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  1. Good afternoon!
    I'm DJae.
    First, though I'll have to warn you, dear reader, I may not be able to respond often, as my internet is iffy and I have no computer.
    Now, back to role playing things.
    I play either MxM (typically the submissive in a relationship) or FxM (I'm typically the submissive female in a relationship)
    I prefer anything but 1-liners, though I cannot keep up with multi-paragraph posts

    Now, I'm open to any plots you have, but here's my ideas (pm me if you want to know more about them):

    Doctor x Patient
    -A mental patient is moved to a new hospital. They were never shown respect, but now, this new doctor shows them respect. What happens?
    (Modern setting)

    Bodyguard x Client
    -A young person accident witnesses a crime. The criminal then swears revenge, and the young person is sent somewhere with a bodyguard under the witness protection program... (Modern setting)

    Guard x Traveler
    -A guard is standing on scouting duty at the edge of his kingdom when a traveler with strange abilities runs into him (literally). Illegal hunters are chasing the traveler, and the guard must decide to help the traveler or send them away. (Fantasy setting)

    Seer x Lost Soul
    A lost soul is wandering around, looking for someone to help them. They are stuck between worlds and they feel scared and alone. When a young person who can see spirits catches sight of them, several problems arise...

    Bolded characters are characters I would like to be. If none are bodded, I have no preference.

    And I'll add any others I think of.

    Thank you!
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  2. Hello! I'm interested in Hunter x Prey.
  3. Cool ^~^
    I kinda messed up, and the 'hunter' is supposed to be the guard that was mentioned, so I hope that doesn't really change anything...

    But anyway, which role do you prefer?
  4. That's alright with me! I would prefer to be the traveler but I can really play either role.
  5. Maybe I'll be interested in the Doctor and Patient or the Hunter X Prey but can the prey fight for himself.
  6. Yes, the prey can, but not against a large group of people (like the hunters)
    And it's mostly between the guard and the stranger ^^"
    Is there one you like more than the other?
  7. Y'ello @DJae Writer Chick! I've got to say that I'm interested in the Doctor X Patient story. May I be a dominant male doctor? Oh, and I was wondering if you're an Aggressive or Passive writer ( Aggressive meaning you take the lead of the plot and Passive meaning that you follow the lead of the other person.)
  8. That sounds perfectly fine by me ^~^
    I'm typically both, depending on where the story is. I can be aggressive, or passive, or both.
  9. Hiya! I'd be interested in HunterxPrey and BodyguardxClient
  10. sweet
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