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  1. hello there all so here is what's gong on. I haven't rped in FOREVER due to school and i'm dying too. PM or post here if interested.

    I have several idea's non of which are in concrete and non of which ahve a plot outlining them yet.

    Dragon ball Z

    for canons

    Vampire x werewolf

    Sci-fi meetst Medieval

    And other ideas

    I'm looking mostly for Yuri pairings but i can do a straight one as well if need be. we can double I am capable of writing up to five characters at a time well. I am listed in smut club if you want to ad a smutty feel to it i'm MORE than happy too. in fact i almost desire it. So hit me up thanks all
  2. How about a Yuri roleplay with a vampire and werewolf? That could be interesting...
  3. I'm up for anything. The Naruto one we could do a Yuri. Message me with your idea's, questions, etc.