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  1. 2098: The International aid of creating the first Colony Spaceship

    USA created their first colony on the moon and likely building up its reputation during their first man landed on the moon, Since in the late 1960’s. The time has come in that they will create a Colony Spaceship, considered by the scientists who are willing to agree to make it with large amounts of materials and funds. When Japan viewed America’s growing technology of creating a Colony Spaceship, they decided to support its development. United Kingdom, Germany and other countries came to their aid in the development of the Colony Spaceship. Russia sought to USA’s Interest and immediately supported for required materials. However, it is going underway of development and building the first Colony Spaceship. It would say that the Colony Spaceship will be completed about 15 Years of development, before send out into nearby planets. Instead of building the ship on Earth, they would build outside the Earth’s Atmosphere.

    2113: Beginning of Space Colonization Era

    15 Years that took strong efforts of creating the Colony Spaceship and it was likely a huge Colony Spaceship to be built by man. The colonization of Mars was set on a course of their brilliance of their mission. A few days later, they have first landed on Mars, becoming their most successful colonization and began residing on Mars. The entire world has praised for their Colonization and rising to upcoming Era where the human population will be tripled.

    It first starts off with an immediate response by making more Colony Spaceships from the moon and mars colony to gather natural resource. America was likely ahead of the nations who have surpassed of their technology, but instead, other nations began to build small Colony Spaceships to order catch up with the colonization to gather more natural resources on mars. America was strict on collecting natural resources while trading with the nations who have supported during the international aid. Some of them were in make use of creating a super weapon in Mars and development was undergoing procedures of creating parts of super weapons. The natural resources were imported, but somewhat limited to share with, leaving the development of super weapons lead into economical problem back on Earth.

    2119: Civil unrest in worldwide nations and creation of continental nation

    When some of the countries were running short on natural resources and funds, it began to worsen the source of economy, leading into a serious problem. Civilians lead into a revolution and began to overthrow the government at their reign of the country. The growing civil unrest was spreading to the American Continent to the Far East Asia, leading into a total chaos. An martial law went underway during the suppression of the revolution and several countries began to enforce civilians in a series of riots. The world leaders were gathered in the meeting at UN Headquarters and squabbled about the situation that is out of control. Instead of having to wait to destroy the roots of the revolution, some of nearby countries who had absolution powers and invaded the only countries that were falling apart. Other countries decided to do the same action to gain more territory. This likely turned into a one continental nation.

    Birth of Continental Nations:

    African Commonwealth, European Union, South American Federation, Slavic Confederation, Federal Republic of West-North Asia, SEA-Oceania Alliance and Armed Republic of Middle Eastern Domain

    Nations that are intact:

    America, Russia, Canada, Japan, India, China and Great Briatian (UK)

    2125: Space colonies spreads throughout Venus and Mercury and America’s strained relationship with other countries.

    The Human population was growing rapidly, increasing in large numbers. The Colonization later moves to Venus and Mercury, attempting to claim the territory and likely share it by half of the country’s resource. The relations with America was straining and breaking apart when the other colonies where catching up to claim the natural resources. America was getting greedy and collecting natural resources at the tip of the scale. It worsens the relationship since the their aid in building the Colony Spaceship. However, it did occur when one of the American flag was burned on the British Colonial Embassy, which was the sign of a strained relationship.

    2134: Larsson Transport Spaceship Incident

    Since a transport spaceship “Larsson” was carrying some materials, via Mars, But instead, the transport spaceship crashed in the unnamed American colonial city and unexpectedly set off a nuclear explosion, when crashed upon. The UN was expecting a terrorist attack and this lead the colonists in panic, bringing up more security. Increased military activities were spreading throughout space and keeping a watch on suspicious transport ships. The expectations of the incident to confiscate any nuclear weapons that is carried on the transport ship and will likely lead into serious situations if not taken in any measures of unexpected terrorist attacks. UN leads the investigation behind the terrorist attacks and the colonial military were forced to join in the investigation as security is increasing in colonial cities, especially outside the planet’s atmosphere.

    2136: Gungnir, The Terrorist Ogranization

    After two years of investigation, UN founded the terrorist group, behind the incident was known as known the Gungnir. The inhumane actions were responsible for the destruction of American colonial city, The military were to search for their hideouts. When an a video footage was released on that very day in the late November and the video footage was later shown in public. A Nordic symbol that was showing and then, moving down to the shadowy figure, sitting on the chair. This was their message to the UN and military and this what they said in the video.

    “This is a sign of warning. You surrender on my terms or else, you will face my wrath. Since this is a threat to the UN and the colonial militaries who are searching for the Gungnir will be any taken consequences that you make.”

    Where a group soldiers of were patrolling throughout the space ports, A explosion was heard nearby to the space docks. It was the government escort spaceships and main targets were the colonial government, the reason that the terrorist attacks were meant to decolonize and leading to a birth of new nation. The colonial government was going to secret area where they would be safe from bombing attacks. The fear was growing as they are concerned about Gungnir’s plan, dismantling the colonial government.

    2144: Gungnir’s Complete Control in Mars Colonial city, New Washington

    Since several Mars Colonies were on high alert, the colonial military was forced to check on nuclear weapon in transport spaceships and also checking every unhampered components of government escort ships. The riots near the New Washington city hall were complaining about the terrorist threats that will bring an end of Space Colonization Era. The colonial government tried to cover up and put in pressure of censoring the coverage about Gungnir. Then, a month later, the colonial military general had no choice to trust the government, but to join with the Gungnir to help them with their objective. The colonial government was seen to military’s suspicious actions, somewhat they are acting strange as the military soldiers were patrolling through the alleyway.

    In June 16, The peace rally was gathered in the streets, fighting against terrorism and likely praising the Space Colonization Era to its longevity in the future. Not until a massacre that was taken to the streets at the right time and 1,000 civilians slaughtered in the rally, considering that Gungnir took advantage of killing the civilians. But the military general didn’t even try to hunt down the Gungnir as the military stood there and ignore the terrorist threat. The colonial government was to put the military general for life imprisonment, but later, the government members were killed in the exchange for their location by Gungnir.

    The full name of the colonial military general was Franklin Peter Wagner, responsibility of cooperating with the terrorist group, Gungnir. This was hidden from the truth in public and began learning the Franklin’s motives of main attempt of bringing the full colonial city under Gungnir’s support. The world leaders were upset with the situation on Mars and America intends to reclaim New Washington from Gungnir’s control. Other countries didn’t want to join on America’s side as the relationship is strained, which later put into creation of Coatiation to other countries who have strong ties with America.

    2149: Creation of the Seventh Coalition

    America tried to seek for help as they wanted to get Mars back, Having Gungnir to upper hand to capture the other colonies. The other countries were fearing that their colony will be falling into the enemy’s hand. Japan, Russia, European Union, African Union, Slavic Confederation and also SEA-Oceania Alliance was looking for a new coalition to form with American Military. It was called the Seventh Coalition (referenced to the Belligerents back in the Napoleonic Wars.) which was formed as an Armed Organization to fight against Gungnir. The mass production of gunships to space carriers led to a full-scale war with Gungnir and they intend to reclaim the colonies that were lost.

    The Founding member of Seventh Coalition was 4-Star General of USA, Floyd Lee, a seasoned veteran who knows about the war and numerous conflicts he joined. He even joined part on “War on Terror” which he intends to restore peace by his demand. He was seen in front of the capitol building, where he would decide to show himself from public. Floyd’s quote was an Inspirational sign to the military and also to the other countries.

    “We have waited long enough for Gungnir to grow stronger while we sit here. The time has come to strike back and now, this is the right time to establish an Anti-Gungnir Organization. Floyd Lee as your former military general and a peacekeeper, I am willing to cooperate on friendly terms than becoming hostile. If you want to think humanely to save your civilians from Gungnir’s hands, it’s a good time to support your ally.”

    The world leaders decided to support with Floyd Lee and began forming under Floyd’s condition, but Great Britian refused to so, due of its strained relationship. Generals from other countries were gaining interest from Floyd Lee, due of his inspiration. They went to visit him for his respect and honor inside of him. Mass production began with America, building Space gunships to carriers. Since America would build its first space warship in military service, America was building a Space Dock to go into mass production.

    2156: Operation Jörmungandr Slayer

    After its long-waited years on mass-producing Space gunships and Space carriers, The Seventh Coalition was ready to move and planning for an all-out offensive operation. The name of the operation was called Jörmungandr Slayer, a combined military force that will liberate all colonies from Gungnir’s captive. The Seventh Coalition was expecting that Gungnir is building up its defense, throughout the Mars atmosphere and immediately deploy ground units to ensure of securing the surface of Mars. The Following Prodecure of the Jörmungandr Slayer was listed in order and said:
    1. Secure the ground on Mars and reclaim the captured colonies from Gungnir;
    2. Ensure of protecting civilians from harm and rescuing civilians is the top priority;
    3. Neutralize any members of Gungnir, even the armed resistance who are willing to help them;
    4. The primary objective is to destroy the leader of the Gungnir who is planning to execute a military plan and;
    5. If the primary goal has failed to kill the leader, prefer to the secondary objective, if the gunner leader attempts to escape Mars.
    This was a war, a war that will be the light the fire of war on Mars. A conflict that is taken in space and the offensive operation was lead carefully by Floyd, himself. Humanity is important than having civilians dying on the frontlines.


    Rules & Regulation

    Follow these rules as simple as that. Dishonesty of breaking the rule is not acceptable and you'll just leave the role-play or I kick you out.

    • Firstly off: Decent Grammar and Spelling.​
    • Secondly: Betraying within the Seventh Coalition or either shooting your allies to join with Gungnir is idiotic. I do not allow you to do that as a stupid way of ruining the role-play.​
    • Thirdly: Do not even about of making an argument about my role-play or how does the plot will go. I will kick you out if that's the case and why? I don't prefer players who want to argue with me, so don't cross the line or else.​
    • Forth: The plot is not moving or going off-track and it means, I am leading this plot and no one is allowed to move the plot somewhere else.​
    • Fifth: Just have fun and enjoy the role-play.​
    • Finally, but not least Sixth: No God Modding.​

    Character Skeleton







    Appearance: (Anime or real life appearance which suit your style.)



    - - - - - - -

    Reasons of joining the Seventh Coalition?:

    Military Rank: (Not higher than 2nd lieutenant)

    Name of Regiment & Number: (For Example, 47th Mechanized Infantry)

    Military Decorations: (Limited for 4 Medals)

    Battle Skills:

    Primary Weapon: (Limited for Assault Rifles/Sniper Rifle/Machine Gun/Explosion Weapon/Shotgun/Melee Weapon)

    Secondary Weapon: (Limited for Small Firearms or Melee Weapon)


    Military Class:

    Military Vehicle: (Only exclusively for Air, Mechanized Infantry or Armored Regiment you joined.)
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