GROUP RP PLOTTING Operation Empire

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  1. A small country had enough of getting stepped on, as the turn of the new twentieth century dawned, they decided to change their lot in life, starting by using their status as non-threat to start accumulating blackmail material and other useful information in hope of getting a little more power for themselves. Luckily for them, it was the verge of war and all country were eager for it, making them easier to manipulate into being careless. Soon the Great War started, and the country made it's fortune in selling secrets of it's neighbours without them being aware of it. That fortune permitted them to secretly train it's citizen to the art of war, sabotage and spying, making ways for their ever increasing thirst for power and supremacy to be one day sated when the other countries would be at their weakest.

    Here is the plot I have right now, it's still rough and I would be interested in expanding it before starting the rp. Does the plot make your plot bunnies dance or should I go on my own?