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  2. ****PLEASE – NO OOC comments in the IC thread. When you jump in, jump in with your post right away. There is NO NEED for a CS in IC. However, if you want, you can post it on the OOC thread although it really is not necessary. It would be better if the background story is told in the RP – that is, if you even reveal a backstory. Remember, these are dangerous times!****


    Unfinished Letter (open)

    Pretty sure it’s January.

    Been 6 years since the world ended.
    And wer still here. Jess said we’d make it as far as a safe place – wherver da fuck that is.
    Well, just me and Kylie now. For like almost – ah shit, I dunno. Lost Jess in year 2 I think. So hard to keep track of days. Pointless. But I pick up shit loads of paper when I see them and write like theres no tomorow coz there might be no tomorow you know? Kylie’s here starin up at at the sky like we’re on sum picnic date or sumthin. I wish.

    I mean sure I like her, tho Jess -------- yeaaaaah I’m blabring again. That how you spell that?
    Like someone cares. As if it matters. Stoopid fuckin txtspk. And was so proud of bein all L33t before. Still blabring agin. Anyways. Dunno who y’all are but the world is a pretty fucked up POS by now. But I’m still here and I’ve asked Kylie to scatter the journals of the GREAT GREGORY MARSH --- yeah that’s me. So yeah, just so I can leave my mark and maybe help.

    Been movin from place to place since D-day and its pretty much hell. Worse maybe. The husks are still out there and they give me the creeps. The smell alone – and they just won’t fuckin die already. And you have to kill them which isn’t easy if – well, if there family. And friends. Just dunno what to think anymore. Like the rebels out there. Filthy terrorists. Just blowin things up and stirring up shit.

    But okay there not all bad. Met one and dude shared his meal with us. Probly felt sorry for a bunch of kids. Anyways. They think the WHO – like the world health organization - is behind the plague. But the WHO discovered vaccines for it you know? So rebel dudes probly paranoid. But yeah. He says the WHO kidnaps people and experiments on them so they can have a cure. Like a pill, you know? Told us to stay away from the military too and the ones in the city. As if. They don’t even step outside those walls. Fuckin cowards. And there no better! Heard in one town that rebels blew up a convoy to another city. And there was kids man! Seriously, who does this sorta shit? Kylie didn’t eat for days.
    Even when we had food. And Jess –

    Hard to trust strangers. DO NOT TRUST STRANGERS. Never know if there gonna sell you out you know? Seen all sorts of shit and we know people disappear. And they don’t ever return. My advice is to move around. And be careful.

    I want a burger. I know, random thingy. Just – last wish? Yeah, a burger.

    I’m writing this coz I wanna be remembered. Don’t wanna be one of those husks. Took down that fuckin husk but not before it got me. Yeah, can’t walk anymore.

    But I took it down. One less husk.

    And Kylie?

    Kylie I want to tell you for the longest time. I know

    “Before Greg died he said I should be grateful because I get to live.
    If he only knew.
    Death would have been kinder.
    He was the lucky one.”

    Kylie McArthur

    We are survivors. Desperately clinging to life and fervently hoping for some form of salvation.

    Ten years after the world ended - a rebellion slowly gains ground. Rumors abound. There's a rumor about the World Health Organization engineering the plague that wiped off half of humanity. Another says rebels care for nothing but the destruction of the few remaining cities protected by the WHO. There's another, told in hushed voices, that anyone believed to be an insurgent - or those who sympathized with the rebellion - disappear.

    People have been disappearing and there is unrest everywhere. As a precaution, the WHO strengthened their bases, building walls around a few cities and protecting them from possible terrorist attacks. The rest of the survivors are locked out of the city walls, unprotected from the husks that roam the land.

    And the husks are a grim reminder of the day everything went to hell. The high-pitched moaning... the horrible, rotting smell. They're the closest things to zombies, but they haven't died yet. They live with the plague, their skin covered in sores, their hair falling in clumps.

    We are SURVIVORS left to our own devices. Will we die human? Or will we become husks?

    Or will we be able to rebuild and survive?



    *Scavengers- Nomadic. People who move around a lot often looking to trade.

    *Townies- People who settle in a town. May have grown up in town or may have decided to settle in a particular town after the 'apocalypse'. They trade with other people (mostly scavengers) who come to town. Most are distrustful of outsiders.

    *City-dwellers- The privileged few who live in walled cities that were protected by the WHO. Only those with the clearance to leave are allowed outside the walls. Most don't bother about what happens 'outside' the walls. Most believe they deserve to be saved. They are tracked using bracelets. City dwellers can be civilians or military.

    *** City dwellers are the only ones with access to credits. Credits act as currency in the cities. The credits are in the bracelets that city dwellers wear. Townies and Scavengers trade/barter with each other.

    ENTRIES - (Where your character/s can start)

    **Towns -Towns have rundown houses and minimal security. They have rudimentary barriers. The townies have managed to make it somewhat habitable. Attacks still happen, but not from the husks. Attacks are often carried out by outsiders wanting to gain access to resources the towns have. Bandits, hunters, slavers are a problem.

    **Cities -The cities have all the comforts of life before the virus spread. It has electricity, running water, transportation, and HEAVY security.

    **Wastes -Abandoned areas - ruined cities/towns - farmlands/forests. Anything that is not a city or a town. The wastes are dangerous and some are still swarming with the husks. The wastes are rich in resources - despite the name. There are animals you can hunt and wild fruits/herbs you can gather and other items you can use - weapons, tools, etc.


    ***Rebels -Survivors that formed a rebellion. Their HQ is at <............>. They believe that the WHO was behind all the atrocities happening in the world. They don't believe that they are about protecting the survivors. Their main agenda is to bring down the WHO and expose it for what they believe it is: an elitist group who are set on performing atrocious experiments on people as long as it "ADVANCES HUMANITY". Most rebels are in hiding or stay disguised.

    ***Believers- Survivors who believe that the WHO is on humanity's side and is working hard to rid the world of the plague.

    ***Neutrals -Survivors who don't take sides or believe that both are right / wrong. They may believe that rebels are simply terrorists and believers are mindless puppets. To them, surviving is the primary goal. They just want to rebuild their lives.


    Since there are RUMORS flying around - your character/s can go with what your character/s believe. Create your own rumor or base it off someone else's - how you've come across the rumor doesn't matter. It's JUST A RUMOR after all. (Or is it?)

    Now...a few things:

    ·Scavengers and townies can't start in cities.You can lurk outside, but you can't be inside a city. You MAY have access LATER on (depending on how the RP goes).

    ·City-dwellers must start inside the walls of a city.You may either escape or have clearance to leave. Depends on your allegiances.

    ·You can pick any faction.You can also switch factions- depending on how you develop your character. But please make it believable. Your beliefs will depend on what you know, what you've heard, what you've experienced. You may play a BELIEVER outright, but deep inside, you're a REBEL at heart. Or it can be the other way around. Or you can just not care. Let the world go to hell. You just want a slice of peace. You're out for yourself and you don't give a damn. It's up to you.


    1 - There is no GOOD or BAD faction. There are lots of GRAY areas.

    2 - You can pretend to be one faction for show - but another in truth. You need to guarantee your safety after all.

    3 - Being a rebel doesn't mean you're good because you want what's best for the people. It also doesn't mean you're bad because you go against the WHO and perform 'terrorist' attacks.

    4 - Being a Believer doesn't necessarily mean you're an elitist jerk. You CAN be though. You might think that everyone else deserves the hell they're going through. Or you can honestly believe that the WHO is doing something good because they're protecting people from rebels and is working hard to find a cure.

    5 - Scavengers aren't just nomads. Or are they? They might have another agenda. Or they may just be nomads. Or they may be slavers. Or they may just be nomads. Or...


    6 - TRUST is an ISSUE. That lovely townie you met in an inn might sell you out in exchange for firearms. Think it's safe to accept that drink that stranger is offering? What if it's drugged?

    7 - It is TRUE that people are disappearing. If you voice your dissent and you disappear - are you taken by the REBELS because they want you to join their cause or are you silenced by the BELIEVERS?

    8 - Players may abduct or hurt other players. BUT - You have to find a perfect opportunity to carry out an abduction AND you have to have a believable reason for the abduction. Are you a rebel and you're abducting another 'potential' member of the rebellion? Taking him or her blindfolded to your headquarters? While we're saying you may, it doesn't mean you have to. If you don't have reason and it won't be in character, then don't do it. This is just to throw in a more realistic (and fun!) element in the RP. This is done to move the RP forward. That being said...

    9- DO NOT MURDER EVERYONE YOU SEE!!! You do this and we won't have anything to RP!

    10 · You MAY be captured. Do you think you'd know your captors? Will you be SURE of their identity?


    ---------Updates will be posted below - So make sure to check the OOC.

    This is not CHAT RP - Please post at least a paragraph. Also, though it's possible for you to jump in at anywhere with a new character, please read the post concerning the area you're starting in, especially if they've already been created. Jackson, for example, has an existing layout. Please respect that. You may add to the world, of course, and our maps will eventually reflect that.

    Update 2/2/14: We have MAPS! Thanks to GonzoB for this super awesome addition to the RP. Now we won't be running in circles. Maps have the current players and their locations.




    JACKSON (open)


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  3. The IC is posted!!! Everyone can go reply now! XD
  4. Yay.

    Ok - forgot to ask before posting the info.

    Moon, are these husks slow? Like Romero zombies?
    Or do you want them to be like the world war Z zombies? (Because those are scarier!)

    It's still your story :}
  5. Hmm.. I never thought about it that much. But since you ask I think like world war Z. It helps to picture it better too :D
  6. World war z zombies are insane
  7. Mmhm. Excatly! XD

    I don't know why but with this, in this Rp that is how fast I piictured the husks being. O.o I don't know if that's a good thing tho hahaha
  8. Good thing I have a rifle
  9. Let's hope we don't run out of ammo! I wouldn't want to be trapped in a husk-infested area with no ammo.

    So we're against world war z zombies.

    How very, very lovely.
  10. Hmm, then we'll have to use hand made bow and arrows. Just might be a little riskier to use compared to guns. Haha little buggers. This will see how much characters trust others and how much they trust and how long it takes to earn that trust once they are around other characters. XD

    Hehe I must say, it'll add to the Rp if everyone doesn't start out with a whole lot of trust for other character(s) and allows their character to develop trust instead. :D
  11. It would suck to be left to die when worse came to worse. Even if you can't fully trust someone, you'd hope they'd have your back.
  12. Mmhm. But there are people out there that wouldn't for what ever the reason.
  13. I'm liking how it's going so far.

    Glad that the characters (at least, David and Ben) are all sort of second-guessing each others motives.
  14. Trust is hard to come by, but at the same time at some point you're gonna need someone. You can't expect to live through this all alone. As Ben said "allies are scarcer than ammo" speaking of ammo, ever bows run out of arrows
  15. How very true. I like that no one's trusting anyone at first sight. Even when someone appears to be helpful.

    Ok, post should be coming up soon. :D
  16. Btw - I know you were throwing out hooks, Moon - when you posted about someone knocking. Looks like no one's taking it at the moment. "Markus Hart" isn't in the immediate location and I think Ben and David are itching to check the farmhouse
  17. Yes, at some point it'd probably be wise to trust a few for various reasons. At the same time though trust should/will be earned. If you trust a complete stranger right off then don't be surprised that they stabbed ya in the back or whatever :) This is like real life rp, which means you gotta think reasonable. Hehehe

    A bow will never run outta arrows if youbknow how to make arrows. Hence, the hand made bow and arrows. Use nature around you to survive. If you know how and are skilled to do such things. No everyone will have this skill but they can always learn whenever.

    I know Xan. Looks like soon I'll haeve to think of something. Erm. :/ May take a little while but I'll try to hurry.
  18. I've an idea to move it along - if no one picks it up. Besides, it was a specific hook - a teenager. Maybe people want to play someone older or something.

    And maybe people will jump in after they see the banner, Moon. :}

    David and Ben might have to wait a little while. Hee.
  19. Ok - reread all the posts again.

    (And welcome back, Dragonixa!)

    The thread's off - our locations are confusing 0_o

    Ben and David are together - and David is making his way toward the farmhouse where 1 person is inside and another is knocking from the outside. Ben is basing what he's seeing from David's earlier observation. They could be far away from Emma Rose/Max and Markus - since David hasn't mentioned them specifically since meeting Ben.

    From what I've read:

    -Emma/Max is inside her cabin
    -Markus is coming out from A farmhouse.

    Emma's cabin is a day away from the farmhouse she got supplies from. This may or may not be the farmhouse Markus is inhabiting. Right now, however, Marcus and Emma/Max should be a day's travel away from one another so they can't be having that encounter.

  20. Yes I agree.

    The farmhouse Emma got food from was meant to be emptied from anyone. It was suppose to be one of her places. BUT if Dragonixa wants Markus to have been there at that farmhouse, it's fine with me.

    Also, I message Dragonixa and told him that if he wants to have Markus have that encounter with Emma then he needed to edited his post and make it to where Markus followed Emma to her cabin because that is where she is. And Markus could be the one knocking on her door. Since Markus is the age behind the door it would work. But Dragonixa has to edit for it to work.
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