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  1. Hirasawa stood in the center of the lobby, turning slowly on the spot, taking in information. She had music playing faintly in her headphones, left over from her train journey there, though she wasn't paying it much attention and had no idea which song it had got to. The room was quite spacious, and could hold a large crowd if necessary, though it had an oppressive atmosphere, which she assumed was generated by the presence of no less than 8 armed guards. They were wearing black suits and sunglasses, and equipped with both a device that looked like a general military CAD and a traditional solid bullet pistol. No doubt there were kevlar vests under the suits. In addition, she could feel the antinite that was built into the concrete walls and pillars. It was suffocating and made her feel sick, as it did to all mages, on varying levels. Some were almost immune to this side effect, while some could faint just from being in the general vicinity of it. This put her in a foul mood, which, stacked on top of her already corrosive personality, made for a very unapproachable creature. She just wanted to get it over with and leave as soon as possible, a task made no easier, since she had been given no directions as to who she was to meet or what to look for. As such, seeing no reception, she took a seat at a table just off centre which she hoped would be noticeable, and she would be directed to her destination from there.
  2. Sapphire was uncomfortable. She stood in the corner of the lobby, her head down, ignoring the other people in the room. Normally she was a social person, but the antinite buried in the walls and floor stubbed that side of her. There was a sharp pain in her gut, the affect the magic-blunting material had on her. She wasn't really looking forward to whatever meeting awaited her. She had only a vague idea of what she had been summoned there for, but she didn't expect to like it. Feeling warm, she tugged at her CADs, sliding the bracers back and forth along her wrists. Her clothing wasn't exactly heavy, but she still felt like the room was stuffy. Chalk it up to nervousness, I guess.

    She shifted from foot to foot, standing on one leg or the other. While other people found balance difficult, Sapphire was able to stand on one leg with ease, which she frequently did, propping her other leg against her knee to rest it. It was a comfortable position, although it did little to ease her anxiety. Giving up on fiddling with her CADs, she turned her attention to her scarf, taking the end in her hands and carefully folding and unfolding it, turning it over. The movement was comforting, but...
    What could they possbily want me here for?
  3. He didn’t like this.

    At all.

    Running his fingers through his, for the moment loose, hair for what seemed like the millionth time in the past ten minutes, Satoru straightened his back where he was sitting on one of the couches, hoping that the nausea would ease with that action. It was expected for a building with this security to use the disgusting thing but that didn’t stop the boy from thinking it was mean. Couldn’t they somehow deactivate it for his visit? Show some kind of consideration to his unwilling arrival? He supposed it wasn’t possible in the first place, and even if there was a way to do that he doubted it would be used just for him.

    It was obvious that Satoru was not the only one nervous in the lobby, and he found some odd consolation in that. He didn’t stare long enough to seem rude (at least he hoped so), but it was enough to recognize some of them from news and the like. Normally he would have said something along the lines of ‘what am I doing here in the same room as these phenomenal mages’ and tried to strike a conversation, but the nervousness which only worsened the sickening feeling the antinite caused kept the boy from doing so.

    Satoru made a promise to himself to do so anyways if this dragged on for much longer, if not only to be able to brag about it to his friends later, and ran his fingers through his hair for the millionth-and-one time.
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  4. A bit carefree looking, Nira is currently in a vacant corner up against a wall standing with his head down and eyes shut inside this lobby. Wearing the allocated school uniform, he would just stand there waiting, pretending to be patient, but eventually falling into a semi-trance state of half awake and half asleep. Waking up from this after a minute, he would begin to pace around impatiently and look around. Eventually, He would get very restless of waiting would lower himself to a position on the part of his feet previous to his toes in said corner. Looking around, he would notice that others are just as nervous as he was, if not more so. Realizing this, he calmed down a little, but the anxiety built back up from doing nothing. Being bored, he would begin to pace around.
  5. "Why was I called here?"

    With those several syllables, Hiroshi broke his usual norm of taking in his surroundings rather than talking. The suits didn't seem interested in giving an answer, not that they seemed like talkative types in the first place, but it was worth trying (in vain) to pry some information from them.

    Hiroshi pulled a sleeve up momentarily to check the time on his watch, also a CAD. It didn't seem that he was late; in fact, everyone was just on time... it seemed. He could be wrong, a possibility of which he was fully aware as he registered all the antinite that was woven into the room's architecture. It was impossible not to notice the constant, passive pain that the stuff caused.
    He decided to chance another question.
    "Who are we meeting with?"
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  6. Nana was feeling stagnant.whether it was the antinite or the guns she could not tell.Her brain screamed at her to get the hell outta there,but her curiosity grounded her to the floor(or was it the antinite?).still the feeling persisted and feeling the need to remove herself from the view of the others she decided to sit down.

    Soon her stomachs started to feel raw and knotted.her forehead beginning to sweat.She felt the need to lie down.thanks to the burdening weight the antinite push down on her,she already was feeling fatigue.finally she gave in,pulling her legs up to her head she quietly fell asleep...
  7. Yuuki sat on his seat, waiting slightly agitated with all antinite as it was getting on his nerves but he didn't mind as the cup of coffee was nice and creamy as he quietly drank in peace. However the silence was broken a few times by another student, who seemed to be asking questions. How ever his attempts seemed to be mostly in vain as the guards seemed to ignore him... He sighed as he looked away into his cup... half-empty. He sighed once again drinking slower this time, trying to make his cup last as long as he could. He did have a book but he had finished it twice when he was coming here, so it wouldn't provide much to his entertainment.

    In one side of the room he noticed a girl was struggling to be awake, probably from the antinite as she was sweating badly, and before he could notice anything else about her, she pulled her legs up and laid her head on them before most likely falling asleep. His attention soon adverted to another student pacing around, he didn't seem much affect by the antinite like him but he was the person who was most resistant to it and took note of that for latter. The rest of the other people he didn't care to look at, as once he finished his coffee, he threw the cup away feeling more queasy about the antinite, sighing before he looked in his bag that he hand brought and took out his book that he already read and begin where he left off on this third time reading it. Distracting him for the moment again of the antinite, being immersed in the world of reading, someplace far from this place and that was good as right now, this place wasn't the best place to be at the moment....
  8. Hirasawa looked up as she heard footsteps approaching her position, and paused her music. The woman who had just entered the lobby looked young, as if she was new to her job, and held a set of notes delicately. She had medium length brown hair tied up in a ponytail, and wore glasses with her black suit. She glanced at her notes, then up at Hirasawa, before back at her notes again. She then moved the top sheet of paper to the bottom of the pile and repeated the head movements for each of the other people in the room. She didn't seem to be feeling any of the effects of the antinite, meaning that she probably was unable to use magic at all.

    "It looks like we're all here." Her voice was weak, but the otherwise silent room allowed her to be heard. "If you'd all like to follow me, you can find out why you were summoned here." She paused, looking for confirmation that she had been acknowledged, but sighed when she received none, and headed towards an elevator built into the far wall. Hirasawa used her weight to propel herself forwards off the low sofa and followed a short distance behind the woman. The sooner she could leave, the better. The woman pressed a button on the wall, and stepped into the elevator, before turning to wait for the others to enter the lift.
  9. Sapphire sighed and adjusted her scarf, smoothing it out again and letting it hang. She was glad that someone had finally showed up to tell them where to go, but also desperately wanted out of this building. The pain the devilish antinite inflicted on her grew the longer she stayed, and it would become unbearable soon enough. She fast-walked towards the elevator, sliding in to squeeze herself into a back corner, saying nothing. I guess it's time to find out why I'm here. She thought. Still feeling anxious, she closed her eyes and imagined a scene of combat in her mind, reliving her most recent tournament. Combat was one thing Sapphire understood. She lost herself in the adrenaline and went into auto-pilot when she fought, whether or not it was life and death. When she was bored or nervous, she let her mind wander to past battles, even the painfully real one at the school. ...Maybe whatever I'm here for will include combat. It IS my only notable skill...
  10. Nira was looking for an excuse to leave this room of boredom. Being weary of the room was one thing he did not like to be, and this was a way out for him. Walking to her slowly he would tip his head to her slightly and head towards the elevator that was mentioned. Going past her, his stomach would rumble which would make him look down as he walked past slowly. Sweating, he found himself leaning on the wall to the right of the elevator due to the antinite in the room.
  11. Curiosity made Satoru every so often glance over to the boy who tried to talk to the guards, if he did gain some knowledge about the situation Satoru wanted to be aware of it. Sadly, it seemed the effort was fruitless. He hadn’t expected much from it to start with but whatever information they could have gotten would have been worth gold considering how uneasy the room made him feel. For every minute passing by he could feel the effects the antinite caused more and more clearly and soon Satoru had given up on his promise about holding a conversation.

    To his rescue a woman appeared and he raised his hand slightly as some kind of greeting when she looked at him shortly before looking down at her papers again. Following her to the elevator was surprisingly not an easy task as he found himself having to lean against the table he sat by for a few seconds before being sure that the light-headedness was defeated. The same moment Satoru entered the elevator he put his blonde hair back into its usual ponytail and offered the people already there a smile.

    “This is quite some fancy elevator”, Satoru’s voice grew weaker for every word said and he didn’t even try to do his usual chuckle. Instead he moved the collar of his shirt back and forth slightly to make more room for air with a slightly pained expression on his face, obviously regretting his prior action. It seemed like talking while being nauseous was a bad idea after all.
  12. Hiroshi's first thought was of livestock being herded as everyone seemed to be heading into the same elevator. Hopefully, it would be bigger than most in order to accommodate all the people filling it up like a tin of sardines. He glanced at the faces of everyone inside before entering himself, eventually deciding that his own expression was probably somewhere in the middle between the weary look of the girl in the scarf and the saccharine smile of the boy pulling back his hair who had just said something. Hiroshi simply nodded in response: it wasn't worth talking if he couldn't get answers, and nobody in this box could give him that.

  13. To Hirasawa's surprise, the elevator began to move downwards after it had been filled. She had expected it to go up, since the building was essentially a tower, leaving her to wonder whether the building itself may just be an elaborate facade. As the lift moved deeper into the earth she felt the effects of the antinite decrease, much to her relief. There was an almost visible weight lifted from the shoulders of the box's occupants. After several minutes of descent, the elevator slowed and came to a stop. After a short pause, the doors opened, revealing a wide corridor with unmarked doors leading off it. The floor, roof and walls were all constructed of white metal, and lit by luminescent panels rather than the more common LED bulbs, giving a rather futuristic feel to the whole area. They walked in silence along the center of the corridor, as men and women of varying ages scurried past them in lab coats, carrying clip boards, chemical tubes and small pieces of machinery. The doors were all sliding ones, adding to the whole surreal atmosphere. When they reached the end of the corridor, a larger double door opened, and the group were led in by the secretary.

    The room that they found themselves in was very plain, playing host to the same white walls and luminescent panels. There was a long, curved table in the center of the room, at which 7 old men were seated. 4 of them were clothed in military gear, and looked even more like outsiders than the newcomers did. The other 3 wore the same lab coats as the people who had been working in the corridors. All 7 wore hostile expressions, as if they viewed the newcomers as potential terrorists. After an uncomfortable length of silence, the man seated in the center of the table spoke up. "Welcome, mages." He shifted his position slightly, as if the chair was too small for him. "You are all here at the request of Japan's Ministry of Defense, of which I am the representative. You do have the option of declining our request, however, it is in your best interests to accept. If you refuse, the home defense agency will carry out full investigations on you, and you will be arrested on suspicion of being an enemy agent." He paused, assessing the reaction of each of the people in the room, probably for signs of weakness.

    "As you know, the world is currently in a state of war. There are certain things that are kept secret from the general public, though. For example, I doubt that you knew that this war has already claimed more lives than all other wars in recorded history have, put together. You also didn't know that as a result of this, the middle east, most of Africa, India, Southern America and Australia have been reduced to nothing more than sand and ash. These environments have taken so much damage due to being popular battlefields that even the world's best scientists have no clue as to how long it will be before they are inhabitable once more. But enough of this. If you so wish, you can find these details out by yourself at a later date. Now, as to why you are here..."

    At this point, a second man stood up, this time one of the men in lab coats. "We believe we may have discovered something that can put an end to the war once and for all. All we need to do is to find it. Have you ever heard the legend of the Philosopher's Stone? Or, more accurately, the Alchemist's Stone?" He paused briefly, but continued before allowing any response. "In the ancient world, mainly Europe and North Africa, people known as "Alchemists" experimented with turning base metals into gold. Legend has it that in order to do this, an item known as the "Philosopher's Stone" had to be used. If it does what we think it does, it will allow us to instantly finish this war. The only problem is, we have to find it. We believe we know roughly where it might be, but as you can imagine, we can't insert a large force there to look for it, since every last soldier is currently working on the battlefield. This is where you come in. You will be responsible for finding this Stone. I don't mind how you do it, as long as you are discreet. We cannot let our enemies know what we are looking for, or that we are there."

    The first man began to speak once more. "You will be starting in an Eastern European country called Romania. It is up to you how you go about achieving this objective, as long as no one finds out why you are there. If you get captured, tell them that you are Japanese spies. Tell them anything you like, as long as it does not involve the stone. We suggest that on the way there, you all come up with a story you can tell to keep consistency in the chance you are interrogated. You may use your abilities as you please. Civilian casualties are not a concern, just make sure that no one manages to report to officials. You are dismissed." The secretary signaled for them to follow her. They returned to the corridor, and began to head towards the lift, before taking a turn through a side door. This corridor led to a vast hangar. The floor was covered in a deep pool of water, and a small submarine waited with it's hatch open. The secretary addressed the group, and handed each of them a selection of items. "These cards are fake IDs which tell people that you are a member of the European Magician's Council. It is not unheard of for foreigners to be accepted into that, so you should get away with speaking Japanese while there. Just make sure you do it quietly." Each member had been given a small ring, with 2 buttons disguised as gemstones. "These rings are CADs programmed for stealth-oriented spells. The blue button casts a disguising activation sequence that changes how others see you. If you press it, you will look like a young Caucasian for about an hour. Be careful, because you will not be able to use large spell sequences while this spell is running. The red button casts a memory-wiping spell on the target which should erase the last 10 minutes from the memory of the target. It will only work if they are asleep, so knock them out first. Now, if you would be so kind as to board the submarine, you will be taken to our offshore airport."
  14. This day was quickly becoming Satoru’s least favorite day yet in his life. The joy of feeling the antinite less and less until only the nervousness was what affected his body negatively was forgotten the moment the elevator’s door opened again. It got worse for every step he took and the more devastating information they received, the more the fear tightened its grip about him.

    It was overwhelming.

    The ministry of defense, possibility of being accused of being an enemy agent, death, alchemists, some stupid stone Satoru couldn’t care less about, death, the fact that they had to find said stupid stone, he didn’t want to.

    In that moment the boy cursed everything that was his country and incredible battle skills and good looks and flawlessness which he didn’t doubt was the reason he stood here being told that he had to help stop the war or (most likely) not see the sky again. To hell with “option of declining our request”, he had been forced to go through with it the moment they sent him the message about having to see him. It wasn’t as if only he would be affected by being labeled an enemy agent, his family would too. They had played the winning hand by cheating, and Satoru was the loser who had to press his teeth against his tongue to keep it still to avoid lashing out on everyone and everything.

    The only thing he could do was to follow the woman out of the room, putting a bit more strength behind his steps to mark childishly that he disliked what was going on with all his being, but at least he knew better than to complain out loud. It was only at the revelation that they had to leave right away Satoru let himself talk, sharing a hesitant, heartbroken “We’re leaving now” statement while touching his CAD through the fabric of his chest pocket. Despite the CAD’s being battle focused it always gave him a sense of comfort after all the years he had had it close to himself, and as he boarded the submarine he hoped that it wouldn't have to serve that purpose all too much. He was going to cling onto the hope that it was a short journey for as long as he could.
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