(Open) Searching for 1x1 Romance.

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  1. Im Searching for a romantic Type rp, Please. I Can't play a male very well, So Im searching for someone who can play a male.
    A couple Ideas I have in Mind.
    • Arranged marrige (Name speaks for its self. Boy and girl are assinged an marriage agenst they're will. they have to learn to adapt to eachother, and try to get to know eachother, with out causing more fights.)

    • Kidnapping (Got hit in the head so bad, That you can't remember the person you were kidnapped with or anything that happened that week. Find a way out, then See if you can remember.)

    • School Mystery (Anything that would leave the students Dumbfounded. Such as murders, Unknown school lock down. Ect.)

    • Typical Highschool Experiance. (Basicly all the Drama, Romance, Heartbreak, Partys, anger, sadess in one. Ideas could come up more and more :) )

    And more we could come up with! I Am a type of person that can adapt to some situations. If you up for It, Comment so I know, then PM Me! ^^