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You opening this has no special effect other than making me happy because, unfortunately, this is not Wonderland( or Dungeons and Dragons).

But since you have opened this thread, allow me to introduce myself..

Hello! My name, as is obviously displayed with my profile picture, is Zella.~

A few things I'd like to make mention of, some of which are rules, so I ask that you please read this next section all the way through so you can know if we are not compatible right before we even try. If I come up with plots or pairings, they will be added either at the bottom of this thread or in the comments if I think of then later on. You're welcome to respond by sending me a private message or posting here.

° I am looking for RP partners, if I find a few people I get along with and enjoy talking to on the way, this wouldn't hurt my feelings.

° I am looking for partners who generally play male characters, I'm still not exactly confident enough to play one myself. Should I happen to get a long term partner from this, that may change if you're willing to bear with me while I practice.

° Some would consider me a "Grammar Nazi", but I am a nice one. ^°^

° I am generally online on and off throughout the day on weekdays, though I usually slow down a lot after around 5 o'clock or so. Sundays I may be able to do one or two replies, but don't count on it. Saturdays are iffy.

° I prefer at least one good detailed paragraph. I'm not ridiculous about your length being really long, but I prefer detail. I need something to work off of. My own length generally depends on my interest level or the scenario, or what you give me to work with.

° I do enjoy romance in my RPs, and is what I'm currently looking for. This does not mean the RP has to be solely based on the romance.

° I like talking with my RP partners outside of roleplay.

° I'm not big on explicit language myself, I don't mind if you use it, but preferably not every other word or with every other sentence.

° As far as the mature aspect, I am willing to write it out with you, but I don't generally do "porn without plot", and I think more than three or four posts back and forth for one scenario is a little overdoing it to me, although that also has its exceptions.

° Not huge on yiffy. Neko is okay, but I don't really do full on fur, and I don't like scaly things.

° **I love d&d**

° I like these genres:
~ Fantasy***
~ Low Fantasy/Modern Fantasy**
~ Romance**
~ Modern/Slice Of Life*

° I am not a big fan of these:
~ Horror (only aspects of it, I'm very picky about entire RPs based on it.)
~ Sci-fi (Requires a ridiculously interesting plot for me to even consider it.)
~ Survival
~ Fandom (unless it's loosely based)

° Mature and non mature dislikes/likes:

< Anything that goes in the toilet*******
< Feet*******
< Anal***(it just freaks me out/scares me a little, don't ask.)
< High School in One x Ones*

Likes(This DOES NOT mean it's necessary in my roleplays):
> Foreplay
> Rough/Being Dominated(though I will occasionally play more aggressive females)
> Tentacles (Leave me alone, this is my likes, not yours.)
> Biting/Scratching/Rough
> Gentle Romantic

Things I'm Curious About Trying/Haven't Tried But Want To:
- Two males (can be either another player or one with two characters, but nothing with each other.)
- Rape/Forced
- Brother x Sister

{This is all I can think of right now, if anything changes, I will edit or make it appoint to add notes, pairings, and plots in the comments. Thanks for opening and taking the time to read any or all of this.~}
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I'm interested. Just sent you a message.
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