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I am going to keep this short and sweet. Please PM or reply if you are interested. :)

My character is on a bussiness trip to New York. When trying to make her flight home on the last night, she forced into an all night chase, when her purse is taken. While back tracking and trying to find it, she meets your character. He has an audition that same night, but when he sees this damsel in distress, he puts his plans to the side to help her. Sometime during the night he finds out that she is hiding a very big secret, and they have to decide whether to continue the relationship, or put it to a rest.

I am leaving this open for discusion and ideas. I would love to brainstorm some more if you have any input, please tell!
I am only looking for one partner on this, so first come first serve. The only rules I have are: please let me know if things don't work out and you would like to leave, be able to post at least a few times a week, being able to play the male role, and have fun. :)​
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