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  1. What's up guys, i'm in a mood to create a roleplay. If anyone is interested please post below. :)

    I'd like to plan with a group too.
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  2. Sure. Why not? What type of RP are you looking at for creating? Any specific genre? Concept? Inspiration? etc?
  3. A bit of fantasy, that's all i have right now.
  4. If there are dragons and castles, I'm game.

    Plannito Magneto!
  5. What does ''plannito magneto'' mean?
  6. Fantasy, I have a few ideas, but I have no where near enough time to DM them right now. so I'd be happy to share and 'lend' the ideas over to you so long as I can take part?
  7. I'm more of a resources kind of gal. Maybe you could look through this and find a story line you admire? Maybe even incorporate some of the other storylines you find intriguing.
    But, same as Eddi, I have no intentions of playing Co-GM because I'm FAR too busy right now unfortunately.

    Here you go:
    1001 Story Ideas | Writepop - Science fiction stories, humor, and writing about writing
  8. I'm not taking and or stealing anyone's ideas. I want this to be a freshly new idea that we can all contribute to and play through.
  9. Ok, well I'm pretty good at lore and magic and the ilk. so if you want to make it magical or have characters use magic I'd be happy to draw up some outlineing guidelines for types of magic.
  10. Its gonna be fantasy so yeah, magic will be a thing. I'm good with magic though, i know the types very well.
  11. you say that as if there is only ONE type of magic. I won't get in to a argument on the possibilities of more than one type of magic. because that's pointless.
    But if you say you have magic under control what sort of help DO you want then?
  12. No, i do have knowledge on magic. Thanks though for offering help on magic, if we need it i'll go to you.
  13. I don't think you even read my post. I'll re-ittterate it.
    The way you wrote your post, suggests you belive that there is only one type of magic to chose from to implement a magic system in your roleplay. I disagree, but will not argue about it.

    If it is not magic, or fantasy creatures, or lore. what is it that you need help with, tell me so I may suggest.
  14. Why are you assuming something i didn't say and starting a argument with me? It is highly unnecessary. Also i don't need ''help'' i want to create a roleplay with people and have fun but you're assuming that i'm crying out for help because i wanna start my own rp and somehow need professionals to give me pointers when that is not the case.
  15. I am not starting a argument. At all, I think I say 'I am not going to start a argument' or words very close to that effect. If anything you are trying to start the argument by ignoring my questions.
    So You want help (as per the title of this Thread "Help me create a roleplay" ) but don't need help? Make your mind up.
    I did not assume a thing. I that I think you didn't read my post, because you ignored the fact when I said that I wasn't going to discuss the whole types of magic deal with you. That or you deliberately misconstrued the entire post just to start a argument, but you wouldn't do that because that is really just untoward.
    You however are assuming what I think or otherwise inturpret your posts as, and when you assume, you make a ass out of you and me. or as it should be typed to make the joke clear an 'ass' out of 'u' and 'me'

    anyway, what exactly is the point of this thread if you don't want help creating a roleplay, exactly as the title states.
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