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  1. For those of you interested in taking a look at the premise, you might read the interest check thread.


    ([ Objective ])
    This thread exists to prepare — and perhaps, later, maintain — the metaroleplay, and also to facilitate the discussion and finalization of its nature.

    Many points of discussion will be purely based upon the preferences of the players here; however, as some subjects may require the weighing of merit one way or another, input from nonparticipating members on Iwaku is also welcome.

    In addition to the checklist, there may be other subjects worth discussing. If something felt critical hasn't been added to the checklist, by all means — please — do point it out!
    ([ Checklist ])
    Party Size
    Players: 5–7; characters: 5+.​

    Posting Density
    A couple of paragraphs a day.​

    Character Portraits
    Text descriptions, face claims, graphic art?​

    Character Anatomy
    Realistic, anime, anthropomorphic, varied?​

    Posting Medium
    Forum, chat?​

    Character Interaction
    Pre-existing hostility, coalitionary tendencies, romantic tension, et cetera.​

    Canonical Elements
    Science fiction, futuristic society, the nature thereof.​

    Progressing Elements
    Social implications, consequences of characters' presence, plot, et cetera.​

    Defining Elements
    Genre; presence of action, mystery, drama, et alia.​

    So, let's begin!

    On the nature of character descriptions: Do we wish to represent them via text, photography, graphic art, or something else?

    My personal habit is text-based descriptions, which allows me to play with things other than mere appearance, though it could be argued that this can be felt to be pedantic and often inefficient.

    Invisible tag list: AAB, Dragonized~Glory, Lucifers Sairen
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  2. I would like photographs or artwork for the character images, not text or anime. For anatomy I vote for realistic.
    My post density is approximately two paragraphs, sometimes one or three. I think once-a-day frequency is good.
    A chat medium could be different; I have no preference on that point.
    I think each player should arrange their character's relational histories with all other characters, probably after the initial character sheets are offered.
  3. For the description of the characters I'd like text to be the main thing and if possible to do so post an image (or 2 or 5 even) that closely resembles the look of your character. I'd like these images to be anime considering we RP to break free from a realistic sense of life.
    On the topic of character sheets I believe it would be better to leave out the bio/history section completely
  4. I don't like anime, but if anime is used there will need to be some sort of database of images to choose from. Otherwise I will not be able to supply an image.

    "Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It's a way of understanding it."
    -Lloyd Alexander

    We cannot leave out the history section! This is a group of people who have a history together. We need to know which used to be closer, who missed whose birthday party, who stole whose boyfriend, which was the most popular...stuff like that. Leaving everything open-ended and vague will lead to vague, open-ended posts.
    That reminds me: how old are these people? I've been imaging them as having known each other since elementary school.
  5. I would place these guys at the age of 23-25 if their friendships ended when they were in high school and went to different colleges or if they even went to college.

    If were going to have their history then we have to collaborate on part of it. That way we know why someone hates, crushes or even ignores one another and when it all started.

    For pictures I'm not sure about which to go with, but would we need pictures of them when they were younger?
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  6. The intention, though not necessarily set in stone, was that their unity was recently compromised. The exact nature of their animosity is thus not yet defined, and though it would be sensible not to explicitly describe it, yet, I am in agreement with AAB and Sairen with regard to the need for a preordained history of their relationship. Of course, there's no need to write out the entire biography of each character, but it is worthy of note the history they all share with each other.

    Part of my plan for the earlier arcs was to put the characters through the classic drama associated with handling their various issues with each other in the face of shared adversity; one piece of that drama was pinning down the exact nature of their disagreements and prejudices — though I think we should have an idea of who is upset with whom, I feel it would be prudent to avoid delineating the explicit problems until such time as the characters investigate them for themselves. This allows us to have a general direction to work with without completely fixing the path we take.

    As for appearance representation, I wonder how uniform we-all would prefer the imagery; if it's not too much of an eyesore to have variation in the style of character visages, perhaps our different preferences can be resolved via personalization in that regard. Though the characters were born centuries before the day of the first scene, I had imagined that they were preserved by Science! (we'll get into that later) not long after the time of death, which I had in my head to be around their young adult years — anywhere from twenty to thirty. Refining that range is certainly a reasonable course of action.

    With regard to the anime imagery option, if we take that route, there are a number of websites open to tagged searching which can be found on most web searches. I find that it's fairly intuitive to find what you're looking for, if you have an hour to kill looking for the right one. It's not unlike picking out a face claim.
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  7. Never in my presence do that again
  8. Disconcerting miscommunications aside, let's recapitulate:

    • There are mixed feelings regarding text-based description and anime both.
    • Consensus is that imagery is best represented with images.

    • Stated opinions regarding pre-roleplay content are also mixed.

    Any clarifications in response to this or my above reply?
  9. Hi. Sorry I lost the thread for a while. Forgot the link was in my inbox. Aniway what's the character sheet gonna look like? If you wish I have a good one that may help
  10. Right now, that's exactly what we're discussing. We need to decide what content is both appropriate and desirable for all of us, lest I set up something too convoluted or over-simplified. In addition, we need to find consensus regarding the nature of our characters and similarly their representation, or otherwise choose to allow for variety — which may be something that is actually less desirable, depending on one's preferences.
  11. Here is one I set up. If its good use it. If its not tweak it.
    Show Spoiler
    Character Identity Information








    Physical Appearance



    Eye Colour:

    Hair Colour:

    Physical Description:

    Personality, Traits and Abilities

    General Overview:

    Strengths, Skills and Abilities:


    Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams):

    Hobbies and Interests:

    Sexual Orientation:

    Extra Information






    Criminal Record:


  12. I think that one could work quite well. It has a lot of sections.
  13. What are you talking about. Lot of sections pffft. Its got a lot of everything \o.o/
    Glad you like it! ^^
  14. As I understand them, character sheets serve the dual purpose of archiving a character for other players' reference and of directing in-depth character creation — as, even with a preconceived idea in mind, character sheets are a large influence on how a character is rendered. Biographical details, relevant history, and delineations and explanations of the many, various aspects of their personality are just a few of what to me are the most important subjects in the context of a social roleplay. This not only aids in guiding our character creation process, but gives other players something to work with as they improvise histories and relationships with other characters.

    What worries me about this potential form is that it enumerates various traits at the expense of more integral descriptions of a character's — well — character. Though some of these could be relevant in the context of a social roleplay, these collectively come across to me as mundane, thus distracting a player from the key aspects of their character as they fill the form out.

    The depth with which we go into these details will likely depend on how cohesive we are as we discuss characters in a vague sense — getting the main subgroups put together before we bother to get too far into character development (later, when the character sheets are written, I imagine it would be an opportune time to find any incidental subgroups that may logically have already developed as a result of various facets of our characters). If our collective understanding of each other's character is fairly uniform, it follows that character sheets have more a secondary role of archival — while otherwise more verbose descriptions may be necessary.

    Of course, if popular opinion is elsewhere, perhaps I need to reconsider my position. ;3
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  15. ([Update])
    Just in case anybody was wondering, we're still alive and kicking; the apparent stall is just while one of us is out of town, so we'll be right back! :3
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  16. Now that everyone is back and still kicking, should we try and figure out what type of photos to use as out characters or go to a different subject?
  17. For the sake of peace within the realm I think we should not use photos but rather use detailed CS and leave the picture up to everyones imagination so if you want to imagine it realistic/anime nobody can/will stop you but keep to yourself which you use
  18. That may be better to do since we can't agree on what type of picture.
  19. Yes and if I am correct I did post a rather well thought out sheet in here
  20. I looked at the Cs you posted a while back and it's well thought out. If we use it then we shouldn't have a problem with characters. If they want to add something to it they can I suppose.
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