Open world fantasy-ish idea.

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  1. For as long as anyone can remember, all the world was simply tall, dark forests, Sharp grey crags, and fast flowing rivers. Your village, and all other villages, feared only one thing.

    Every so often, in the dead of night, creatures known as corpse eaters would emerge from the ground to go on their hunts, or, more accurately, rampages.

    There was no way of telling when... It always seemed to be random. All attempts at going into the caves to drive them out we're quickly stopped, as the Corpse Eaters proved that their numbers were far to great for a single village to fight them.

    And so people went about their day, and every now and then the night was haunted by the sounds of drums in the night... Of the screams of wild animals and unlucky hunters who lost their way.

    There are some who have fought the Corpse a Eaters... But info on then is scarce, as their bodies melt into ash and black sludge the moment they die.

    Then, one day... a group of people find the strangest thing... A dazed Corpse Eater! Strung up in a snare trap and struggling to get out as the thin wire digs into it's ankle, which oozes out small streams of a black, oily blood.

    What happens next is up to the players.

    *thank you for checking this out, as it stands, the plot is up to what the players decide.

    Feel free to contribute ideas and suggestions.
    (Though I already most of the info on corpse eaters figures out, it's simply not present because I'd rather have the players find out for themselves. I'd you'd like to suggest things pertaining to the Corpse Eaters specifically, PM me.)
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Thread Status:
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