transports him to a private hanger in Vancouver International Airport. From there, he can travel anywhere in the world for espionage work. He speaks fluent Russian, Czech, and German. Understands Chinese, Japanese, and French.


    London, England
    3-21-2015 : 15:00 hours

    Redfern hated wearing an earpiece. The hard plastic device felt so foreign and distracting inside his ear canal. The volume controls were usually pre-set by the central desk, and their choice always offended his sensitive hearing. Redfern understood the necessity for real-time tactical communications, particularly when hostile situations developed with multiple actors in play. Still, Redfern thought, I wish they weren't so damned uncomfortable.

    The more pragmatic reason for his annoyance stemmed from the implication he was little more than a pawn. Security details typically were made from a collection of men whose actions were dictated like chess pieces, and the instructions muttered into his ear were expected to be executed to the letter. Unless, the instructions were generally wrong — at which point, the agent needed to act on their own accord. That is when Redfern shined.

    Redfern stood formally upright in his ballistic suit next to a man named Terrence, who, in turn, referred to Redfern as Jon. "Jon" was Redfern's preferred alias whenever he ventured into the world of intelligence and espionage. It had taken Redfern three months to rise through the morass of incompetence, and gain a coveted place on this company's Alpha Detail. He needed to be this close to the asset when the action started.

    The posh private building where Jon and Terrence stood was owned by a conglomerate known to traffic information. Some of the information was useful and could save lives; sometimes it was scandalous, and served no purpose other than to blackmail a country, organization, or public official. Redfern didn't particularly care, provided the information ultimately ended up in his possession. Messer International was paying him top dollar to retrieve whatever was being discussed behind the door they guarded. His employer expected results, and he never disappointed.
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