Operation Code Name: DOWN POUR

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  1. USADR (United States Army Department of Research)

    LOCATION: UG 819 (Underground Station 819)

    TIME: 03:30 (3:30 AM)

    DATE: APR 3, 2014



    As the recording flared on the screen Dr. Elwood sighed deeply. "This is day six with the new serum. Mortality rate has lessened, however agression is on the raise." His gaze shifted slowly to his left as a thougtful look crosses his aging face. He slide his hand through his mid length Graying hair. "I am requesting more subjects. Perhaps overhauling the program, and starting over with insects once more is our best option. These rats seem too large a leap. This is Dr. Elwood signing off." The doctor was quick to end the video.

    As he pressed send Dr. Elwood's eyes slowly fell to his hands. He knew that his request would come with ridicule, but was sure to get his results this time.



    TIME: 19:42 (7:42 PM)

    DATE: APR 14, 2014



    Today we had a break through. Not only have the cells begun reconstruction, but have also begun mutation based on environment. I will be refering to this serum as S-382B in all future reports. Currently subjects appear to enter a catatonic state while under going cellular reconstruction. So far subject seem to develop a strengthened exoskeleton, a ten percent increase of strength, and the most intricate hive mind I have ever seen. Allow me to explain. As one subject is exposed to an untimely demise the other subjects seem to feel its "pain", and attempt to travel to its location. I will keep you up to date sir.


    TIME: 13:00 (1:00 PM)

    DATE: APR 15, 2014

    The assistant shifted in his seat. He had just pull a batch of flies whom had been infused is S-382B. To his eyes the prefectly healthy specimens were now still as death. Looking of his shoulder the young man checked to see if he was be watched. Satisfied he turned back, and gave the glass box a violent shake. "If you little shit eater don't wake up I am going to fir....... There's an idea." Quickly he moved to the waste shoot. Discreetly the man tossed the glass box inside, and returned to his work.

    As the box fell down the shoot it bounced from surface to surface. Cracking and popping the glass cage slowly broken open. By the time it reached the trash incinerator the flies had been freed. Clearing the flames some quickly fell due to heat, however a hand full had found the exhaust vent. Raising with the smoke, and heat those flies shot through the exhaust port, and into the open world. They were free, and took to the first wind. Those simple insects flew hundreds of miles carried by the wind. To a large farm before their life span ended in a feeding trough for a group of pigs. Could this be the start of something horrible. Only time would tell. Perhaps had the pigs not been eating then the event to fallow may never have come to pass.

    OK. So this is a zombie thread. My zombies however are not truely the undead. They are infected with a rapidly adaptable virus. Which can develope a means of over coming any situation. I would like the players for the most part to be in New York city. I don't have alot of rules just please at least one post a day, please shoot me a character sheet before joining, and no god modding please.

    TYPES OF ZOMBIES: check back often.

    BASIC INFECTED - Fast, but clumsy. These spread the infection through bodily fuilds. Tend to swarm, and work as one due to the shared mind.







    SKILLS: (would like at least 3)

    BIO: (Optional)

    Offical start tomorrow.
  2. OK. So I did all this on a nook, and had no clue it stuck the thread here. Therefore I will take this time to post what I want out of the thread, and then post it now that I am at a computer.

    The Virus:

    The virus was developed to be an end all to maned combat. The invading force would shoot two missiles into the area above the resisting force. They would carry a mix of chemicals that would cause a heavy, but brief rainstorm. The virus being in this down pour would infect the ground, water, and food supply of the enemy forces. Thus they could become infected, and destroy themselves. Being transmitted by bodily fluids it has a time frame it must work in. A time frame of about 12 hours, or 6 hours if passed into the blood where it would get throw by the heart.

    The Zombies:

    The typical zombie is the undead returning to life, but these are the living under going continual mutation. They fall into a state of death like sleep for roughly 2-4 hours depending on the person. Upon waking the subject would be in a need to spread their infection at any means. They would loose everything that makes us human. Ero free will, and thought. It was an unseen mutation, but they developed a hive mind with shared thought. What one sees the others would become aware of.

    All these is just the basic infected. Over time as they eat the virus mutates inside, and begins to remove what is weak for the environment. Such as soft skin could become harder, more muscles could be developed, perhaps new limbs would begin to grow, or something much more unstable due to new mutations from host to host. The virus was made with a kill switch resulting in at most a 5 day life span, however who is to say it could not evolve past that.

    The players:

    I just want players to start out in the same city at first so that we can all form the story from there. I do plan to have immune people as the story goes, but if I do not make your character immune please understand that it has nothing to do with you.

    All this being said Let us all have fun.
  3. NAME: Nora Grinne

    AGE: Twenty two.

    PROFESSION: Amateur freerunner and accomplished graffiti artist.

    BODY TYPE: Lean

    APPEARANCE: A girl of midling height and a slender build, Nora's frame is often hidden beneath voluminous clothing; though it is usually duct-taped at the knees and elbows. Her hair is an off-shade of blonde, tinged with black at the roots; though bound at the back, into a low ponytail, loose strands hang about her face, reaching just below her chin. Sharp azure eyes accent noble, straight features and thin, often downturned lips. She favors clothing in hues of green, purple and black.


    Running: "Let's get the fuck out of here, man!"

    Climbing: "Psh, what do you mean that it's a sheer vertical surface? Look at all the places you could get some good footing!"

    Improvisation: "I think I have a plan..."

    BIO: (Will be edited later)


    NAME: Jack "Cowboy" Durante

    AGE: Forty six.

    PROFESSION: Drifter.

    BODY TYPE: Thin

    APPEARANCE: Grizzled and worn, Cowboy's face tells a lifetime of sorrows. From the drooping heavy lids of his eyes to the gauntness of his cheeks, along with the hard scowl he always seems to wear belie the long and troubled road he has walked. He appears much as his namesake would imply to one who has never met him. Long strings of greasy brown hair hang in uneven tangles from beneath a wide-brimmed cowboy hat. His skin is leathery and tan, a testament to his lifestyle. A brown leather duster covers his plain shirt and blue jeans and heavy, serviceable boots cover his feet. He carries a gun at his hip, hidden beneath the coat. An old six string guitar is slung across his back.


    Marksman: "Good God, Cowboy, I ain't never seen someone shoot like that!"

    Survivor: "The only road I ain't walked down is the road to Heaven."

    Musician: "Let's see if I can get this thing in tune..."

    BIO: Cowboy is a drifter, a bygone remnant of misspent youth and a supposedly free spirit. As such, he as spent his life hopping rails and treading streets. How he ended up here is merely chance.

    Sorry it took so long, man. Hahah.
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  4. NAME: Captain Russel Hunt

    AGE: 45

    PROFESSION: Police captain.

    BODY TYPE: Average body frame. Wight: 175 Lbs. Height 6' 00"

    APPEARENCE: Clean shaven, a high' and tight hair style, Gray hair, deep Sapphire eyes, a rough face from the years of sights a cop is likely to see, and an old scar along the right side of his neck that starts roughly from under the ear to the middle of his Adam's Apple.

    SKILLS: Dead Eye (Those poor targets never stood a chance.... Not even at 150 yards....... Are those all crippling shots?!?!)

    Kind Heart (Doing the right thing even tho it might be too kind)

    Black belt (Your hand to hand skills astound me. I'm not going to do a Fist of the North Star death from these pressure points right)

    BIO: To BE Added Later.
  5. Posted up again, with Nora then Cowboy.
  6. Talkers: These infected are trouble makers in every sense. Due to a mutation inside the host they retained their communication skills while still being with the horde in part. They can mimic the sounds they hear, and at times attempt to coax uninfected out of hiding. for example.

    -Man held up in bathroom at house only way in is through the door. all zombies have left the area when a talker arrives. It discovers said person through him making a noise, and moved to the door attempting to open it, and failing.- Talker- "Hello? HELLLLOOOO? I heard you. I know your there. (Begins to whisper through the door) How long have you been held up here? It must be boring."
    They will attempt to persuade said person into opening the door. Their urge to infect drives them to never give up.

    These infected will also draw the horde to you for simple ammusment.