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  1. Hello fellow Iwaku role players, In my past I have done a bit of role playing and had my share of adventures and stories so even though this account is new you can trust me to not be a total newbie.

    Setting: Medieval fantasy

    In this role play me and anyone interested in joining would start off In a medium sized, walled, port town by the name of Burold on the eastern side a large country called Onqua. This town is one of the oldest and richest towns in Onqua filled with many merchants and traders. The town only has one problem though and that is: for the past many months it has been slowing down on the amount of outsiders coming in due to the fact that many monsters and creatures have been hanging around the outside of the city on land and the sea has always had the occasional sea monsters big and small which have gotten slightly worse.

    The goal of this role play is to have a sum-what D&D style to it where we can choose to do what ever we feel like whether that's good, evil, or in-between we could go on mighty and heroic quests or stay in town and make a guild the list goes on and on. I will be the 'Dungeon Master' as you would say in D&D saying whats there to explore, what the loot is, what enemies are there and other things like that.

    1. Please do not include any content that would be rated 18+ but romance is perfectly fine

    2. Be respectful to the other people in the role play

    3. For this role play I will only be allowing 1 character per person unless you can convince me otherwise, I just find it simpler that way but I'm not really against multiple characters so if your character really needs a partner I will probably allow it

    4. Just so that the role play doesn't get hung up and stopped in the middle of an adventure if you do not post when it is 'your turn' (so when we need your interaction) for 3 days I will do my best to make a choice that would suit your character best and role play as them to keep the plot rolling but I will do this only if necessary or if requested because you will be unable to play for a while do to real life events and such.

    5. For this role play again for the role play not getting lost in the wind I will be accepting up to 6 characters (besides my self) but if some one stops/quits I will allow someone new to either create a character and will try to remove the old one from play, take control of the old character if they act like the character or find a way to alter them slightly.
    (If a player has quit and but that character is important to one of the still standing players I will let them take control of the character).

    6. If a character dies and is unable to be revived or other you will be able to make a new character and I will not leave a spot open for others to join unless you want to stop playing.

    7. no over powered characters I would like all characters to seem realistic and be able to always have one challenge or problem that could be bad for them

    A side note: I said 6 characters besides mine. I will be playing in this role play but I will certainly not be acting like God and giving me victory if there's a fight or show favor to one player, but I do what I think is appropriate and

    Other things:
    Gold, silver, copper and platinum coins are the currency 100 copper = 1 sliver, 100 silver = 1 gold, and 100 gold = 1 platinum

    Character creation format:




    Appearance: (description or picture)

    Job/career: (optional)

    History: (optional but recommended)



    The role play will start as soon as every ones ready even if there's not 6 people yet and I will create a thread for the role play so leave the chat in this thread.

    Thank you for joining this role play in advance and happy role playing whether you join or not. :D

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  2. Name: Sphara

    Age: 21

    Sex: female



    As a young girl she grew up with both her parents being merchants in the town of Burold they were above middle class but not by much. As she grew up and watched her parents trade she started to learn how to barter very well and became an expert by the age of 12. All in all Sphara lived a good, happy childhood, that is until she was 13 when a hoard of monsters attacked her grandparents village in an attempt to help her father road off on the family horse to Sphara's mother's village to rescue them, unfortunately he was unsuccessful and fell in battle due to a stray arrow to the chest. Sphara and her mother mourned for the death of Sphara's father and grandparents for many weeks after receiving the news. Ever since this event Sphara was determined to be like her father so she mastered the art of trade by the time she was 16 and with the money she made she bought some fighting equipment and attended lessons from a martial arts master.

    Yellow leather cloak (as shown), shoulder guards, boots with bronze for kicking, bronze and leather fighting gloves.

    She does in fact have cat ears, a cat tail and cat eyes due to a deal her family had made with a wizard when she was 12 the wizard had traded them some some magic items that they didn't know what the would do, she is a professional at fighting with her hands and feet and with her cat like reflexes she is a tough opponent to fight at close range.
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  3. Name



    Hunter an merchant

    Leora's mother and father were both skilled hunter's and tracker's, and all her life she has lived with them in their home in the woods, learning everything about how to live in the wild. Her parents worked as merchants in Burold and sold meat and animal pelts they had obtained from the animals they hunted, and weapons they made in order to make money. It was a hard life living out in the woods, as they were often attacked by wild animals that live in the forest, but years of experience have taught her how to defend herself. Leora had soon become an excellent hunter and excellent at surviving in the wild. However, one night when Leora was 16, a group of monsters suddenly appeared in the forest and attacked the cottage that they were living in. Leora and her mother and father had no experience defending themselves from monsters, so they had no choice but to run away from their home, which had been completely destroyed y the monsters. Leora's mother and father decided to live in Burold, because they thought it would be safe there, but Leora knew that the monsters would returned and thought her parents had become complete cowards. All their lives they had lived in the forest and were not afraid of anything, now that a hoard of monsters appeared, suddenly they were just going to run away and live in fear of what was out there? Leora though this was ridiculous, and ran away, despite her parents warning her not to go back into the forest, but she did anyway and rebuilt their home and now spends her life making weapons and hunting down animals in the forest, just like she used to. She also trains herself to fight monsters on her own now, and does her best to defend the town and newcomers from them.

    A cape made from the pelt of a wolf, a black shirt and pants, and leather gloves and fur and leather boots. She also carries a knife around with her and a hunting bow with arrows, though she has multiple other weapons, she prefers to use these.

    Can often be seen wearing face paint.
  4. Is magic a thing in this RP's world?
  5. @Crono yes magic is a thing in this world. Cool Character NinjaCat.
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  6. NinjaCat when you said that Leora makes weapons whet do you mean by that? Carving, blacksmithing, etc...?
  7. Name:Kane gem



    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Job/career: sword for hire

    History: Kane was born as a hybrid of a human and a dragon he was mainly fascinated with the world so when he was 15 years old you ventured out of his mother's Cave. He figured out the world beyond the cave was dangerous and exciting so he started to go around doing random job killing random creatures and getting rejected from most villages because of how he looks, but this made him more famous as a sword for hire.

    Gear: leather armor , two long iron sword, hunters bow, water to last for 3 weeks, food to last for 3 weeks, sleeping bag, tent, flint and steel, tinderbox, torch, quiver with 30 iron arrows

    Other: things to being half dragon his skin is tougher than other peoples making it harder for them to pierce them, he can also breathe fire
  8. Name:
    "Long, long forgotten.
    You may refer to me as Drim."

    "I'm only a few decades old."
    "I am male."

    "Heh... You humor me."
    "Around 50 years ago I was born of a age-old cult that believed that I was the chosen of their deity. The cult head who was my father wished to shove me into a primeval room, brimming with arcane energy, for a extremely long time. This was to be my 'path to enlightenment' which would last a century. My mother was against this and refused to surrender me to them, resulting in them punishing and banishing her. I spent as long as I can remember simply sitting in a glowing blue room, no food, no water, no rest. I was kept alive, my body remained young, like that of a child, but my skin became as pale as a corpse, my hair light grey like that of a old man. For over four decades I sat there, being pumped with ancient energy, until finally the day came. I wanted to see my parents, I wanted to breathe real air, I wanted to see something that wasn't rune-covered stone. I blasted the insolent wall confining me into oblivion, angering the cult and my now very old father. I killed them all after they told me what they had done, set them all alight with a swirling inferno. Alas, when I tried to light a simple torch it burst into splinters, I could use extremely powerful magics, but I couldn't control them very well or perform simple/non-harmful spells. Not to mention how drained I felt after those two spells and how weak I was to a single punch to the side. I have been wandering ever since the night I broke free eventually finding myself in Burold."

    "I dont have much on my person currently. The only coin I have is from begging at the streets, which is more then you would think. My cult robes that still don't fit me as shown, the blue lines on them emit a faint glow. A canteen full of water and a satchel where I keep all my stolen things, mostly food."

    "My motives? Heh... Heh heh... You don't need to know that."
  9. I guess like carving knives, arrows, that sort of thing
  10. Ok
  11. Interesting characters Crono and Kawazoe
  12. Many thanks.
  13. Are you guys ready to role play? is it possible to make another 'tab' for the role play?
  14. I am.

    You have to make another thread.
  15. Are you still accepting?
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  16. If I have an opportunity to post and join the RP that would be great. If magic is something that has use in the RP and is really limited to "don't be OP af" then I'd like to make something based around my avatar.

    Name: Devon Brisbane

    Age: 342 (Died at the age of 28, resurrected 30 years ago. Was dead for 284 years.)

    Sex: Male


    Devon sports typical bard clothes with a lute strapped around his back and his old flute hung on a tattered leather belt that keeps his trousers up. His clothes are dirty, torn, and have lost a lot of color form being underground for so long. The man is all bones, literally. Not a single muscle is on the old bards body yet thanks to the miracle of magic the corpse walks and talks again. Devon sports a Messer on his side presumably for protection. His skeletal structure stands at about five feet, ten inches. Devon wears a bards hat special to his family line passed down from one generation to the next. "To keep from getting sunburn," he says.

    Skeleton Bard
    Job/career: A bard and poet, of course. Devon has had quite some time to practice his musical skills for the lute, drums, and other instruments. Thanks to magic granting him sentience the skeleton cannot only talk, he can sing! Although his voice is only a conjuration of magic so when he attempts to play his old flute Devon's lack of windpipes and lips get in the way.

    Devon also carries a messer on his side. People often attack skeletons fearing them to be monsters so some protection is warranted. Not to mention the bloody dogs. The messer is a common man's weapon. Deemed a knife by law, albeit a very big one.

    History: Roughly 300 years ago, Devon Brisbane made fit as the local bard for a town long gone. He took up the families trade to practice and learn just how to be a musician from his fathers before him. As a child he learned from the best around and soon Devon acted as the entertainment for the people of his old town. Devon lived a rather peaceful life as he matured into adulthood. He married a beautiful young woman whose name and profession he's long forgotten. Devon never once stepped outside the old walled village and never thought to carry adventures like so many others around him. Instead, Devon wanted to live his life and carry on the tradition of poets and bards his family brought to the world.

    Life has gone as expected until the back of Devon's skull was used to smash open a large glass bottle of booze from one rowdy customer. The blunt force trauma killed Devon in an instant; his family and widowed wife were left to mourn him.

    The corpse of the late Devon was laid to rest in a cemetery outside of the town. There he lay peacefully for the next 284 years. Rotting as maggots and bacteria decomposed the flesh of Devon. His family had moved on. His wife remarried and the world continued as it was with Devon being so delightfully unimportant within it. It wasn't until a necromancer of sorts went grave robbing nearly 300 years after his death that Devon was awakened. The necromancer was looking for warriors to raise. Dead adventurers and soldiers that would make for a great army. The necromancer was incredibly incompetent at his terribly young age and resurrected Devon. Not only had this inexperienced necromancer brought a bard with minimal combat skills back to life, he also failed to control him. The necromancer found an amulet of sorts that gave powerful undead magic to the hands of one who could wield it. This amulet could be used to rise a long fallen corpse, make it more potent with magical enhancements, and had the ability to keep the raised corpse alive for as long as the mage wished. All of this wasted once the amulet shattered upon usage. The necromancer barked orders at the raised Devon, who, once realizing his current state, offered the console the embarrassed necromancer by playing a symphony on the trom-bone.

    Devon wasn't sure what to make of his new found life. Once realizing he was dead, and everyone he ever loved was dead, Devon took it upon himself as a bard to spread joy and love as he always had to fight back the depressing thoughts of his past. It was time to see the world as many before him had. Luckily he was buried with his old instruments. Unluckily, the folk of today have no sympathy for a skeleton. Devon took arms with a common messer to protect himself from animals and occasionally people. And when the skeleton bard isn't fighting to protect himself, he gives song and word to the world wherever he can.


    1 Lute, restrung and ready for song

    1 old wood flute, the wood has rotted away

    1 Messer, don't mess with the messer

    1 poetry and song book, surprisingly intact thanks to the lovely leather pouch it comes in

    Ink and quill, for jotting down clever puns about being a skeleton and lyrics when inspired

    Other: Devon's voice has a ghostly echo to it but rather than sounding creepy it just makes his sarcasm ring in your ears. His eyes glow a faint blue where his pupils used to be. I should add that the amulet made Devon a tad more durable. A light blue magical flame glows where his heart once was. This is the source keeping Devon alive. Most raised skeletons only remain for a set period of time and need to be fixed once broken apart. Devon, so long as he has a limb or two, can put himself back together. The magical flame is what must be destroyed to kill Devon. Spells or blade striking the flame can snuff it apart although it must be a direct hit. I hope that's not too overpowered. I thought it would be fine to make up for his combat inexperience if he's generally harder to kill. A sort of pros and cons system with being a skeleton. Pros being harder to kill, not needing food, water or rest, and an endless life so long as he not slain. Cons being easily attacked or discriminated against, can be broken apart and requires aid from others to fix, and not the best in battle. There are more pros and cons one could think of but those are examples.

    I hope this is all fine. I really want to have fun with a sarcastic joker character. I'll try to fit him in the setting and maybe with the DM we can have some interesting and silly RP.
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  17. That's a cool character and I don't think that's overpowered since he's not really a fighter and more of a musician. I like some of your jokes like the "trom-bone" was funny. Also you do know that a bard was actually a messenger who traveled all around spreading news through music and poetry though that doesn't matter with your character. can't wait to see our characters reaction to a skeleton joining in :D.
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