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I'd like a real life picture or celebrity faceclaim to be provided for my partners' characters, and I will always provide them for mine. If you need help finding a picture or faceclaim, I'm willing to make suggestions. I prefer that my partners play dominant characters. My characters are submissive or switches. I'm flexible concerning post length, and I generally match my partners. I will be playing the closeted in each of these.

1. Dominant male heavily into BDSM enjoys making his neighbor who swears he's straight extremely uncomfortable by leaving the bedroom window open and making his submissives get very loud.

2. Older openly lesbian woman lives next to a young closeted housewife and loves having loud sex when the younger woman's husband is away, which is often. Their houses are much too close together.

3. A promiscuous pansexual female loves bothering her virgin neighbor in the apartment next to hers with loud sex. Their bedrooms are separated only by a rather thin wall. The virgin neighbor actually loves listening, and she's pretty sure her neighbor is aware she likes it.
I would be up for giving the third one a try with you.
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