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  1. Heya, how you doing? I'm Kestrel, a 20-something college student with about 7 years of RP experience under my belt, though pretty much alla that is group RP's. As the section I've posted this in suggests, I'm looking for someone to join me in having a go at a 1x1. And with that short intro out of the way, let's cut right to the chase. Here's a couple things about me and some about what I'm looking for from you.

    About Me
    • I post weekly. I am a very chaotic person and may deviate from that schedule. If I'm delayed beyond a day or two I'll try to let you know.
    • I try to write what's relevant, so post length may vary. Two paragraphs and up, I'd say.
    • I am not my character. If you're wondering why the hell I would post something this obvious; thank you, you're the best. If not; please be aware the views and actions of my characters do not always represent my own.
    • While I can be flexible with the sex and orientation of my characters, I am not one for forced or planned romance. You may make requests and if there's IC chemistry; cool. But if it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out.
    • I love worldbuilding, which usually leads me to needing to keep notes. Expect lots and lots of ideas when my head gets around it.
    • I'm not that familiar with the 1x1 format, heck this is the first partner search thread I've ever made, so bear with me if I don't know all the usual etiquette and terminology.
    • I have a tendency to give straight answers. tl;dr I can be blunt.

    • Communication. Dead horse, I know, but if you're not telling me what's up, I'm not going to spam your inbox to post. If you have exams, work overtime, whatever, I'll totally understand. Hell, even if you just got yourself a new videogame or got dragged to a bar, I'm a fairly laid-back kinda guy. Just be up-front about it.
    • Likewise, if something about the RP is bothering you, let me know. Clear communication is likely to save the both of us a headache. I'm not gonna be judge you if you get bored with an RP, but I will dislike it if you don't tell me about it.
    • I'm working with adept posting expectations and above. Get some meat on them posts, work out those red wrinkly lines, take an active part in the story, you know the drill. Put in a little effort. Basic stuff.
    • Challenge me. Contest me. I don't want a passive partner. I want someone to go on an adventure with. I want you to add to this roleplay. Be it plot, be it world building, be it characters, be it all the above. Don't make me write this alone.
    • A certain degree of realism. Sure you might have fire magic or be a vampire or whatever, just... Don't jump off a skyscraper and expect to live.
    • A certain degree of maturity. Members with a sense of both decency and humour preferred. I would like to explore some darker and mature themes, but only if we can do so with class.

    If you think we could be a match, great. Read on! I got a resume handy for a quick overview, so if you have an idea you'd like to pitch that fits within these borders, hit me up. Alternatively, here's a couple things I got in mind;


    Wisdom for Deaf-Mutes
    Post-apocalyptic | Survival | Mutants | Dark Themes


    Was it the invasion, the wars we fought amongst our selves, or divine retribution? What exactly ended the world as we knew it is heavily debated still, but the flood of changes it brought to our daily lives is undeniable. Most of humanity has gone up in fire, reducing our population to but a handful of survivors. The skies flickered green with radiation and abominations we never dared imagine roam the ghost towns of urban jungles. Food is a limited resource, as most natural provisions we once relied on are dead, poisonous or climbed the foodchain to tower above us. Humanity fights over canned leftovers and basic supplies. The most powerful man is quite literally the one with the largest fridge. Power is unevenly distributed, in a lawless world ruled by violent syndicates whom barricade their selves from the outside world in their underground domes. Drug abuse is rampant and the people turn to vile methods to try and forget about their sorrow. The need to survive trumps the morals our kind once held so high and many turn to methods that they wouldn't have dreamed of before society's fall from grace.

    Our story is about one of those methods. Our protagonists will take the role of the transporters, who play the middle man between both the syndicates and smaller organisations out in the wastelands. They must ensure safe transactions, deal with dangerous parties and travel treacherous roads. One day they might transport food, the other alcohol or weapons, or even living beings. We don't question our cargoes or what the world has become, we just try to stay alive in it.

    Further Details

    One of the oldest forms of entertainment has risen in popularity. Man and monster are pitted against one another in gladiatorial games. Games that are employed to maintain order and inspire fear within the underground domes. Most characters in this roleplay will be mutated one way or another. Some mutations can be employed to survive, think enhanced senses or camouflaged skin, but almost any of them come with detrimental side-effects and can affect a person's sanity quite heavily. Rule of thumb being, the stronger your power, the greater the weakness. Massive muscle growth may put stress on your bones; making them more brittle. Hulking juggernauts will be unable to properly pick up a cup without dislocating their wrist. Enhanced vision may make your character extra sensitive to bright light. Etcetera. Also. All of these are physical powers, no spell-casting and espers allowed.

    Animals and plants have also been affected, becoming dangerous and unpredictable. We can go absolutely wild with this and because they're not PC's we can be a little looser with restrictions. This roleplay will focus on surviving in a world where most threats are bigger than us. Multiple characters over the course of the RP would be encouraged, as death lurks around every corner. We'd make a small company, travelling the world with dangerous cargoes and just trying to make a living... In circumstances seemingly too large to change. Of course, besides just the company characters we will also split roles like 'cargo' and contractors and any other ideas that may come up.​

    Seeking New Gods
    Fantasy | Quest | Character Growth | Mythical Creatures


    Our homes and lives were once simple. Hard-working folks, living of the lands and seas. For centuries our people were isolated, living peaceful lives cut off from the world under the protection of our deities... Until we began to long for more. We became inventive, we desired to see our communities grow. So we picked up hatchet to claim land from the forest, sword and spear to conquer lands from our neighbours. Yet little did we know, our ambitions would lead to our demise.

    We forwent our divine protection by disrespecting the lands they ruled over. Our thirst to expand was in conflict with the will of our guardians. One by one, they left us. We were no longer protected from disease, famine and misfortune. For the first time in centuries, our farmers reaped poor harvests and the fish fled our nets. We learned of locusts, wolves and learned how ravens and gulls could carry disease. Bewildered, our people prayed for the gods to return, but to no avail. Not knowing what to do, our people were lead to commit a taboo. Step into the realm of the gods.

    Young men and women were tasked to set onto a quest to wander outside of their homes. Past their towns lies an uncharted wilderness, only described in legend and myth. They will not know what they will find there, but it is the one place they can turn to, as they begin their search for new gods.

    Further Details

    This is a story about characters starting out fairly mundane, farmers, fishermen, small-time hunters maybe, going out on a quest to save their birthplaces from starvation. The races we can play may be varied, allowing us to play as humans, elves, sea-gull people who build their nests in the rocks, etc. But their lifestyles have been fairly mundane and this reflects in their skills. They will wander into a natural maze occupied by giant, stocky owl-men, gnomes and fae that turn to stone at day, or even creatures that exists in different planes simultaneously, where all those cut off by their gods wander... For who knows how many years. Will we find new guardians? Will we even survive this crazy wild world? Only we can tell this story.​

    Pearls from the Deep Sea
    Colonial Era Fantasy | Swashbuckling | Marine Setting | Meeting of Worlds


    In a world, where borders are fading in the face of a thriving trade, hundreds of ships set sail across the ocean. Wealth builds and drives empires, whereas others simply fall. There is a great gap between the rich and the poor, but as the tides brew there is the opportunity for all the charts the seas and make a fortune on deck. One of those... Is capturing a mermaid.

    One of the fiercest foes of the imperial economies is the mermaid. Many ships that venture off-route find their selves in merfolk territory, from which two ships have ever escaped. The first was when a captain, whom had been missing for years, paddled his way back to a port city. The man had a story to tell unlike any other. He brought with him a sailor's tale, one of beautiful women whose bodies were covered in beautiful scales and a long tail instead of legs. Their songs were so enticing, his crew would jump off-board only to be dragged below the ties; never to be seen again.

    The camps were divided on his tale, but one day, a young pirate with a mad crew decided to try test their luck and found the mermaids... They stuffed their ears and manned their selves with spears, nets and magic... Eventually managing to catch a small group of maids to bring them back with to land.

    Although they had failed to bring back their catch alive, a single sight at their corpses convinced man the stories were true. Some saw opportunity for new allies, others fell in love with the mystery, but most were enticed by the offer of an imperial princess. He who would bring her a living mermaid as a wedding gift, would earn her hand in marriage and become heir to the imperial fortune.

    Further Details

    Above and below the surface of the ocean are completely different (once isolated) worlds. The surface world still sees the, mostly tribal, underwater world as less than human(/orc/halfling/etcetera). Even so, the sea has it's very own population, from merfolk to jelly-fish people, to sentient coral. There's no end to what we can make up. The plot as well, as it could go from first contact to large scale involvement...​

    Cerberus' Exorcism
    Paranormal | Futuristic | Mystery | Psychological


    Welcome to 2098; the final stretch of the new nineties. We're still alive and another 84 years of advancement are behind us. Our cars fly, virtual reality is a reality and plastic surgery is near perfect. We haven't quite solved Earth's resource problem yet, but we're busy colonizing Mars and manipulating it into supporting human life. All amazing feats in technology; but there is one that tops it all;

    As of the third of January, 2098, scientists have publicized the long-awaited results of Project Phoenix: the human revival system (HRS.) Outrageously expensive (and unstable) as may be, we have finally found a way to bring back the dead!

    As influential as may be, this story does not revolve around the HRS and the political/criminal/media activity surrounding it. For you see, the HRS is not the only headline. When the living set foot in the realm of the dead; the dead return to the realm of the living...

    Further Details

    Although long regarded to as delusions and clever (3d) photo-editing, ghost sightings can no longer be denied. Reports range from haunting to human possession and are very real. With all our technology and weapons proven unable to stop this, not even the ghostbusters could handle the recent influx. Who you gonna call now?

    That's where we come in. We are part of a private detective slash exorcist agency that deals with the supernatural. Ghosts can only be sent back to the afterlife (figure of speech; we know nothing) by finishing their business. Although some are convinced holy water and a wooden cross, this is solely for ghosts who believed in such methods being effective. Ghosts are not only from recent deaths, but hail from anywhere between the beginning of time and now. They aren't bound by space either. We may run into a man who was executed under Stalin, your great-great grandmother or, who knows; the dog you drove over last week. It will our job to identify these ghosts, to research their past and find ways to exorcise or bind them.

    In addition to just ghosts, we could end up dealing with a whole slew of undead... Lich, vampires, Jiangshi. All with their unique obstacles to overcome. This is an RP that will delve into the supernatural and demand your wits and life on the line to stand between the living and the dead and guard the gate inbetween. ​

    Not Sword Art Online
    VRMMO | Science Fantasy | Action & Adventure | Community Building


    A tight group of players freshly enters a the latest virtual reality mmo, set in an unexplored natural paradise... Or is it? Below a seemingly pristine surface lay hints to ancient civilisations; dungeons, castles and fortresses engineered with strange technologies. Yet no inhabitants... It is up to the players of this game to explore and inhabit these games; create factions, mine and craft new items, and face the dangers lurking in this virtual world - All the while balancing it with their real life ambitions!

    Further Details

    This RP would, for once, not be tale of characters being trapped but having a different kind of ambition. Play for the bragging rights, rise to PvP tournaments, maybe even try to make a little cash off of it? Our characters would be part of a small gaming group that is already familiar with one another from previous games or fora, but wants to make it big in a new game that is untouched. We'd have ~3 main characters each on our hands to make a well-balanced party, but will also be building a guild, NPC factions, etc. Growing from something bare bones to a community itself. Meanwhile, our characters would have their real lives going on, and as we all know... That can sometimes conflict with gaming interests... ​

    Soul Eater
    Supernatural | Action & Adventure | Non-canon


    A sound soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body.

    Everyone is born with a soul, their inner strength and very core being. Yet, for some men that is not enough and in their hunger for the power of others. When feed upon the soul of another human being, their own souls turn into kishin eggs... Which grow more powerful and wicked with every consumed soul until they may finally resurrect as a demon god.

    To prevent the rise of such a monster, one institution stands to defend the world; DMWA, short for Death Weapon Meister Academy. This school teaches young persons as demon weapons – those with the ability to transform into weapons, and the meisters that wield them. This is the story of students who stand between the world and those who have plunged into darkness...

    Further Details

    This would be based on, you guessed it, Soul Eater. We would take the role of one-starred students who live on the premise of DMWA's grounds to study, hunt and protect the lives of others. This would be completely non-canon, of course, leading up to a
    story completely our own. ​

    Of course, any of these can be modded and tailored depending on what you are looking for. I want to make these games collaborations after all, else I'd be making them into group RP's. So if you're interested, leave me a post or shoot me a PM with a bit of basic info about yourself and what you're looking for and maybe we can work something out.


  2. I'm definitely interested, about how many paragraphs do you want per post?
  3. That was fast, hah.

    Aim around two paragraphs as a minimum. Up if you can, without the fluff.
  4. Yeah it was haha, was just about to post my own thread when I saw this one. I'm going to be up front with you in this since I can see you are a man who prefers being blunt (I am the same way) I will admit that my writing skills are not the best, I don't think they are bad, but I just want to be front with you about this, I can definitely do two paragraphs per post, if you are still interested.
  5. @Kestrel I'd like to try Seeking New Gods or Wisdom for Deaf-Mutes :D
  6. I'd be interested in any of these; if you're still accepting, I can get a PM going to have some back and forth about which plot to use.
  7. I'd be interested in Pearls of the Sea! (:
  8. Ah jeez. I'm down for Soul Eater, but I'm gunna tell you right now, I have not watched all of it. I'm... On the 4th season, I think, I havent watched any episodes in about a week now. Haha.
  9. Schoot me the PM's, guys.

    EDIT: This caught a lot more interest than I expected. I'm checking for a match with the people who replied above/PM'd me so far. You may still apply, but spots can no longer be guaranteed.
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