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    I'm up for almost anything. I will list what I'm not into and what i'am into. So here we go!

    Not into
    -Rape, yeah i hate it and frankly it makes me sick to think about.
    -Yaoi, not into it at all.
    -My little ponies. Please just no.
    -Any kind of roleplay that has to do with scat/Watersports. Nothing like 2 girls 1 cup.
    -Super hero stuff

    What i'am into

    -Furry x human
    -Girl meets boy
    -Pokemon x trainer/pokemon
    -Gamer x Closet Gamer Girl
    -Survival types
    -Zombie survival

    I only play male roles. So give me your ideas and what not. I'll be here...waiting...bored.
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  2. Not really here to ask for a rp since you know we're already roleplaying but just to point out. Saying Shemales may be offensive to some people here.
  3. changed.
  4. I do have a zombie survival type plot idea if you would like to rp that?
  5. :3 are you still open ? I would play a female char. Just let me know so i will PM you
  6. I'm up for a Pokémon x Human/Pokémon ^^ Pm me xD