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  1. Hey everybody! I'm just bored and looking to RP, well, here's the genres I cover

    + = Definitely
    0 = Ask me about it
    - = No way

    +Science Fiction
    +Modern (Fantasy)
    0 Drama
    0 Libertine
    0 Action
    0 Gore
    0 Super Human
    - Combat
    - Horror

    Chiaki and Monokuma were walking down the hallway, more naughty grin on Monokuma's face than usual but Chiaki remained with her relatively indifferent frown. Monokuma then raised his white paw, swiping it down at a great speed towards Chiaki, smacking her bottom. Chiaki blushed furiously and turned towards Monokuma with a disgruntled expression, a furious glare in her eye as she looked down at the black and white teddy. "Hey! What was that for?" A few moments passed as Monokuma just stared at her, and Chiaki's eye twitched a few times before she turned forwards, shooting a hairy eyeball at Monokuma before continuing her stroll, the bear following.

    A few moments later Monokuma repeated what he previously did, slapping Chiaki's back side. Chiaki eyed him again before she contemplated with herself, sighing and moving a bit more quickly, putting her hands on her backpack straps. Monokuma sped up to, emitting a quite mischievous laugh. She then smacked her butt again, and Chiaki began a slow run in an attempt to get away, a cute blush growing on her face as her expression became more and more annoyed. The bear sped up too, laughing a bit louder as he striked her back side repeatedly, more force applied each time he hit her.

    Chiaki then snapped, stopping and turning her buttocks away from him, Monokuma's grin very wide at this point as he seemed to be proud at what he has done. She then inhaled, then exhaling loudly before pulling down the back of her skirt to prevent anymore spankings "Okay, Monokuma, if you're going to keep doing that this isn't gonna work." Monokuma then giggled a bit, pointing at her as his red eye seemed to shine in a star shape "Oh, come on! It's like those things from..." He turned away thinking, Chiaki looking away herself to do some thinking, one thought popping into her head as she thought of slapping him back.

    Monokuma then turned back around towards her "It's like those things from Mario Brothers, right?...Mario slaps his enemies' butts to kill them, right?" Chiaki's eye twitched as she yelled "HE JUMPS ON THEIR HEADS HE DOESN'T SLAP THEIR BUTT!" Chiaki then decided to calm down, sighing and starting to walk again. Monokuma walked with her, stroking his tiny bear chin "Really? Jumping on their heads? Well, that's beary inaccurate! Slapping their butts would not only make for a better experience, it's also a lot more realistic!" Chiaki 'humphed' and rolled her eyes, looking away as she tugged on her backpack straps, Monokuma laughing to himself wickedly.
Thread Status:
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