(OPEN) Nightmare Squad: Because Hero's are Useless.

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  1. You have Heroes, you have Sidekicks, you have the Stand-ins, and Rejects.... this isn't about any of them... because we are going with people that are basically walking nightmares...

    In this day and age, superheros are not enough.... why are they not enough, because there are entities more powerful than our Heroes... and even our current Villeins... and since the majority of both don't want the world to end, have given up.... What we face are Demons, Gods, Beings above ore below what we understand...

    So how it is up to us those with the powers that no one wants to have... with powers so OP and Insane we were rejected from Hero and Badguy school.

    We also need Villeins and our Band of Misfit Saviors....

    Anyhow... Some General Guidelines.
    - 3 char limit.... if one of yours dies you can make another :3
    - No True Instant Death powers... you'll be surprised what you can live through.
    - Members of the Nightmare Squad can be Cute and Cuddly too :3
    - Might add more later.

    - Nightmare/Night Terror Squad -

    Ability Base: (What are your powers Based on?)
    Part god?:

    - God
    Element:(The thing they rule over)

    - Enemy -
    - God
    Element:(The thing they rule over) (Can't be life)

    Unique abilities:

    Current Cast:

    - Confirmed Nightmare Squad-
    Suzuku (Vengeful Spirit) - Zetophi
    Khain (Zero Goddess of Freedom) - Zetophi

    - Unknowns -
    Godsend(Goddess of Laws, and Ending Idols) - Kara

    - Confirmed Enemies -

    - Enemies (Invited honored Guests, make sure to leave a Profile boys) -
    @daemon_reaver : The God of War - ?????
    @daemon_reaver : Goddess of Death - ????
    @EddiEddi : Future and universe incarnate - Shiro
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  2. - Nightmare Squad-
    - Onryō/Vengeful Spirit -
    Name: "Adrasteia" Suzuka Karanami
    Age: 5498
    Gender: Female
    Ability Base: Inescapable Vengeance/Merciless Justice

    Personality: Vengeful, Mourning, Pissed off, Forlorn, Caring.
    Part God: She not a God, in fact she is a inescapable force of Vengeance that nether time, life/death, or the universe can stop, she carries out vengeance, revenge, and Avenges.
    - Swordsmanship
    - Needle Work
    - Skilled Medic
    - High Speed Combat style

    - NighRekillable: she is already dead, and it is harder to kill again something that is already dead... as she has unfinished business.
    - Present Living: She has no future as she lives at the now, meaning her attacks can't be predicted... and as Vengeance always comes... just like the future.
    - Shadow Walking: Suzuka can use the shadows, like they are doors to other areas.

    - Guilt aura: if one has sins on their soul, they will remember them, the more victims and kills, the worse this feeling is.
    - Blade Graveyard: Able to Summon the weapons of targeted foes victims/killed its numbers can vary from 1 to only said target can only guess. These blades are not limited to swords, but can be spears, scythes and the like. Again only limited by the number of victims/kills said target has. She can use these weapons in a high speed attack style.
    -- Blade rain: instead of just summoning weapons, she rains them down on her target, number of weapons is based on targets kill/victim count.

    - Needle storm: Uses acupuncture needles in bulk on opponent.

    - Saving Grace: A Counter to Dead Vengence that can't be stolen or copied, only Suzuka can perform this.

    - Forgiving Mercy: This attack wipes away sins, forgiveness... however if one is a Vial sinner, as in does it because they can kind of sinner, they are burned in fires that purify... not nearly as powerful as Dead Vengeance.

    - Dead Vengeance: A attack most foul, all the negative feeling of the victims/killed/wronged of the target are used in an attack, the more victims or kills of said target, even if they didn't directly kill them themselves, the more powerful this attack, if target survives, there is negativity forced into the target, encroaching on the targets body, consuming it, not just emotionally, and mentally, but physically too. This attack is Negative energy turned into an attack that affects all things.... only the purely innocent, who have not killed or wronged are left unphased by this attack.
    -- In addition to the base damage dealt by the victims/killed/wronged of the target, she can add her own hate, and malice... AS WELL as the full collective of the pain and torment of the evils performed on her, into the attack... which more than triple folds its power... the impact alone without the after effect is enough to kill most people... but since Priests, Hero's, and Deities are stronger than your average human... it is unfortunate that they will stuffer.
    --- In Addition to this, if said a victim/casualty had a lover, or family and said family also is enraged or was killed, the attack power is boosted by that as well... This attack deals damage of those who will never forgive their killer or those who brought harm to them.
    In short this attack is nothing short of vengeance, malice, and hate from all the wrongs the target ever committed, made into raw attack power and inflicted on the foe, as an attack that surpasses every
    ---- And if she wants to be a real jerk she can add in the sins you have committed, and will commit.

    - Sword made of Unserved Justice: Her sword is made of the only material l strong enough to withstand the full force of her Dead Vengeance... not that she needs the sword to use such an attack.
    - Acupuncture needles: Made of compressed energy.

    Suzuka is a Onryō a Vengeful Spirit... however how she was made, only the God of War, Queen of the Gods, and the Goddess of Death, know... it was akin to being raped, maimed, healed, and brutally tormented over and over, not allowed to die, and many many more unspeakable evils done to her... Death kept her in this world till War had his fun... the Queen provided a Priestess offering for the cause... but that, was a long long time ago, when the gods were not so civilized.

    Suzuka came from a different country, brought in basically as a slave, was 'enlisted' as a priestess of the Queen of the Gods, she was forced to take on the name of Adrasteia, because well, 'Suzuka' was a foreign name, and little miss Queen had to have a Priestess who had a pronounceable name in their language. As she grew older she became more beautiful, due to how beautiful she was, said Queen, gave her over to war, and death, for their own fun, since making a monster out of her, would be to easy for the ungrateful bitch.

    What little she knew of life was taken, twisted into a deep dark hell of living, for years, and years, she was raped, cut, beat, maimed, put back together, tormented, and tortured, along with many many things far worse. One day though she saw a man, this man saw her, and loved her, and War and Death, thought it would be nice to let her go, and have a small glimpse of light in her dark dark world, this man was then killed by the Queen, and then Suzuka was thrown back into her hell, the treatment was intensifier as punishment, which even death couldn't prevent her from dieing from...

    Her body was fed to War's hounds and so that should have been the end of that.

    It took her soul years to accept her new role and manifest, came back from the other side she did, not even the gates of Hell could hold her, once her mind was set, once the full gravity of those sins that the Gods, and other people had done impacted her. Now, back from hell, she wields her own hate, and pain, as well as that of every being that the gods ever wronged.... which is a freaking lot.

    - Kill/Victim/Wronged means: the number of people you have killed, and the number of people that have survived, and the people who hate you because you did something to ruin their lives... Like turn them into a monster, or rape them.

    - Most of her attacks are based on the number of wrongs/sins/kills a person has made, the innocent, who have only done good things, and never killed, or wronged people, are unaffected by most of her attacks.
    -- People who have basically lead armies, though not killing directly, still have the wrath of those who died on the field, as well as their victims to account for.
    --- She can add also the sins one will commit... also if one dodges her attacks, whatever is hit will suffer...
  3. Name: Marc Fugurashi
    Age: 17
    Gen: Male
    Ability Base: The essence of reality. ((See bleach for an example called reishi, basically energy that makes up the world around us, i can absorb it for attacks))
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Easygoing and fun when relaxed, but in combat is demented and tends to take lifes like they were candy
    Part god?: Yes, Son of Hades
    Kendo: Way of the sword
    Archery: Way of the bow
    Athletics: Way of running, jumping, and flipping without breaking bones that easily ((>:P))
    Taekwando: Weapons training, and hand to hand combat.
    Realize: He can take strands of memories called fragmented reality and sew them together to make a target realize something, this can be used as a hellish tactic to put someone into despair and kill themselves, or a well off tactic that can help people remember their past

    Reality fracture: Works on a similar basis as time freeze, It allows a ripple in reality that for a short time another form of that reality is accessible, for this time you disappear from your enemies sight and can attack them, they can still land attacks on you if they figure out your location.

    Aura shot: Summons a bow and arrow of light ((the essence of reality)) to attack the target with, causes burn and tear damage where it hits, if it strikes an organ or draws blood it can cauterize those veins leaving the opponent with a burning painful hole but they wont bleed out

    Aura sword: Similar to aura shot but summons a sword of light instead.

    Aura Focus: Allows the user to cloak his fists and feet in high density reishi ((The essence of reality)) to increase the power of his/her punches and kicks, causes burn damage, can inflict burns to the user if not handled properly.
    Gadgets/Gear: Just his clothes, a few syringes of painkillers, and some healing herbs.
    Legend: ((What the fuck is this for? im guessing bio?))

    - God
    Name: Hades
    Age: ?????
    Element: Fire ((Hell))
    Appearance: ((I dont have one yet))
    Kinks: Can only travel to earth via being summoned by his son, Is not allowed to have full power on earth, has been bound to hell by the gods with the exception of his son summoning him.
    Orientation: Greek mythology, Christianity, im sure theres a latin version of him, one of the three original gods that are found in almost every religion.
    Personality: Mostly easygoing, but can turn very devilish.
    Legend: ((again bio right?))

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  4. You want OP? Let me see what I can come up with. This shall be fun.
  5. Yay :3
  6. Name: Godsend (It's funny because it's a play on words)
    Age: 14.9 billion years
    Gen: Female
    Ability Base: Absolution
    Godsend is faceless and exists simply for the purpose of existing. That being said, she usually takes a form like this:
    This image may not work, so here's the url: http://file.anime.zoku-sei.com/6aa44550.jpg

    Godsend has a superiority complex. She views herself as being better than everyone else because frankly, she is. She has very little on her mind besides destruction.
    Part god?: No. Gods are weak and half-gods are weaker still.
    Using her powers to 100% effectiveness. She needs no further mortal talents.

    Absolutes: Abilities that are the strongest of their kind. No abilities exist that are stronger than the absolute form of the same ability, and no ability stronger than the absolute ever can exist. They are treated as rules of existence, rather than abilities, and are immune to non-absolutes that would try and interfere with them.

    Absolute Law: Godsend can declare laws which are written into the universe itself. Nothing is exempt from these laws and everything will experience them, including herself. Overrides all other abilities besides Absolute Irreversibility.

    Absolute Amortality: Godsend is immune to death in a similar way to the spirit of vengeance is. However, rather than simply being already dead, the laws of the universe physically prevent her from being destroyed. If she would be destroyed, she will regenerate instead.

    Absolute Existence: Godsend can control every limit of her own existence - including altering her own abilities. This cannot be used to alter her Absolute Abilities though.

    Absolute Irreversibility: The ability to prevent any event from being stopped, reversed or manipulated, by any and all means. Overrides all other abilities. Thus, even a law made by Godsend herself that said "Any action made by Godsend is instantly negated" would not be able to negate events caused by the actions of Godsend. Also functions like Absolute Attack when used in combat (Attacks made by Godsend cannot be blocked)

    Absolute Presence: Can be in any location she chooses, instantly, provided it is within reality.

    Absolute Deicide: If she touches a deity or the offspring of a deity, the deity will die instantly in the same way that a mortal will die if touched by Death.

    Normal-type abilities: (Can be altered at any time by Absolute Existence.)

    Godsend: An ability based upon Idol Theory, idolising herself. Conjures a black and silver flame which can take any form. This flame has a portion of the strength and abilities of Godsend herself.

    Gadgets/Gear: None.

    Legend: Godsend is not so much a legend as the conclusion of every legend. There comes a point where every god must die. Godsend exists to fulfill this purpose. She is a primal force of existence mirroring Death itself. She is essentially Death's coworker who deals with killing deities, while Death deals with mortals and non-deity supernaturals. She cannot bring harm to creatures that are not deities, and her attacks will have no effect on mortals. The same is true for other laws of existence. She can however, modify other laws of existence so that they lose all strength and become powerless ghosts who cannot interact even with other laws of existence.
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  7. - Nightmare Squad Patron deity -

    Name: Vizublin Frealkhain 'Khain'
    Gen: Female
    Age: Since before.
    Zero (God/Goddess of): perspective, uncertainty, Freedom, bondage.




    - Perspective Manipulation:
    The user is able to manipulate all perspectives about everything. Since everything, including reality itself is based upon one's perspective, this power can essentially create a new being, or denies the existence of a being. All the concepts like time, space, causality, (and so on) exist only because they are perceived to exist.
    Perspective is what links the image of an object to the object itself, and so by touching what one sees, one can touch the object itself - thus, it is possible to hold a distant mountain in the palm of one’s hand. Perspective allows a single drop of rain to fill an entire ocean, or an entire ocean to be held in a cup. Through perspective, ten thousand things can become one, intent can become action, and something unseen can cease to exist entirely. With a subtle shift of perspective, it becomes possible to crack the earth with a single finger, or to pluck the glowing disc that is the sun from the sky.
    In a practical sense, manipulating Perspective is to impose a specific understanding onto reality. By considering the nature of something to be different, it becomes different, by considering things to be the same, they become the same. Despite being a seemingly straightforward power, it connects to all things, and there is nothing beyond the reach of this power.
    As the possible effects of this power are limited only be the wielder's imagination, it is impossible to list all of its potential applications.

    - Uncertainty Manipulation:
    User rules over the realm of uncertainty, manipulating everything that lies beyond their perception, turning uncertainty into the certainty of their choosing. In short, what isn't immediately perceived at a given moment can be anything they choose.

    - Freedom/Bondage Manipulation:
    In all senses, concepts, and meanings of the words, Free, Bound, Chained, Unchained, Open, Closed, Unrestricted, Restricted. The user has power over this, Freedom is theirs to command, and as such they can Bind as well... able to free and bind all things... even themselves if needed. A power that Defies Omnipotent beings... as they are only Cannon Fodder to such a being... and unruly children need to be punished.

    Personality: She is a kind Goddess, but can be firm on matters
    Khain is the Mother of 'All Of' in terms Anyone below said level can understand, Everything, and she came 'before' as well, she is the mother of all the Zeros, and the Titans, Gods, Lovecraft things, Ect, down to Humans and their Petty Ideals of Embodying something they shouldn't.
    She is the Universal Law of Freedom, because even if one doesn't have the freedom to leave a place, they are free to move inside of that space, free to breath, free to twitch, or not... we know how it goes.

    She is the one who put the Nightmare Squad together... to make sure the balance was upheld.
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