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    Okay, Xanuun here. I recently discovered these pictures, hanging around on the Photo-site I use to get all my pictures from. I would like to take a step out of my comfort zone and try and do a more depressing, modern, story including a possible love interest in a younger girl and a close, bonding, developing relationship with a male teenager that somehow gets stuck with the boy.

    I am paragraph rper and I found myself getting, rather bored, of all the roleplays that I had taken on because of the fact, well, I'm tired of using the same thing and doing, pretty much, the same material.

    If you are interested. PM me if you want, or comment with your ideas, I guess... of the type of role-play and plot that could happen, along with one of these pictures, whatever one you like best

    I'm kind of lost as far as plot ideas but I know I need the Kid female and the older teenage male parts so.

    Yeah, Thanks!
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  2. i like it also
  3. Hmm...

    Alright then.
  4. Uh~~
    *awkward silence is awkward*
  5. Hmm....

    Did you guys want to just wing it or did you want to develop a plot then rp
  6. Heh,

    Alright then. Fine with me.

    Okay so the boy i am playing is an orphan....
    That's pretty much all I come up with.

    The teenage boy can volunteer at the orphan home he stays at and the little girl that the boy falls for is a rich kid from on the opposite side of town. When the teen and the boy get separated from their group on a field trip, they end up going a whole different direction from where they are suppose to and I guess.... the little girl can be out when the boy and her first meet. Idk...

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.