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  1. So with one week left to go most people have some sort of schedule to work with now to see if they can join the Podcast come October 3rd 12pm Central. (1pm eastern, 11am mountain, 10am western) I'm looking for a group of new people to converse with and generally give something Iwaku would enjoy. Run time is anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour depending on how talkative everyone is. Also don't be afraid to share them stories, I'll love to delve into MS Paint again.

    So currently I have quite a few seats that are open and I'll list them below as they are taken. Thanks for all your guys support on the first one and hope the second one will be to your liking as well.

    Seat 1:
    Seat 2:
    Seat 3:
    Seat 4:
    Seat 5:
  2. I'll be available since I'll be on vacation.
  3. Let's get some new folks in here!

    I am free in the event of open spots though. So would be happy and free to partake in that case though.
  4. Just two days. I really would like some new faces but so far nothing.

    There are no real requirements other than a mic. So if you want to join us for an hour to have some fun and talk let me know your skype name and we'll add ya. Remember October 3rd 12pm central.