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  1. Hello everyone! I am by no means a drawer, but I do love to write! I put my all into what I write and I think that it would be a good exercise for me to try to expand my writing prowess. I warn you, I am currently a college student, and there may be gaps in between when I can get your work to you and such, but I will work as quickly and diligently as I can on the matter. It will be on first come first served basis, and I will create a wait list. Right now I have slots open to write one shots or short stories. I will do erotica as long as it is tasteful (e.g. not child pornography) and I will do other sorts of stories besides just romance. Lengths may vary, but I will try to at least get one going two to three pages for each person. I will do it for OCs, but I need a form filled out about personalities and such, and if I am knowledgeable enough on the topic, I may do something involving a canon character in a show, or another such person. You'll just have to ask! Thank you all! Also! They will be posted on my Deviantart page.
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  2. Would you rather we post our requests here or on DeviantArt?
  3. Either place is fine. I'm more familiar with site workings here though.
  4. I have a request! Kinda >.> um..... Imma get back to you on that one so I know how to say it better XD
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  5. So, what would you like us to have in our request besides information on characters? Are there writing requests that you have done before?
  6. I have some but they're from years ago, as for that, just whatever info you wanna give me then I ask questions if I get confused along.
  7. Would it be possible to check those out before I ask for a request? Or some story writing you've recently started or are doing?
  8. Soon as I get my first request done, I will link you. Deal?
  9. Whatever suffices. (:
  10. Would asking for a short story of some sort about a female 'sherlock holms' solving a crime and finding out that the criminal is the real sherlock be asking too much......? *pulling ideas out of the 1st grade reject book*
  11. Well, when I say years ago, I am talking about middle school years ago lol. I'm in college now.
  12. Okie then! I'll just have that be my request then. If you wish for specifics about anything at all, just use the pm we have
  13. As in my writing was shit then lol
  14. Well like I said, whatever suffices, be it from back then, a recently started story, or a story you're doing (i.e. working on). In this case, the last two. So, whatever suffices is good enough for me.
  15. Some sort of short story involving a pillowheaded monster as the antagonist and a young, thirteen year old boy named Josh would be super cool, if that works.

    Also, mind if you send me the request via conversation for convenience? Thanks.
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  16. That sounds interesting.
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  17. lol, I wanna read that one when its done