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  1. I'm still fairly new to the cite but love to rp and have rped elsewhere but I have found many rp partners or jut rp's to do in general so I'm just putting this out there to see if I can find some! I don't have any real plot in mind and I'm open to basically any plot really there is a SMALL catch is that I can only do the submissive in a relation ship (not always with a submissive personality though) weaither it be a straight relation ship or even some yaoi I'm just not good if I'm not the you wana rp just come at me with an idea.....k......bye now.....
  2. I feel like this would be better suited in the OnexOne OOC section.
    Roleplay talk is more for testing interest in a specific story, while the 1x1 is for requesting partners.

    Actually, have you looked in the Roleplay Invitation Request thread at the top of Roleplay Talk? That seems like what you're looking for!
  3. oh! I must have looked right over it I'll try that then. Thanks for the advice!
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