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Intro: Hello to you people who were kind enough to open my thread! My name is Ocean, and from the color of my name, I'm sure you can tell I'm a new member. But dont let me be a new member frighten you! I've been role playing for.....Well a while now, so I'm not new at all! I used to role play on a site called Sodahead, thought that shut down :'( But then I found this beautiful site, and I'm oh so eager to hop into a role play!

What Kind Of Role Player Am I:
So if your curious to what kind of role player I am, you could check out my Role Play Resume, I tried to make it as specific as I could. ^_^

Alright, now that the introductions out of the way, let's talk about what role play I wanted to discuss. So the one I had in mind was placed at a mental illness institute. Between a student doctor and patient. The patient is a boy who killed his parents years ago, but doesn't remember. He's schizophrenic, at some points violent, excessively paranoid, has an identity disorder, bulimic, and has his manic episodes. But with the right care, he can be a sweet boy. But his doctor always rapes him, and when he tries to tell someone, of course they dont believe, since he's not mentally stable. Enter the student doctor. The student doctor had been training, and studying all his life to get to this point, and now he came to his final assignment, and that's to help this poor boy, with no hope of recovery. But if he showed improvement while the student doctor helped, he would past. The student doctor takes his job very serious, even if he doesn't look like he does. He has an....alternate personality. He has tattos, and piercings. He rather calm, collected and cool. And he believes that he could help this patient. Be can he help someone that has shown no sign of improvement in all his years of being there?

Student doctor's age: 26
Patient's age: 19

If you wanna role play lemme know!


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Hey :) If it hasn't been taken yet, I'd be interested in roleplaying it with you...? c:

Valentine Corangula

Hm, so it seems that the spot has already been taken. I really admire this idea, and your resume is quite nice. I find you interesting. I would love to know if you have any other roleplay ideas in need of a partner.


You're in luck! I have a few ideas in mind! If you message me, i would love to share them with you! ^_^ I just read your resume, and your interesting too, and I believe that you'll find the ideas I have cool too
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