Operating System Wars: The Eternal Battle

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Fel of the Eternal Forest

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Which one is your favorite? Windows, Mac, or Linux (which Derivative?)?

Personally, it's Ubuntu Linux for me, straight up. If I had the choice I'd never touch Faildows or OSX (Even with my Maclove)
I don't do any programming anymore, but I do miss using Ubuntu. However, I switched back to Windows because it really is everything you need IF you know what you're doing.

PS. OSX is for fags. Steve Jobs can go suck a green cock.
Windows is all I know. I enjoy it.

I have little experience with Mac.

No experience with Linux.

Not to get too offensive, but to me Windows is for people who barely finished Highschool, OSX is for the mildly nerdy, and Linux is for smart people.

Linux is for hipsters... *runs*
I love this thread.

Comment_ I don't bother with Ubuntu anymore. Their production philosophy blows and their desktop environments get worse with every release.
Still, much respect.

As for me, its Linux wherever possible~<3!
Laptop: CrunchBang Linux, Statler version: r20101205
Desktop: Knoppix 6.2
Netbook: Statler r20101205
Desktop2: Windows XP
Desktop3: Windows Vista
Desktop4: Puppy Linux... Forgot what version.
+Various other virtual machines.

These are subject to change, as I'm in the process of rebuilding and expanding my network.
I pretty much use ubuntu because it's what I'm used to, either way it's 1000x better than windows.
Personally, I use Windows, because while Linux/Unix are better OS's.....I don't NEED them. Much like I don't need a Ferarri.

True, Windows is geared toward those who couldn't finish High School. That doesn't make it inadequate for those of us who did.
The only reasoning I see to keep windows is if you're a gamer.
I use Mac for the most part, but have Ubuntu installed on a virtual machine. I love the stability of my machine. I won't say Windows is bad, but my luck with it, even with my certification to repair machines containing that os, has been less than stellar.
I'll use linux at work when I need to do some Real computer stuff and windows won't cut it.

Otherwise It's windows 7 for me, cause this shit's simple as fuck to use.
I use Windows primarily, because as a computer technician, I'm immersed in Windows whether I like it or not.

However, I have extensive experience with Linux. I've used RedHat since 3.0, Debian since 2.0, and even successfully set up Slackware, back around version 3.4.

Ubuntu is basically Linux for the Windows user. It's so easy to set up, I fell asleep watching.

As for OSX, I know very little. I almost got my hands on a MacBook that a friend of mine didn't want, but another friend of his was willing to pay more.
Perhaps, but it doesn't outweigh the whole gaming aspect of it.
Don't read me wrong, I'm not belittling gamers. I'm one myself - only reason Faildows is on my computer.

@Alan: Only reason I don't have a different Linux on my system is because I'm not quite techy enough to successfully install one of the harder versions while also using Windows.
@Alan: Only reason I don't have a different Linux on my system is because I'm not quite techy enough to successfully install one of the harder versions while also using Windows.

It wasn't a knock against you, or anyone else for that matter, who runs Ubuntu. However, by attempting installs of other distributions (ala Gentoo), you learn a LOT about the inner workings of your computer. If all else fails, a lot of distributions have a Live CD function, that will run Linux booted from a CD, and some even from within Windows (ala Ubuntu).