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  1. Hey guys! LittleGhost here and I am looking for some people to roleplay with! Uhm so yeah that's about it! xD Let us get on to the things!

    How I Roleplay:

    • -I reply several times a day and at least once a day, but I'm usually on all day, so I'd prefer someone who can reply often.
    • I've been working on extending my writing to paragraphs but I'm starting to be able to write longer paragraphs and maybe more.
    • -I like hearing other peoples roleplay plots and using theirs! I have a few of my own ideas but I love working with new things! So feel free to lay some plots on me!!
    • I mostly play female characters because I barely play males. That and it's easier for me
    • I DON'T LIKE USING ANIME FOR MY CS. Don't ask why, I just like using real pictures

    What I like:
    • -I looooove romance in my RP's. It's an absolute have. But not all romance.
    • -I absolutely love reading over everything we write so if you can be detailed and try to right long paragraphs. I love reading!
    • -I haven't really tried any type of roleplay other than romance and a little bit of fantasy, so I'm completely open to anything. I'm not picky with my roleplays.
    • Mythical creatures. Mermaids. Romance. Magic
    • Fantasy!!!
    • Victorian Era
    The ones that are bolded are the parts I'd rather play. If both are bolded, then I don't care
    Stars (*) are my ratings as far as what I want to play the most 1 being eh kinda and 5 being OMG I WANT IT!!!
    Strike-through means that I'm already doing that one enough, but I wanna keep them for references

    OnexOne Plots

    The Tracks *** [FxF] [MxF]
    Muse A and Muse B are part of a tight-knit group of friends who are daredevils. Every Friday night the group gets together in search of their next big thrill. Their favorite pastime is partying on the train tracks on the border of their humble town. There’s nothing quite like the rush of feeling the hard, metal tracks vibrate underneath them as the train comes barreling around the bend. Sometimes they run alongside the train as it rushes by and jump on, hitching a ride to the next town over. Sometimes they climb to the top of the train and jump off into the town’s reservoir for a late night swim. One night, the gang’s party unexpectedly gets broken up by the cops and everyone scatters. Muse A andMuse B head off in the same direction, but Muse A is the one who gets nabbed. It turns out that the police have been monitoring the tracks following reports of delinquent behavior in the last month. As hard as they push Muse A to identify their friends, Muse A refuses to cooperate and they end up taking the fall alone. Muse A is sentenced to a short term in jail and Muse B is the only friend that takes the risk to visit. Muse A and Muse B’s bond grows exponentially over the course of the sentence, developing into something deeper than friendship.

    One True Pair**** [FxF] [MxF]
    Muse A and Muse B are the school’s ultimate “one true pair.” Why is that? It’s because they’re always casted as love interests in every theatrical performance. Whether it’s the main characters or side characters, it is so apparent that they both have chemistry.
    However, neither Muse A or Muse B are together, they’re actually really close friends.
    One day, Muse B comes to Muse A saying that they have to move away and that the next production is their last. After hearing the news, Muse A reaches a revelation… They’re not acting when they spend their time with Muse B.
    Will Muse A be able to get their feelings across before it’s too late?

    Joy Ride **** [FxF] [MxF]
    Muse A has been sheltered for most of their upbringing, coddled by loving but overprotective parents well into their teenage years. They’ve yet to experience most of the milestones that their same-age peers take for granted, like attending a school dance or getting their driver’s license. The only time that Muse A isn’t under the watchful eye of their parents is when they’re at school and even then, they’re under strict orders to come straight home once that dismissal bell rings. Muse B hasn’t resided with a parent/guardian since they were legally able to live on their own. They didn’t come from a nurturing environment, not even close, but they’re not looking for a pity party about it. Muse B fends for themselves in this world and they’ve earned a bit of a reputation for snubbing their nose at authority at every opportunity.
    Muse A encounters Muse B one afternoon as they’re making their way to the bus. Muse A can’t help but stare with envy as Muse B mounts their motorcycle—able to ride off whenever and wherever they please. Muse B catches Muse A staring and they offer Muse A a ride. Muse A accepts, hastily snatching up their first little taste of freedom.

    Million Dollar Marriage *** [FxF] [MxF]
    Muse A and Muse B have just been cast to participate in the most popular game show on TV. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, since the prizes are always amazing for anyone who finishes the game. And the premise is simple, it’s a live version of Truth or Dare; all Muse A and Muse B have to do is complete all of the rounds! Simple enough, or so they both think until the final round. A million dollar prize is offered if Muse A agrees to exchange wedding vows with the mysterious Muse B, whose identity is concealed behind a silhouetted curtain. The condition is that Muse A and Muse B must stay married for one full year to keep the money. Young and in a considerable amount of debt, Muse A and Muse B go for it and agree to get hitched on live TV. When the curtain is pulled back, Muse A’s face falls in shock. Muse B is all too familiar. Muse A has vivid memories of Muse B bullying them in school, years ago. Muse B doesn’t recognize Muse A right away, but senses that Muse A isn’t happy to see them. The wedding proceeds and after the show’s over, Muse Aand Muse B must work through their issues if they want to keep that million dollar prize. Along the bumpy road of getting to know each other again, the pair realize that they’ve both changed a lot since high school. But have they both changed enough for real feelings to develop?

    Summer House*** [FxF] [MxF]
    A group of friends decide to rent a beach house together for one month of summer. Due to a terrible thunderstorm on the day that everyone is supposed to arrive, only Muse A and Muse B show up on the first afternoon. Weather conditions become so poor that the roads are closed and the rest of their friends aren’t able to make it until the storm clears up (2 days later). On their own for the first weekend, Muse A and Muse B bond, exploring the house, cooking together, talking until morning, eventually giving in to a strong physical attraction between them the night before everyone else arrives. (Both Muse A and Muse B are single and ready to spend the summer indulging in their steamy fling.)

    Plots for 3 or more people
    I'm (Not) With The Band
    Muse A and Muse B are in a long-distance relationship. Muse B is a musician, who’s just been signed to a record label and has begun their first national tour. Muse A is Muse B’s #1 fan and high school sweetheart, who’s counting down the days until Muse B returns to their hometown. Though they talk over video chat and texting almost every day, it’s just not the same as them being in the same room together. After the first month apart, Muse B’s chats are getting shorter and Muse A’s calls go to their voicemail more frequently. It makes Muse A nervous, especially because of fan photos Muse A sees posted up on Muse B’s band page every couple of days. When one particularly suspicious photo of a fan kissing Muse B surfaces and Muse A can’t get a hold of Muse B for an explanation, Muse A is heartbroken, assuming the worst. Enter Muse C, who’s Muse B’s best friend and next door neighbor to Muse A. When Muse C encounters Muse A, someone they’ve secretly cared for as more than friends, crying on the porch over Muse B’s questionable behavior, Muse C sees the opportunity they’ve been waiting for. Muse C offers themselves as a shoulder to cry on for Muse A, purposely fanning the flames of Muse A’s suspicion and hurt to encourage Muse A to forget about Muse B and open their eyes to what’s right in front of them – a person who’d never ever betray their trust and would treat their heart with the respect it deserves. Muse A gradually listens to Muse C and a relationship begins to blossom between the two of them.
    What’ll happen when Muse B has a break between tour dates and makes a surprise visit home to Muse A?
    • Muse D - the band manager’s son/daughter, who travels on the tour bus - is romantically interested in Muse B and was the one in the photo Muse A saw.
    Moving Day
    It’s moving day for Muse A and Muse B, best friends since primary school who’ve finally saved up enough to rent their own apartment in a nice part of the city. Fully embracing their independence, the excited pair decide to move their stuff without the assistance of a professional moving company. The roomies’ plans go awry when their couch gets lodged in the apartment doorway, blocking entrance into their box-cluttered place and access to the other side of the hall. Muse A and Muse B try every trick up their sleeve to get the couch to budge, but they’re not successful. Muse C and Muse D, renters on the other side of the hall, encounter their struggling neighbors at the top of the steps (and the hunk of furniture obstructing their path). Muse C and Muse D offer assistance and eventually manage to get the couch into the apartment.
    Grateful, Muse A and Muse B invite their friendly neighbors over. Muse A and Muse C are flirtatious from the get-go, while Muse B and Muse D can’t help but roll their eyes at their respective roommates. Muse A and Muse C rush into a fling based on their physical attraction to one another, but they end up having terrible chemistry once the deed is done. It’s very awkward and sometimes even tense between them when they bump into the other in the hall. Muse B and Muse D, however, develop a genuine liking for one another that seems like it might turn into something more over time. In the meantime, they take great pleasure in forcing their discordant roommates together every chance they get.

    Expanding Horizons
    Muse A has always been the scholarly sort, super focused on their academics. They’ve blazed through primary grades with perfect marks and because of their stellar GPA through secondary grades, Muse A has been granted the opportunity to study at a prestigious university abroad for their first year.Muse A is excited for the honor but also really nervous because they’ve never set foot outside of their hometown; actually, they barely ever spend time outside of their own home. It’s their comfort zone and they’ve never felt that necessary motivation to leave it. And now they’re expected to spend two semesters on the other side of the world, surrounded by unfamiliar people and places! Muse B is also studying abroad through the same program and they have a similar, introverted personality to Muse A’s. While bonding in their shared dorm between classes, Muse A and Muse B discover the blog of an introverted person who documented their resolution to do something out of their comfort zone every night for one year. Muse A and Muse B decide to do the same thing and make this year abroad a truly memorable experience.
    Optional: This could be a group plot for multiple muses.
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  2. I like the summer house idea
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