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  1. (Your character hears a voice say "WELCOME." as they appear in a white area. (Animus) Your character will also start to realize object from there game load up in clear white holographic forums. (Like the building that the character "Ezio" Is looking at int the pic.) "Please wait..." The Robotic voice appears again.
  2. (Is this RP still open?)
  3. (Yes sorry for the late reply)
  4. (No problem! Have you ever watched "Road to El Dorado?"
  5. (No unn forchantly why?)
  6. Adult link looked around in confusion. He was riding through the hyrule fields on his steed Epona. He saw that he was in some world all in white. He drew his sword as he heard a strange voice welcome him.
  7. Amaterasu instantly crouched to a battle-ready position when she suddenly vanished from the Celestial Plain, growling lowly. However, her head rose in confusion as she heard a voice from seemingly nowhere, when her Divine Instruments made their appearance, along with her money bag full of yen and her three Astral Pouches. She picked up these items, looking around in confusion. Where was she...?
  8. "Ugh....."The Arbire Grones as he was laying down on the flat white floor,as he would open his eyes and would Notice he is somwere...Odd...as he dosent remeber being in such a place,as he would sit up and Notice envierment seemimg too..Lode infront of him all white,as he would hear the voice That welcomes him...Too what?,as he would slowli stand up looking around confused By all Means,as he would her the Robotic Voice and would wonder if this is VR or something of sort.

    As he would check his Hip area as his Energy sword was there,as he would then reach for his back and would feel his Carbine Rifle as that was a Realife,as he would look at the sky as it was blank as Snow,as he would look Foward towards the White Fonted Envirement as seems too be Natural From the Rings.

    As he would start walking foward with a serius face,as he would be walking and would wonder what if he answers too the Robot,as maybe it is one of the Drones back on the Corvet,as he would say "Ho is Thus out there?...show Yourself"he says as he would stop and look around for the sourse of the robotic voice
    (Sorry i took too much IRL is on mi way)
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  9. Ahiri had just spotted her next target, which lit a fire inside her. She flicked her tails as she looked around, preparing to strike when, a blinding light surrounded her, which caused her to shield her eyes from the blinding light. She squinted, the light harsh on her eyes. "Wha...." She said.
  10. Kratos was just walking and minding his own business when suddenly he was surrounded by a blinding light and he shielded his eyes. When he unshielded them he saw that he was in some weird white room "What sorcery is this!" he yelled loudly while readying his Blades of Chaos. Then he heard a robotic voice welcome him and then he walked to the source of that voice wanting some answers.
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  11. All Characters, Blue "Oh ho...(insert Character Name)...welcome to my realm!" A voice spoke. Shortly after the robotic voice cried out. Look around you. Objects of the (Your Characters) world appeared in silky white and floated disfigured threw out the space. (Insert Object from Game here) Oh look it's the..(And here.) And lets not forget (Last here.) the voice was deep and seemed to be male "This is fun huh?" The voiced laughed. "Do not be shrug fro you are not alone....I have gathered the strongest villains and Heros! In the Universe and I will make you into my own little reality TV show!" It took a pause as one of the weapon's from that game (insert here.)would fly toward your character at a rapid speed. If the weapon hit , It would just fly threw your character as if it were never there for it was a hologram.)The voice sounded sure but joking in a serious tone.
  12. "Slip-space rupture... Chief, move!!"

    Just as Cortana advised, he turned around and boltedfrom the Didact's ship. He could hear the charge of the vessel humming right behind his head. Realizing he was too late, he lunges himself forward with his limbs spread out like a star. As he came to a landing, a powerful shockwave erupted and not him out.

    He awoke with a deep groan and slowly rose to his feet,unarmed. As his vision cleared, he looked around to find himself alone in a world of pure, white light. He could hear voices in the far distance, but whenever he looked to see the owner there was nothing. John gripped his fists tightly, keeping his eyes peeled for any suspicious activity.

    "Cortana, where are we?" he asked, as he crouched to on one knee. "Cortana, are you there?" he asked again, and still receiving no response. After the second time, Chief reaches inside the A.I. slot and found that Cortana was abscent. Soon he began to realize he is not on Requiem anymore. And once again, without Cortana, Chief would have to fend for himself raw on this mission. He looked around and could hear conversation to the west, also his motion tracker detected movement 120 meters of his position.

    "Oh ho, Master Chief! Welcome to my Realm!" said a disembodied voice.

    Chief snapped to attention, holding his fists up in a Muay Thai striking position. Just as he did, he saw white apperitions of an MA5D assault rifle, and an M6H Magnum in one orb of light. Then in another came an asortment of frag and plasma grenades, and a bubble shield grenade. And in the final shine was a Warthog. John didn't know what this meant, but he was sure it had to be some type of game, much too different from his own.

    "This is fun, huh?"

    "I don't have time for your games." Chief commented, watching the weapons phase through as they came to him.

    "Don't be shrug, for you are not alone.... I have gathered the strongest villains and heroes in the universe, I will make you into my own little reality TV show!"

    John shook his head disagreeingly, "I don't think so."
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  13. Arbiter would hear the voice as he would hear how He speacks like if this was a game.As he would growl and would then see a Pistole Fly at him and go Through him,as he would get his Energy sword and swing it from his shulder too down as a blade appears,as he would growl and would say "I am Not for entertaiment!...Show yourself!"he says in a angry tone as he was the arbiter,a elite commander of the Covenet! not some Elite For entertaiment!
  14. Ammy sniffed around a bit, after re-gathering all her things. She was wary of the robotic voice, and surprised at the statement. Strongest heroes and villains...? But she had already defeated Yami! She growled lowly, there had to be a horrendous fiend behind this.. But what was a Reality TV show? Before she could think further on the subject, she instinctively did one of her narrowly-avoiding dodge jumps, the cleaver she recalled the Cutters having narrowly missing her. What in the name of Shinsu was going on..? She quickly went back to searching, after picking up a scent, the sun goddess sighed, trotting toward the source. Whatever she had picked up on, it was unfamiliar. Soon enough, she reached the source; Kratos. She tilted her head, unsure of what the creature before her was.
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  15. (The weapons shot at you all were of your choice. o.o nvm)
  16. (Sorry, was distracted when I replied. Editing.)
  17. Arbiter, Blue "Arbiter! Calm your self oh poppy cosh.." The world of Infamous started to load up in a normal day and life of the city.
    [​IMG] The people seemed Bothered by the appearance of you and started to run as above in on the buildings shots were fired.
    [​IMG] The gang the "Reapers" were seen spitting out tar from under there hoods and shooting at rapid speeds wearing red and beat down clothes. Nothing but shreks and grunts came from them as they did this. "As for you Ill give you this!"[​IMG]"The plasma sword!" It hovered above ground over a trash can." Ta Ta for

    Amy, Red "Oh Lovely Amy!" Her world started to shift into Farcry 3 "Oh look!" The scene was one of the many pirate bases there.[​IMG] [​IMG] Filled with Pirates! The voice spoke. "Ill Give you this!" The portal gun appeared over one of the huts near vas men. [​IMG]

    Dark Voice,White "Good Look you all have 3 tries!" Three Skulls appeared over your heads. "Now Remember kids have fun!" the voice was herd to all.[fieldset][/fieldset]
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  18. (Fact*All the villains have the loading logo before spawning*)
  19. Kratos, Grey "yes I am my hot blooded friend!" The voice replied as then it was conceived the background shifted into the world or Arkham city, There on the streets layed [​IMG] a few of "The Jokers men there calling you names like "Freak, Baldy and fake." They taunted around you as the men started to put hands on you. "Haha the voice relied now for your weapon the Sword of!....Link[​IMG]"Have fun!" he snickered "Baldy!" [​IMG]
  20. Arbiter Grone as this "Thing" was playing with him and he dislike that,a he would sprint towards the sword and would grab it as he now has 2,as he would keep sprinting as he gets the sword and would slide and get cover behinde a car,Good thing all that human Knowlage showd him a thing or 2,as he would turn both swords off and holsted them on his hip,s,as he would reach his back and get his carbine,making sure it has ammo and it dose not full but has,as he would say too himself "For Honor"he says as he would raise his Rifle towards the ones on the roof and pull the triger,as small green flash go on the tip of the barrel and a thin green beam shoots out hiting one of them as they would dissapear,as he would Ignore that this is all fake and would keep Pilling the triger shooting one by one,as Bullets hit him but his personal shield stops them
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