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  1. The roleplay site I used to use is kind of dying off and I'm having issue changing over because I'm shitty at getting into the swing of things. Silver lining: I'm pretty rp starved and thus adaptable.

    • I'm online most days at least breifly most times of the day.
    • Central Standard Time
    • I consider myself a good writer.
    • I've been rping for a few years now, but mostly in the same place, so I may be unfamiliar with how things are done.
    Things I Prefer:
    • Original Roleplays
    • "Powered Individuals" be it superheroes or just people who happen to have abilities.
    • Serious roleplays
    • Low Fantasy/Hard Science Fiction
    • More than a paragraph a post and I'm not going to be as responsive as I'd like.
    • I've recently had issue with "zany" characters, hence my preference for seriousness.
    • I apparently feel the need to list my shortcomings.
  2. I am trying to start a High Fantasy roleplay: The War of Celandine: A Saga Reborn. If you think that you might be interested in one of the positions, then please let me know via the signup thread or PM. Thank you!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.