Open to Draw! Requests, Character Scenes, or Portraits!

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  1. Hello Everyone!
    ~Free Art Request, RP Scenes, and Portraits~

    I am happy to announce that I will now be accepting any and all requests for my artwork and best
    thing is — Its free! All you have to do is give me the request and I will get to it!

    About my art and my style:

    I draw in a style similar to that of anime/manga and it can range to a more semi-realistic CGI look.

    I mostly do digital colored artwork but if you would rather have simple line art or even gray-scale

    that is fine with me, just let me know when you contact me for the work.

    Weakness wise I would have to say mine belongs to detailed backgrounds but I do like
    taking commissions since it is a great way to gain skill and improve.

    Feel free to open the spoiler tabs bellow to view a few examples of my work
    !!WARNING - The last one is a current commission for R18+ Yaoi/Gay content
    by clicking the spoiler view button and link you are viewing at your own risk! - WARNING!!

    SNK Fan Art Male Digital Colored

    Demon-Like Female Digital Colored

    R18 Yaoi Line Art Commission WIP (For R18 precautions its a link here, view at your own choice.)

    What sort of things will I accept?
    Anything my skills will allow to do, I limit myself to no such genre or type of art.
    I will say that I can not do any realism, and wont accept requests for it.

    —Some Examples of the Work I Will Accept—
    • Detailed Roleplay Scenes •
    • Character Portraits •
    • Anime/Manga Requests •
    • Single Characters •
    • Pairs/Groups •
    • Shipping Related •
    • Yaoi and Yuri •
    • Non R18 and R18 things •

    And more!

    Why am I doing this??

    Simple! I want to gain more skill with my art and nothing helps you get better more then lots of practice! Right now I am having some pretty bad artist blockage though so I need your help and why not? You get free artwork out of it~!

    More information Spoiler Button

    Do you do anime & ships as well

    as RP things?

    No worries~ Indeed I do! Actually I

    Have to admit I love doing anime!

    What programs do you use?

    I use a mixture of Paint Tool

    Sai and Photoshop ^^

    Can I post your art elsewhere?

    Please make sure to always credit me!

    Never remove my signature!

    Do you take donations?

    Donations via Paypal are always a really
    amazing way of saying you enjoyed my art!

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  2. Could I note you what I want?
  3. Of course! Always feel free to send me a PM!
  4. Mind if I ask for three?
  5. Will do. I need to unlock my Akira Album. So I can show you refs.
  6. Name: Callus Grimdark

    Sex: male

    Age: Let's say... 39

    Appearance: Callus is a tall, boney man with ghost-pale skin. He has no arms, just cut off stumps a little off his shoulders with metallic arms that look like this
    This here (open)
    View attachment 64991 without the sleeve and his fingers are more talon-like. (You can draw them however you want this is just the general idea)
    coming out. His face is thin and his chin pointed. Messy jet black hair that goes a little past his neck and the shadow of his hat (which we will discuss soon) cover where his eyes should be. If you were stupid enough to expose his eyes you would find them to be missing, only empty sockets. (no one knows how he sees but he does, and far too well.) His teeth are pointed but few notice this because he never smiles.

    Clothes: Callus wears the same thing every day, because he lives in a mystical wonderland of fantasy where you can do that. A black cloak with dark crimson flames around the tattered ends and his top hat. The man's top hat is ancient, so old that the color has faded to a slightly dark grey, it's dotted with several rips and stitches, and the top is hanging outward. He keeps it tilted forward so it's shadow can cover his 'eyes'.

    Personality: Completely heartless, that's what defines Callus best. As said before he never smiles, some wonder if he has no emotion at all. Always with a grim look on his face. He has no sympathy, no mercy, and can not love. He will kill without reason if he feels like it, which is most of the time, and always travels solo. The only time he shows to be capable of emotion is when he remembers his deceased wife, then he lets just one tear fall.

    Plus: Both of his arms can be replaced with scythes with silver blades and black handles.

    As for pose, simply having him walking down a desert path at night would be nice.
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  7. Name: Ventus Strife
    Age: 19
    Ventus is confident, yet focused on his goal to acquire the riches of Jim Halliday in his online utopia, OASIS. He is fond of meditating to calm himself, and also it helps him to understand the riddles he needs to decipher in order to obtain Halliday's riches.
    Physique: Ventus has brown hair, spiky and unkempt, similar to his controller in reality, Corren. He is thin, yet has slightly defined muscles on his chest and arms. He has a scar that stretches from his left cheek to his right, across the median of his nose's bridge. He is tall, yet not that of a tower in size.
    Clothing: Ventus wears a gold, black and silver plated piece of armour, with gauntlets of the same colours and additional, shogun-skirt similar leg protectors that share the aforementioned colour.
    Landscape: Could I have a background where there's three glowing keys floating beside the two arms of Ventus, the arm keys being jade and silver, and one floating above his head being gold, each glowing in the background with there respective colour? Also, could the background just be black apart from Ventus and the keys?
    Here's some reference pics of what I would like in temrs of appearance: This for his clothing, apart from the wings and helmet. This for his facial appearance.
    And could he be holding in one hand, a sword with a blade of blue flame, and in the other, a Zangetsu like blade?
  8. This is really awesome, you offering to do these for free. I've sent a PM of my request. ^^

    Hey! So I was wondering if you could do a Z fighter type line up for all these characters. That is of course Excluding Kensei, Grape, Zarbon and Dodoria. All in a DBZ Style of course. Most of them already are but as for Pagetti I feel like sticking to her picture wouldnt hurt terribly, but if you have the talent to convert her to DBZ form then that is amazing. And maybe if you feel up to it a Logo in DBZ font that says Dragon Ball Alterverse. You dont have to use our exact images but just so long as it looks like us that is cool.

    Also I just wanna say that this is really cool of you to do this.
  10. Oh this is awesome! Sending PM
  11. Om hi (*high fives a fellow artist*)! All I want is some art of these guys standing side-by-side, preferably dressed in a very nice suit, looking threatening and dapper as hell.

    They're both about 17-18. The long-haired dude is a bit taller than the azure-haired one. Thanks in advance!
  12. Is this still going on?