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  1. HELLO! MY NAME IS SOUL AND- *cough cough.* Ahem. Sorry about that. I'll stop screaming at you now shall I? Aha... Yeah...

    Anyways. As I said. Or shouted. My name is Soul, but you can call me whatever you want. I don't really care.

    So, as you may have guessed, I'm here searching for roleplay partners. Duh. Holy crap. There was a Cornetto advert on tv, I WANT ONE!

    Right. Moving away from the tasty, delicious.... Awesome...
    Totally amazing...
    Wonderful icecream.

    I don't really have many rules. Just make sure I can understand what you're trying to send me, kay? I'm not fussed on spelling. I'm not great at that myself. THANK YOU SPELL CHECK!

    Anyways. I can usually post a paragraph or more. I do sometimes get writers block though, so my posts may go down in length sometimes. This also happens when my mood goes down, BUT! There is a but! There's also a butt. Hey, no kidding, look over there.
    *Points to a giant floating butt.* Okay, okay. Enough of the butts, and onto the but. So, what was I saying? Oh yeah, right. BUT! This doesn't happen too often. i think. I hope... Let's just skip on from here shall we?

    I can do either MxM or MxF. I do prefer MxM, but the other is fine too. I'm not too bothered.

    So... Plots, pairings and other stuff.

    OH WAIT! One more thing. I should probably warn you. I do have a tendency to swear.. Maybe a little bit..? So, if you don't like that, let me know straight away, and I shall refrain from using those damn profanities. Maybe. If I do swear, then just punch me in the face or something... Though I'd rather you didn't.

    If you're still reading this after that very long, very boring... Thing. Then congratulations. You deserve a cookie. Unfortunately, all the cookies belong to me, and I refuse to share. Oh well.


    (I'm not sorry for shouting at you. Nor do I care how many of your brain cells I've just killed by you reading this. Just thought you should know~) ^-^
  2. Ooh, red~

    So. Some stuff. I might add more later, or if you have some ideas, you could PM me, or reply here.

    Bold = favoured role.

    Hunter x Vampire

    Human x Shifter
    Neko x Kitsune
    Neko x ... Whatever
    Vampire x Werewolf (Already got two of these at the moment~)
    Teacher x Student
    Asylum person thing (crazy person?) x Carer *
    Teleporter x ?

    Angel x Demon
    Demon x Human

    Scientist x Experiment *

    Plots: (open)
    Asylum person thing x Carer (open)
    The first character (me~) is the new arrival to the 'happy home for special people' (... Yup. That sounds weird.) basically; a home for crazy people. Or whatever. The second character (you~?) has just started working at this place, and is assigned as the new arrivals carer.
    That's about all I've got so far, so we can go from there, if you'd like to do this one~
    Scientist x Experiment (open)
    A scientist(you) is assigned to look after a new experiment, (me) one of the first to not be a complete failure. Said experiment is a cross between a bird, a wolf, and a human.

    Will the scientist help the experiment, get it out of the cage and let it escape, take it home, or leave him there to be tested on~?

    So yup. That's as far as I've got with this plot. Mhm... Yeah. That's about it really.

    Other stuff:
    Something to do with magic maybe?

    Something apoclyptic!

    Something Warrior Cats-y.

    A wolf RP would be pretty cool right now, if any of you are up for that?~
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  3. There. UPDATED! ... Meh~
  4. Hi there! *Steals the cookies mentioned above* I READ YOUR POST SO I HAVE THE LIBERTY TO EAT SOME COONIES. Plus I'm damn hungry right now. :p

    So, about plots, I'm intruiged at the idea of a teleporter x (insert random thing here). And the demon x human looks interesting as well. You know, we could always combine them... what do you think of a demon with teleportstion powers x human?

  5. MY COOKIES!! D:
    Butt head. >.>

    Aaanyways. Yeah, that sounds pretty cool. You wanna PM me or something so we can discuss, or sommat?

    Also, you now owe me cookies. Have fun with that. You can always give me a penguin instead~
  6. Alright, I shall send you a PM in a bit. But the penguins are mine. ALL OF THem.
  7. I'm very interested in the Scientist x Experiment roleplay, perhaps a MxF for that one but we could also a MxM alongside it if you're up for that. Shoot me a PM if you're interested! ^-^
  8. *Waves hands above my head frantically, screaming.* STIIIIIIILLL OOOOPPEEEEENN!!!!!
  9. *sits there drooling like a idiot because of the brain cells I lost*

    Lol sorry, but I really do like to do a 1x1 with you. I've never done a neko x kitsune before. I think it would be pretty cool to do that.
  10. pm me i would love to to with u
  11. Interested in this!

    And, why do you not share the cookies? It's mean to flaunt them and not share. :((

  12. Awesome, PM me~?

    And cause they're all mine! Maybe you can have one. Half of one? A half of a half of a half of one!
  13. Slight update. :3
  14. I love apocalyptic RP's, I have a base plot PM me if interested :)
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