open for ideas

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  1. I'm courtney. I'm new to roleplay and I am up for anything. My post are short right now but I am willing to learn.

    If you have any ideas run them by me.

    Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!

    p.s It might take me a while to post because my job has me on call at all times.
  2. LOL! Your name says courtney, but your gender says male. Welcome to Iwaku, first of all! Second of all, what are some specific roles that you could see yourself falling into? I typically play the secondary hero character who is broken to the point of insanity. Most of my characters have MAJOR flaws. Like a demigod of chaos who can't get it up without something chaotic happening.

    If you're still looking for a good story to participate in and you're a good story writer, here's a link to an rp that I'm trying to get going:

    Enjoy! Get back to me on your thoughts!