Operation: Seek and Roleplay, Engage!

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  1. Mission Parameters:
    To find sustainable and entertaining amount of roleplay partners to create engaging and dynamic plots for the summer of 2014 and beyond.

    Acceptable Candidates:
    Any individual of thirteen (13) or more years of age, of any gender or sexuality, that is able to play a varying cast of personalities and interests while consistently providing the future roleplaying mission with at least two good paragraphs per post.

    Acceptable Genres of play:
    Action, Adventure, Anime-Styled, Artistic Biography, Fable, Fairy Tale, Fandom, Fantasy, Folklore, Historical, Horror, Military, Modern, Modern Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction, Supernatural.

    Acceptable Settings:
    Anything not involving Aliens and or Anthropomorphic creatures. From Historical to Futuristic, Realistic to Make Believe passing through Alternate Histories and Realities.

    Acceptable Fandoms:
    Claymore, Final Fantasy VIII, Harry Potter, Inuyasha, Persona 3 & 4, Radiata Stories.

    Current Interests:
    Reworking genres and cliches, such as Vampires and Werewolves, Fairy tales and Soul Mates.

    Noir Scifi.

    Gothic Horror - Dark Victorian.

    Dark and Low Fantasy mixed with Historical.
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  2. Permission to engage further interest on mission briefing in private discussion, commander.
  3. Granted, Sergeant.
  4. oh.... oh my god. That's awesome.

    *Salutes* Roleplayer Lacuna reporting for duty!

    I would love to roleplay with you :D I'd like to shoot you a PM if you're still looking :3
  5. Report as soon as possible, Roleplayer Lacuna.