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  2. It was a calm, sunny morning in the town of Burold as Sphara woke up to the birds chirping and the regular noises of a town of trade in the morning. She got out of bed, stretched for a bit, put on her normal clothes and went out side to where her little trading stand was sitting, she had recently bought the house from some saving up her mother and herself had done. She Grabbed her merchandise and put them on the stand and pulled up a chair as people walked by her stand since she was right in the market area of town a few blocks down from where her mother lived. She advertised her merchandise as people walked past in a way that fit what the people would probably needed and so that she wasn't just being annoying the way her parents had taught her at a young age. She made a few bargains with some people who wanted to buy some weapons she had recently bought and a few other items such as amulets, lucky charms, and so on; she didn't like selling the normal stuff like plants, meats, clothes, etc but like to sell the more interesting things because one: she thought they were cooler, and two: she could set them at a higher price making more off of them. Like usual there were a few people who looked at her funny, it had always been that way since her family's encounter with a wizard and had given her cat ears, eyes and a tail but she was long since used to this and she rather preferred these as they gave her better senses and she looked more interesting the average person.
  3. Leora sat on a large branch of a tall oak tree, that had grown on top of a steep cliff overlooking the town of Burold. She wasn't about to go into town or anything, Leora had lived outside of town all her life and could survive even though the occasional monster or wild animal would come along and try and attack her, but she had trained herself how to fight them and was practically the only one who kept most of the monsters away from the people within Burold. Leora only went back into town to sell some of the meat from the animals she caught, or some weapons that she carved, but that was it, she didn't want to sit around town all day waiting for a hoard of monsters to come and terrorize everybody like they were starting to do more frequently now a days. Leora was never the one to cower in fear even as a child, she was always fearless and adventurous, taking risks that most people wouldn't take. She didn't just act this way to show off or try to be better than everybody, that was just the way she always acted, she just wanted to be brave and learn how to defend herself and others ever since she was younger.

    Leora surveyed the area, checking for any sudden movements that would cause too much of a disruption among the leaves of the trees and bushes of the woods that surround the eastern side of town. She either got to a high vantage point like this so she could see the land around the city more clearly, but sometimes, monsters managed to get past her still and she'd have to go search on the ground for any beasts that she might have not seen. Leora placed one foot on the branch below her and slowly began descending from the tree she was in. She dropped to the ground and looked around, she couldn't hear or see anything around her so she decided to explore the area a bit.
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  4. A steady dragging sound would probably be heard by Leora along with a hummed song. The voice was childlike, the source, ancient. The dragging was from the oversized sleeves of the boy's cloak, as he walked though the forrest humming a little ditty he had picked up from another traveler.

    Drim was half asleep. He had set his feet to follow the dirt road and his mouth to mumble the quiet tune. His red eyes were nearly closed, he ignored the pain in his feet. How long had he been walking? He forgot, he had put himself into motion, his mind fading between dream and reality. His half-dream? He was being mugged by a chicken. It was more like a half-nightmare.

    Around the time that Drim managed to make the chicken drop the knife he began to sence a presence to his left. He turned his pale head and scanned the landscape. Trees and the occasional bush was what greeted him. He couldn't see anything else. Very useful. "Is anyone there?" The boy called, against better judgment.
  5. Leora noticed she was making quite a lot of noise, which seemed to have attracted the attention of someone on a dirt path not too far away from where she was now. She heard a voice call out to her saying Is anyone there? Leora could see from where she was standing, that he was obviously not a monster, and did not seem dangerous though his appearance was a bit strange, so she decided to approach him. Also, it would be a little odd to just not respond and watch him while in the woods, so that was the main reason she went up and talked to him. Living in the woods for most of her life did not make her a non social person at all, sure she was wary and didn't talk to strangers, but that was when she was a kid. Now with monsters everywhere, strangers that she met in the woods seemed to be the least of her worries.

    Leora emerged slowly from within the forest. "Hello," She said, responding to what he had called out before "You don't have to be afraid, I'm just a hunter in these woods, my name is Leora. Are you new to Burold? I haven't seen you around," She asked.
  6. Upon seeing who he was sharing the forest with Drim was quickly snapped back into reality. His posture straightened and he fumbled a hand out of his sleeve to run it though his nearly white hair. Alright, he had this. "Ah. Gah bah zah..." He didn't have this. What in the demonic epicenter was that?! He didn't even manage words, the boy just spouted some bloody nonsense!

    But could you blame him? Such refined beauty rapped in dead animal skins! The few women Drim had seen on his travels were old and raving about retrieving a particular amount of specific mushrooms. But this one, gorgeous! And then there was him, staring at her like a inept fool!

    "Ah, er. Excuse me. I call myself Drim and yes I have never been here before." And before Drim could catch himself words lept out of his mouth. "But if I had known people here looked like you I would have came sooner." Gods damn the boy's tongue! The strange little man-child covered his mouth, mummbling old curses under his breath.
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  7. Red hot heat defined the smithy of Burold. It seemed as if the hearth was always lit, heating steel to be malleable enough to for the craftsman to forge into beautiful works of art. Weapons and armor lined the walls from end to end, displayed for all to admire, and hopefully convince them to buy. Yet, that wasn't all the dwarven smith could do. Every once in awhile he was inspired to create something more delicate and unique. Pendents, rings, circlets and other fine works of art could also be found at his shop. Each piece inspired by the lands he had seen back in his younger days. Sometimes he longed to return to his days of adventure, and leave this life behind him. But when he saw his beautiful Trinity, he would remind himself that along with the great wonders of this world, came great dangers. Dangers he'd do anything to keep his daughter from having to face.

    "Munchkin!" Johann called out to her as she came by his workshop. "Think you can do me a favor? I got a order ready for Sphara, could you take it to her?"
  8. Trinity was just coming back from wandering around the town. And though she wanted to continue her adventure, she had a job to do.
    "Only if you promise not to use that name for me anymore," she playfully smiled. Her request would do nothing. After spending all her life with him, she knew he'd never give up his nicknames for her. She stepped closer to him, trying to take a peak at all the projects he was working on, "What have you gotten yourself into today?"
  9. He looked up at her, a small grin on his face, red from the heat of the forge. "Just a fun side project." He picked up the glowing hot metal with a pair of tongs, dipping it into the cooling bucket. The water bubbled and hissed for a moment. He pulled out the now silver steel fashioned in the shape of twisting snake, though its purpose wan't clear until he took Trinity's arm and slid it on, up to her bicep. It was an armband, perfectly fitting for her. "Like it?"
  10. She looked at it, then at him. "'Course, dad!" She leaned down to hug him. "I always love your gifts."
    The armband was no where near the first gift she had received from him, but every gift was always more perfect than the last. The only bad thing about them was they made her feel like she didn't do enough for him; in truth, she didn't. Trinity wasn't his child, but he had done more for her than either of his parents.
  11. Johann squeezed her tightly in one of his breath-taking hugs. "Good, now run along and deliver the package. I've got work to do." He slowly released her, still holding onto her shoulders. "Gods, sometimes I can't believe how much you've grown. I remember when you were just a tiny little pumpkin." He chuckled, giving her a pat on the back. "At least you can make good use of those long legs."
  12. Trinity grabbed the package from the nearby table. Like all the items he made, it was packaged neatly and compactly. Anything of the most fragile state would not shatter under his care.
    "I'll be back in a bit," she announced before making her way towards the market.
    She took her time looking around the market. She always had loved the many stands, showing products you wouldn't see everyday in the normal stores. Even though they usually stayed along the same lines, she would always inspect each stand carefully. And, sometimes, she would take home something for herself or Johann. By the time she finally walked up to Sphara's stand, she carried two loafs of bread in one hand, the package in the other, and balanced a bowl on her head. Trinity had always thought the only real way to shop was to have fun with it, and that was her version of fun.
    "Good morning! Johann asked me to deliver this to you," she greeted the woman.
  13. Sphara looked up as an elven woman approached her stand. "Morning Trinity, nice armband I'm guessing Johann made it." Sphara said looking at Trinities bicep "Whats that man up to now, cause I sort of want one of those too." She said smiling "Anyways thanks for bringing over the gear this'll be nice for the stand" she handed Trinity a small leather pouch of coins and took the weapons in Trinities arms.
  14. Trinity began looking at the items laid out on Sphara's table, occasionally picking them up and inspecting them more closely. "He's probably starting on another project. I can't remember the last time he wasn't working on a project, or at least thinking about one," she looked up at the merchant. "I could ask him though, I'm sure he wouldn't mind the extra business."
  15. "That would be nice, thanks trinity. Tell you what if there's anything here you want take it free of charge. You're always saying how you think you need to do something for Johann so you can take something for him as well if you like." Sphara told Trinity as she sat down in her chair after putting the new items on display.
  16. "I never know what he'd like," Trinity explained, with a bit of disappointment in her voice. She then looked down at her shiny new arm band. "But he always gives me good gifts, I can't compare. I wish I could give him a vacation, he needs one."
  17. "That... I can't do. You could try to make him something your self, that would have lots of meaning in it so it won't have to be fancy." Sphara sighed looking at her "I know someone who sells a a bunch of different supplies for those kind of things." She suggested
  18. "Thanks for the tip. He'd probably like it more if I stopped spending so much time away from home, but you and I know that will never happen," the elf chuckled. "You should come with me sometimes. I bet it's better than sitting around here all day."
  19. "I like my job, it's relaxing but a guess we could go out for a bit sometime. I'm not busy today and I wouldn't mind nice walk in the fresh woodland air but we'd have to be careful." Sphara contemplated "How about you go grab some protective gear while I close up shop and grab my gloves then we can head out for a bit deal?"
  20. Trinity scoffed, "We'll be fine! I haven't ran into any monsters in a while, and I never take gear. I've got my trusty axe, I don't need anything more. Live a little! You're such a homebody, nowadays."
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