Operation Bluestreak - MS1 - Recon

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    Time: 1:09 AM
    Location: Baghdad

    "Welcome to Operation: Bluestreak. I'm assured you've been given a general sit-rep, because I will not be giving one. Today, our newest members, Alias and Brink will be inserted at Point A on the Tac. map. Intelligence has marked possible enemy stations in purple, but be on high alert at all times. green areas must be scouted completely. Enemies are considered shoot to kill status and you will be weapons free. Avoiding all conflict will be in your best interest, we can't afford to lose anymore members. Extraction must be called in and will be at the operators coordinates of choice. Active Camo will be unavailable due to enemy jammers, stay frosty, boys."

    The helicopter carrying Bluestreak landed in the backyard of a large home next to the freeway. The captain orders everyone out, explaining that he doesn't want to get spotted due to the noise of the Helicopter.

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  2. Alias sighed picking up his mask over his face stepping out of the helicopter. Everything that was given to them he had somewhere on his suit. The weight was pretty light so it wouldn't be a problem climbing and staying out of sight. As soon as the helicopter picked back up into the sky and dissapeared into the distance. The area was a bit more dusty than the last mission he was on. Alias crouched and moved over to the wooden fence. The fence had a hole in it that he could fit through easily. He looked through the hole to the other side looking both right and left.
  3. Brink held on tightly to his gun and backpack. As soon as the helicopter landed, he followed the others out and made sure his pacj was securely fastened, so it wouldn't fall while running or climbing.

    Following Alias, Brink crouched as well. He kept his guard up, looking around to make sure no one could sneak up. "See anything?" he whispered to Alias.
  4. "Alpha Team this is Garrison 5-0. A large convoy is heading your way. We believe they alone may have spotted the Helicopter on your way in. The biggies advise you take them out before they make it back to base to call the intrusion in. Take them out. Quietly.
  5. He flipped the visor down over his eyes to try to get a different line of vision. When the visor was supposed to be turned on it was nothing but static. He cursed under his breath pushing the visor back up. Alias looked back at brink, "Yeah the convoy is actually headed back down the road we should probably get closer and find out what exactly their doing." Alias turned back and started heading down the side of the gate where another piece was destroyed. This time he was able to see more of the road. It was dirt and pavement don't know where one starts and the other ends. Slowly he made his way to a destroyed car. It seemed to be have burned, because there were emblems all around the car. A gust of wind came down the road he put his arm over his eyes blocking the dust. He picked up the signal back up to command, "Is there any back roads that can lead us towards the convoy without being in the open?"
  6. When Alias turned away and headed to a different area, Brink peeked out. He could see the convoy driving along, it made him rather uneasy. He ducked away and went towards Alias, still keeping a watchful eye.

    Brink felt exposed suddenly, as if he could be seen for miles. Why was he suddenly so nervous? It wasn't like him. He shook it off and awaited the response from Command.
  7. As they waited for command to give them the intel he turned to Brink. "So you have any ideas?" He asked. "We could search for an alley and head down that way. Though do you have any ideas?" We needed to get to that convoy and stop it before it reached its position. Just there are multiple ways that could happen. We don't need and even want a firefight. So the only best thing is we take the convoy out quietly. Hopefully nobody else saw the helicopter. He was already trying to figure out what to do, but he couldn't figure out all the possibilities of every action they could do.
  8. "Maybe... If we could find some way around? Somehow get in front of them," Brink suggested, looking around. He shook his head, realizing that that wasn't the brightest idea he could've had. "No, no."

    He shifted the gun in his hand. "Let's go find an alley," he said. "That shouldn't be too hard, right?"
  9. "Sorry for the wait team. Thermal scans show that the convoy is accompinied by dogs. Taking them out is now a priority. Proceed with caution and take them out." Overwatch check all of his shiny monitors.
  10. He cursed under his breath yet again. He hated patrols with dogs with a passion. Leaving his gun on his back he gestured to brink to follow him. They both began to move down the side of the road going from cover to cover. Even though it wasn't the best cover. Alias spotted a alleyway he looked it over trying to make sure it was safe to move towards it. Alias quickly moved to into the alleyway, but once he got to a certain point he waited for Brink.

    "Okay, Brink help me find a high vantage point," He said quietly. "Not here were too far back right now." He opened up his hands and then closed them with some anxiety. "Overwatch, is there anything down the road that could slow them down, such as destroyed vehicles or debree?"
  11. Brink groaned, "Dogs?" He hated dogs. Not because they'd make things difficult, but because he just wasn't a dog person. They were weird and slobbery and could probably tear him limb-from-limb. But he had a job to do, he couldn't let anything get in the way of that. He followed Alias into the alleyway.

    He nodded to Alias and immediately began walking a little further into the alleyway, looking for any vantage points. He spotted a few, he thought, a little further down. All were either on the edge of some wall or from a window-sill. Brink squinted his eyes, hoping to make sure they were actually high enough. He continued walking, slowly and alert, down the alley.
  12. He could still hear the patrol moving up the road, he and brink were trying to keep up, but stay out of sight. He put his arm out as he heard a shuffling of feet around a corner further up. He then moved over behind a tiny wall and crouched yet again. He moved his hand quickly telling brink to get in corner. Alias then turned back to the noise and a group of men came around the corner holding a man dragging him across the floor. He then became furious that man was beaten and bruised. He couldn't even move because of how baddly he was injured. He wanted to take action, no man deserves to be hurt that bad no matter what they did.

    "Overwatch . . . permission to . . . help the man," Alias whispered into the com. He was too quiet for the men to hear him.
  13. He briskly shuffled toward Alias and crouched as well. Brink froze at the sight of the man. Bloody, beaten, being dragged. -Bastards- he thought. What could the man have done to suffer such a consequence. As mad as Brink was about it, something nagged at the back of his mind.

    "Alias... What if it's a trap? They beat a guy up, supposedly leave him to die, then wait for us to go out and help him? I mean, they probably saw us come in and thought the plan up. Of course, the guy could've been beaten before and now they're simply using him to their advantage..." he whispered, hoping that his voice wouldn't be heard by anyone but Alias.
  14. He reluctantly nodded in agreement with brink. He couldn't believe he didn't think of that, but he still wanted to help the man. He looked around at the rooftops and found that they were all connected with the others. They even led down the street, but some of the areas were too open and they could be seen. They needed to get around the man, take out the convoy, and then come back for the man. He backed up a few feet finding a ladder heading to the roofs.

    "Brink, Im going to go upwards and get a better view. You should stay down here and find another way," He began. "Ill cover you from the roofs." His plan was that brink would find another way while alias would be covering him the entire time. "Would you feel like getting close to them and throwing some smoke down?" He asked it seemed logical, but it was dangerous. He felt like he could keep brink safe though. "If not i will go with you, but in the smoke they would be confused and i can snipe them from back here." He said moving his gun on the back, and then pulling a silencer out of a pocket.
  15. Brink nodded, "Good idea. I'll go find a way to get closer, drop some smoke, and you snipe 'em. Should I shoot some of them too?" he asked, holding up his gun. "We could be done faster, but I don't have a silencer. I may attract more unwanted attention."

    Brink glanced at the man, every second counted. He wanted to be quick. "Maybe, as soon as I drop the smoke, I can come back and assist him?"

    He turned to Alias.
  16. Alias nodded in agreement the plan seemed to be starting up. Once the patrol was gone they could relax a little not much but just enough. Then after they can continue their mission by scouting the land they needed to. Possibly even go take out that Jamming device giving the cloaking back to them. He took in a deep breathe and then released it. He checked over Brink's equipment, because he did find smoke grenades and a couple other devices.

    Quietly Alias whispered, "Once the patrol is gone meet me back here, because this man needs some medical attention." Alias nodded again before turning around and started going up the ladder. "Remember, I got you covered just don't go out of my sight," He assured. He reached the top of the ladder stepping onto the roof. He then turned and gave Brink a thumbs up before backing up trying to see the patrol.
  17. He nodded and waited for Alias to be high enough. He took a deep breath, this was it, he'd be in danger but he knew someone had his back.

    Brink got up and began moving down, keeping up steadily with the patrol. Finally, after a minute or two, he found the perfect point and got ahead of them slightly. It was a small gap between two buildings, looking out onto the street from an alley he was in. Brink took out the first smoke grenade and threw it out. He ducked away from the gap as smoke exploded, he could hear men coughing and sputtering.

    Brink pulled out a second one and threw it, just to make sure they'd be held up long enough for Alias to shoot them. He looked up to where Alias was and gave a nod.
  18. While he was waiting for Brink to get into position he added the silencer to the barrel. He followed Brink's path keeping an eye on him and any position where a hostile could hide. Once he lost sight of Brink he moved forward staying as low as he could. He then saw Brink again as he threw the smoke grenades at the patrol. The patrol began to become confused and they were coughing and looking in all directions. He smiled at this, it gave him the chance he needed. He brought up his scope to his eye and took in a deep breathe. He took only a couple of shots taking them all out. The dogs seemed to be confused and scared so they just ran in any direction they could take. Luckily they headed away from Brink and Alias, also away from any base.

    He took the silencer off of the barrel and put the gun on his back again. He found a small broken mirror on the floor and flashed it once towards brink. He did it quickly though so that no hostiles could see. He then turned and headed back towards the injured man.
  19. Brink clapped lightly upon seeing a short light signal from Alias. He pumped his fist in the air once and started joggin back, all traces of nervousness gone. He reached the injured man at the same time as Alias, though he had slowed to a walk.

    He looked around, in case there was still someone watching them. "Hey Alias, how is this guy? Think we'll need to call a chopper to take him out of here?" he asked. Brink knew that they probably wouldn't send in a helicopter, it would be a risky move and it would compromise the mission. But then again, Brink didn't know much about medical-aide, though he didn't know if Alias was.

    Brink kept on the lookout as he knelt next to the beaten man.
  20. Alias wasn't the very best trained medic, but he was trying to figure out what to do. The man was unconscious beaten and bruised. He checked his bones for a break, though none seemed to be broken. The mission was a ride in and then a ride out, because of that he couldn't call in for a evac for one injured man. He went through the pockets of the man trying to find any source of help that could be given. He then found a small map in his back pocket that showed directions to the nearest medical building. It was a bit off where they were supposed to be going, but the man needed help.

    "Okay, were taking the man here," He said pointing to it on the map. "I'll carry him as far as i can, but we need transportation to get there quickly." They couldn't take too long to help this man because he would take some time up. The time they needed for the mission. The man is his mission though, because they were there to bring peace and order again. Not just to leave a man to die.