Open to Nearly Anything. Suggest please.

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  1. Hello again Iwaku. I find myself able to take on a couple more rps, and I would love some people to rp with. A few basics, I play female, I rp male x female only, I do rp fandoms and anime, but I only rp oc x oc or oc x canon, I have just a couple limits, that is if things get graphic we can skip or move to PM, no threesomes, foursomes, etc. , no incest (including step anythings), and no gigantic age differences (with the exception to vampires, or other beings like that.) I am up for anything. Just PM, post here, or visitor message me your suggestions or cravings, and I will respond with a yay or nay on them. I am at a loss for what I want to rp, so I figured doing it this way would help out. :) Hope to hear from you soon!
  2. Hi. I am up for some role playing. I do about anything. I have been role playing a lot. I can play any gender. Pretend I am immortal. I can be of any age. I can do animes but I don't particularly like to rp based on an existing story. Sorry but I am new to the site. I like good story lines. I can make one up easily. Anything you want. You know where to find me. lol:downcat: