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    GM Rules and Notices
    1. This RP will be be using some basic 'skill up' mechanics.
    2. I have come to be less interested in massive posts then i use to be, everyone has room to grow as a writer. Do not be deterred by the wall of text if you think you'd like a shot.
    3. I am however, at the leisure to choose and to step in if I think a player isn't meshing.
    4. I want my players to have fun, and feel apart of my settings. If you have ideas for your charachters involvement, I am all ears.
    5. You can always PM me about any concerns or questions you may have.
    6. Do not be suprised if a poor choice of actions backfire and kill your charachter. No Pain, no gain :3.
    6. I have to many notices. HAVE FUN.

    Iron Shogun
    Prologue; The State of things.
    The world is a vast and often hostile place, from the stepped of the Vuc to the Barren north of the Daen and down to the southern shores of the Green Sea. All with its own distinctive cultures. All with their tribes, kings, fiefdom and struggling would be powers. The world is full wonder both gorgeous and ferocious, from the steppes giant wolves, to the strange beasts that drink human blood and take the shape of other people to the majestic Thunder birds in the north. Each region its own wonder, and each culture with its own myths, legends, legends and customs. But all these are under threat, from each others ambitions, and more recently, from the war machine in the east.

    In the east lies a Island kingdom with imperial aspirations. Known once as the Golden Islands, ruled by the Golden Emperor, descendent of the Islands gods themselves. The country is home to a longstanding tradition of war and honor, the way of the warrior; Bushido. The country itself is ruled by Akira Ryu, the Iron Shogun. Called as such for revolutionizing the nation from a agricultural, rural nation to a industrial, densely populated one. The shogun has ambitions of Dominance, having led the conquest of the nearby, smaller kingdoms. But his nickname also refers to his reign of fear and absolute dominance. Under him more atrocities have been committed then under the last three rulers combined. His Iron Samurai, Noble warriors wearing 7 foot, exhaust spewing sets of steam powered armor suits. These monstrosities are exclusively used by the ruling class and their closest followers and they use them to put down malcontent and raised voices with extreme impunity. The Shogun does not rule alone however, under him are warlords, so called Daiymos, who swear their fealty to him, even if they all have their own personal agendas.

    These men and women represent the major clans of the land; The Crane; Known for their grace and longstanding tradition of diplomacy and bribery over bloodshed. The Dragon Clan is led by the Shogun himself, and his father before him. The Tigers are a proud Clan, priding themselves on being the backbone of the armys elite. The Bear clan are few in numbers, but their leader is the single most accomplished General in the land. The Serpents are known for their skill in espionage and subterfuge, and their Ninja are the swift and merciless executioners of the Shogun. The Turtle clan are on the decline, the oldest known clan they hold small island provinces in the south, their ironclad ships the one thing that saves them from being overtaken by one of the other clans. The foxes are the tricksters, spread along all the provinces as well as in their own, the foxes are drawn to chance and the mystical. Of all the Daiymos, theirs is the one who is at the odds with the Shogun the most. But Even the Fearsome Iron shogun knows to never underestimate the Fox.
    The Badger clan is all but extinct, reduced to banditry and master less Ronin. Their Daiymo opposed the Shoguns rise to power several decades ago, and as result the entire Daiymos family down to the bastard child, was brutally murdered. The last clan is that of the Phoenix, who claim descendent from the gods themselves. While once the Rulers, upon the death of one of their former Daiymos, the Dragon clan took the newborn female heir and held her hostage. They then married her into their Clan, consolidating power over the Islands.

    A dying Empire; The Blood Lotus disease.

    The Golden Islands sun glows bright red in the sky, the air choking smoke of blood lotus. Blood lotus, a mysterious plant that releases immense energies upon burning it. This plant serves as the basis for the ever so hungry war machine, that in turn feed the nation with new slaves acquired overseas and territory to exploit for resources. But the plant is not without a price, the seeds contain opiates that are extremely addictive, and it's leaves does as well. The fumes of the Lotus permeate and poison the city air, causing Red Lounge. A gradual, fatal disease that clouds the mind and slowly destroys your respiratory system, the toll that it takes on people is sustainable. What makes it even worse is that the plantations for it are ever expanding, the roots ruining the soil and forces the expansion further. Many farmers are forced to change to lotus crops because nothing else will grow. In the shadows, voices of discontent are being heard, in the forests and the mountains, the outcasts and disenfranchised farmers gather. A storm is brewing.

    But there is not only the malcontent that threaten to toss the country into chaos. The Oni, giants from the underworld, have been seen walking the surface of the islands. Lurking in its darkest forests among ruins of forgotten temples and shrines dedicated to darker powers. And there is not only oni. The Yokai, the demonic being spawned by the Dark Mother down in the dark pits are plentiful and the island are seeing increased activity all over. In the east The Empress of all Serpents have come to claim back her lands form the Serpent Clan. In the western province of the Shoguns own birthplace, a enraged dragon has completely ruined the countryside after members of the Dark Mothers sect attacked it in its sleep. And in the rise of this ever increasing spirit activity, people have turned up who have a connection to the other world. This Yokai-Kin are human, but their connection to their Clans original spirit is stronger then a normal person. Amongst the Foxes, you have people who can talk and control animals, the shogun himself is rumored to have a talent bestowed by the Dragon himself. Yokai Kin are generally treated with suspicion, especially in the cities and the Shogun himself have imposed strict rules about them, Forcing all know Yokai Kin to join the military effort. Rural provinces have more of a connection to their roots, and knows the ”Spirit Touched” for what they are; Human beings like anyone else.

    With all these volatile elements in play, things are about to change in the Empire of the Golden Islands. And in the middle of the storm, a few fated individuals shall witness history first hands.

    Welcome to Iron Shogun, may your blade be true, and your mind clear of doubt.

    The Technology of Iron Shogunate;
    Airships and Motorized vehicles. The Shogunate itself enjoys many great inventions, such as their Iron Clad airships. Great hulking things that fill the air with more pollution but who float underneath giant inflated gasbags. Its engines driving massive propellers. On the ground, motorized rickshaws and wagons crowd the few ”highways” yet constructed. The train however, is a thing that truly changed the nation, allowing for easy transport across the main islands. The Empire has radios, very rudimentary such, as electricity is still a new wonderful invention.

    The world of Iron Shogun;

    The Empire of the Golden Isles; The Empire spans across the easternmost continent that is known as Cou, claiming not only its original 11 islands, but also half of the former Zai Dynasty on the mainland as well several Islands to the north. The Shogun runs a tight ship, his armies have been at war with his neighbors since he took the seat of power 11 years ago. The only thing keeping him from overrunning the Zai with his advanced army is the western powers backing the Zai since three years back. Afraid that the Empire is going to consolidate a proper foothold, and exploit the resource rich Zai provinces to the west to make the war machine truly monstrous, the by Islanders called Round Eyes or Gaijin have provided the Zai with thunder ships and other advanced technology.

    Internally, The Shogun have spent his entire life consolidating his power, including almost wiping out one of the Major clans for opposing him. His mother, the only heir of the Phoenix clan just passed away, making him the sole heir to both her clan and his fathers Dragon clan. The iron shogun is known as extremely cold and dispassionate towards his own people. His thirst for power knows no bound. He raised the already privileged elite to even further heights, where the most loyal have been given large swathes of land both at home and in conquered territories. The code of Bushido is held dearer then their own lives, Honor in Loyalty and Servitude. To live by the sword, to die by it is the greatest honor. It should be noted that within Akira Ryus rule, female samurai are uncommon but not unheard of. Women who take the ”Top Knot” ( a hairstyle) are treated with the same respect as their male compatriots. This because the early stages of the war in Zai and the Shoguns own purge of the military ranks saw many male Generals and officers die. It was only after a female Tactician, the daughter of the Fox Daiymo, stepped in that Invasion succeeded. The shogun, impressed, allowed female into his army. They still had to pass the same training as their male counterparts. But 8 years later, there are more then a few of them. By commoners, these women are knows as Bushi-Onna.

    The Eleven Golden Isles and their Rulers; One Shogun, 7 warlords.

    The Empire is split up in provinces that are vassals under one of the 8 Daiymos, and a small part is unofficially under the sway of the disgraced Badger Clan. Aside from the clans, the country does harbor those that belong to neither clan. The Clanless are lower class citizens believed to be the descendants of various groups unfavored by the early clan lords and possibly the gods themselves.

    • Daiymo; Haku Orochi
      The Serpent Clan occupy the Easternmost provinces. They are a clan known for their subterfuge first and they have the Shoguns ear to a worrying extent. The Clan is having something of a Yokai problem however, a resurrected and angry Empress of Serpents, wishes to claim vengeance upon the Orochi for their part in her initial death. Her advance is slow and ineffective however and the Serpent clan has successfully defended themselves so far. Spirit Touched within the clan are almost always forced into service as a ”Kage”, a shadowy agent for the clan and by extension; The Shogun. Due to the their history with the Crane, the two constantly engage in skirmishes.

      Their Clan weapon is the Tanto.

    • Daiymo; None

      The Badger clan has no Daiymo after the Shoguns brutal executions, and the clan has lost most of its territories to the Tiger clan. They were once known as stalwart warriors and loyal retainers to the Phoenix Shogun who's brother was the Badgers daiymo. Upon losing their status as retainers, they tried to save the hostage heir to the Phoenix clan and failed. As a result they are know adrift, without a region to really call their own. They are known for their incredible resilience and their ability to hold on despite any misfortune. Despite being disgraced, even the Tigers still have considerable respect for their hardy nature and martial prowess. Spirit Touched are held in high esteem by them, and often given protection from the Shoguns agents.

      Their Clan weapon is the Tetsubo (Iron Club).

    • Daiymo; Kurihito Kuma

      The Bear Clan hold a small set of provinces on their ancestral islands. They they are known as great, honorable warriors, having Produces the greatest general of this era. They are physically, the most imposing of all the clans, as their warriors are well over the average height.

      Their Clan weapon is the Ono (Axe).

    • Daiymo; Akiho Tora

      The Tigers hold the biggest swathe of conquered territory, even more then the Shoguns own clan, The Dragon. The Tiger Clan are known as the elite of the elite. Their warriors are the best equipped, their training the most hardy and exhausting, their instincts for battle second to none.Tiger Samurai are the only none Dragon clansmen to be part of the Shoguns honor guard. They are by far the Dragon clan and the Shoguns closest allies and a force to be feared. Akiho, their Daiymo, is approaching his 60's and suffers

      Spirit Touched are always made to serve their military in one way or another. It's seen as a great blessing.

      Their Clan Weapon is the Daikatana

    • Daiymo; Kai Hou-Ho

      The firebird crest might as well be that of a dragon at this point. The family heir was married to the current Shoguns father, after the old Daiymo died and his only heir, a girl, was ”taken in”by the Dragon Daiymo. Out Maneuvered by the dragons, the Phoenix clan, the former rulers found themselves with little option but to work with the Dragon. This after their retainers, the Badger clan had tried to free the girl trough violence and cunning, ending up almost entirely wiped out. They did not wish to go down the same road as their loyal retainers and surrendered to the Dragons demands.

      To the Phoenix, the spirit touched are somewhat a risk, due the volatile nature of the Phoenix spirit.

      Their clan weapon is the Omi-Yari (Giant spear)

    • Daiymo; Yue Ishimoto

      The crane clan has always stayed relevant, regardless of the ruling dynasty. The crane sits on the most coastal regions f all clans and they have always run the royal mint. The Crane is known for their courtly intrigues, their extremely talented artificers and their trade. They have always been rivals to the Serpent clan, their two clans having fought each other countless of times, for as long as any can remember. The story is rooted in the very birth of the Shogunate. When the Serpent clan formed, the Crane claimed part of what would be their territory as their own reward for helping the first Shogun win his throne. To this day, the Orochi feel betrayed and dishonored.

      Yue, the current Daiymo, is the Clans first female leader. Having established the Crane as a clan loyal to the current shogun, they provide the Shogunate most of their artificers for a hefty sum. The crane views the Spirit Touched as ailing, and send them to serve the shogun rather then to deal with them their selves.

      Their clan weapon is the Gunbai (Iron Fan)

    • Daiymo; Gin Kame

      The old clan has it's root back when the 11 isles was only 7, and the man who would become the first Shogun, Akiho Kame, sailed from island to island with his great armada. He would rally other clans, still in their infancy, to heed his call to arms. The four clans of Phoenix, Dragon, Fox and Turtle then set off towards the island of Ishi. The Island was held by the Empress of Serpents Raya-Naga, and she held its populace as slaves. After 11 nights, and 12 days of bloody fighting, it was old man Akiho who would deal the Empress the deathblow, aided by a youngster who was from the island meager resistance forces. thus freeing Ishi from Empress grip. That youngster was named Mitsudo, and due to his clever and calm nature as well as because of his part of defeating the Naga-Raja, he became known as Mitsudo Orochi, head of the Serpent clan. Kage himself became renowned for his skills in battle and his wisdom as a leader. And the other swore fealty to him as he raised the dead queens head. Thus was the first Shogun born.

      Spirit touched of Turtle Clan enjoy a relative normal life. Although those with the shell Aspect are sought after for the defense of the territories.

      Their clan weapon is the Naginata

    • Daiymo: Aiesha Kitsune

      Tricksters, thieves, Survivalists. The Fox clan see to their own and nobody else. Their leader is known as the Great Blue Fox, the most powerful Animal whisper to ever live. Spirit Touched, she has the ability to hear and speak with animals and beasts. And she has tamed creatures no one like her have ever dared approach. Some claim her not human at all, but the very incarnation of the clans mythical Kitsune. The clan have existed as long as the Kage, yet never have a fox sat on the throne. The Fox clan does not desire the throne however. They are the most isolated, and the least controlled of the shoguns Daiymos. The Tiger clan, being a relatively new clan, hold them in outermost disdain, finding them dishonest and vile.

      Spirit Touched are considered blessed, and given very good treatment by the Fox's followers.

      Their clan weapon is the Kusarigama

    • Daiymo; Akira Ryu

      The Dragons are the rulers for the past 70 years. Having seized power from the Phoenix, and married the clans together, the Dragons boost the largest military force of any of the warlords. Under their guidance, the country has turned into a ironclad, dirty machine that wages a war of conquest nobody has ever seen the like of before. They rule with fear and blackmail, deception and force. Their Daiymo, the Shogun Akira, is a power mad, military Genius. He has turned the blood lotus crop into his triumph card, and expanded the kingdom into a Empire. His ambitions are only matched by his cruelty, and the Dragon Clan backs him with Iron Samurai and warships realize his visions.

      Their clan Weapon is the Katana.


    The lands outside the Empire

    • Leader: Emperor Yu Qui-Lang

      On the Kasai continent, the main power used to be the Zai Dynasty. In some ways they still are, but they are hard pressed by the Golden Isles and their invading force. Having lost most of their eastern coast to the invaders, with the Shoguns forces having made large inroads into the country and wrestled control of a number of strategically important cities, among those the eastern capital of Jī Qíng. The tide has turned somewhat however, with the Western Alliance having entered the war on the Zai's side. The Wests so called iron throwers, weapons capable of shooting iron bullets at high speeds, have proven a well needed edge against the enemy.

      The Zai are known for their tacticians, art and mysticism. While they possess no Yokai-born of their own, their mysticism however, know how to imbue living souls into clockwork soldiers far more sturdy then your average soldier. Other sects seem to focus on harnessing elements to forge powerful blades and potent ammunition.

      The Average Zaian is slightly taller then a Islander, with a somewhat more tanned complexion. East Zaians are very proud of their cultural heritage and have made life difficult for the occupying forces. Not everyone is resistance member however, and there even those that have cozied up to the Shogun. Among these are the Bao Mei family, who have been made the puppets of the Tiger Clan General who took Ji Qing. Due to the prolonged occupation, Zaians have found their way to the Golden Isles. Mainly Crane territory.

    • Leader; Chief Zvezdan.

      The Vuc comes from steppes farther west, nestled between the Western Alliance and the Zai. They are wolf riders, built and rugged, known for their crazed blood lust in battle and their swift skirmish tactics. While not a imminent threat to the Shogun, Vuc Mercenaries have fought for the Zai Dynasty numerous times, and their wolves are a thing of terror for the Shoguns forces.

      A vuc stands generally somewhere around 5'8, regardless of gender, and built like a small ox muscle wise. Their skin is generally somewhat tanned and dark, their eye often brown and their hair black

    • The biggest thorn in the Shoguns grand plan for dominance is the western alliance. Where the Zai have the numbers to put up a pretty good fight on their own, it was western cannons and iron throwers that turned the tide. Having no lotus of their own, they have instead tamed the power of gunpowder and combustion. Their cannons are capable of bombarding with much more accuracy and range then any of the Shoguns siege engines, and their iron throwers make even a army of peasants a threat. Of course, the Shogun still has Iron samurai, whose massive armor can withstand the rudimentary firearms fairly well, and Airships who can drop fire upon entrenched cannons. If only black powder was the only strength of the West. But the Western Alliance is a motley crew of kingdoms and fledgling republics joining towards a common threat. The main nations are three however, strong in their own right.

      • The head other Alliance are the Prosgard, who pushed for its creation when a Prosgard naval fleet was caught unaware and obliterated at the hands of the Shoguns airships. They immediately began setting up supply routes to Zai's western theater and supplied at first only food and materials, but would later join in with experts to trained the Zai forces in firearms. Prosgards have no Yokai-born, and hardly and mystics or magicians of note. They are very much about science rather then the unnatural.

        As of the Alliance creation, Prosgard soldiers have been seen fighting, often as officers for mixed WA battalions. Some Prosgard merchants did traverse the Islands prior to the Zai invasion.

      • The Daen is the WA's answer to airships. The Daen are the only people crazy enough to try and tame thunderbirds. Their riders are the terror of the sky, and a single thunderbird spell doom and destruction for a illprepared Airship. On the flip side, a Thunderbird, while a mystical beast, is still a beast. It can be killed, and training them take longer then building a airship does. The Daen have their own version of Yokai-born as well. Their spirit touched are called ”Sky Born” as they all have a affinity for the sky. They are able to the weather with pinpoint accuracy

        The Daens skin is pale, their hair is generally red or blonde or light brown, and their eyes vary from blue to green to brown.

      • Belinti
        The Belinti are the WA's treasurers, their war coffin and grand masters of the coin in general. The Belinti hold most of the Green Coast, a very profitable coastal line that holds the Wests biggest harbors who trade with people from all the world. Belinti is a place where cultures merge and people of all races get together. There is a saying that ”The Average Belintian can have any skin color or religion, but you bet whoever he is, he did your mother twice.”

    Yokai And Gods of the East and West. (open)

    The Underworld, The Deities and Mysticism in the West and East.
    There are always religion where there is people. Dogma and rules governed by a alleged unseen, divine hand. The difference here is that remnants of the actual Gods can still be seen, the spawns of the Dark Mother actually roams the surface. The main religion of the Isles is not one of exclusion, their myths are vague when it comes to the outside world and so it's followers consider other peoples gods just as authentic, if not as powerful as their own.

    The Gods of the Golden Isles;
    There is a myriad of spiritual beings worshiped as gods on the Golden Isles, most of these are merely powerful, slumbering Yokai. There is a notion of a underworld or hell, called Yomi. It is where one of the major three now resides. But there a few beings who are considered actual gods, who have no been seen since the stories of old. Among these, three stand out the most. Ishi, the First Born. Izanami, The Dark Mother. And Yoko, The Lady.

    The first deity to rise out the void, a being of unimaginable power and grace. According to the legends, Ishi was the very first thought the very cosmos itself uttered. With Ishi came imagination and conscious thought, and the very universe trembled to form itself around his perception of all things. This is how the very world was created. But while the rest of the world was a by product, Ishi would sit down on the first of Golden Island, and make it his home.

    His Symbol is a Star with spear trough it.

    The Second one rose from the Primordial sea, teaming with sea serpents and s other beings that have no been seen since. She was gorgeous, a being of divine beauty. And Ishi fell in love at first sight, and would have nothing but the woman before him as his only love and wife. Izanami bid ishi to raise more of the world from the sea, because in her visions, she saw a race of small but clever creatures, who would inherit the world. She spoke of course of humanity. But as the Isles were created, they were still barren. And so Ishi and Izanami lay together, and from here sprang Yokai and Beasts. By now, across the oceans, other gods made their bid to create life of their own as well. But none could match Izanamis spawn.

    But their love would not last. Because Izanami realized that mankind was not to be her creation, but that of another woman. One that would one day steal her husband from her. This thought drove her to madness, and she tried strangle Ishi. Ishi was helpless, weakened by the creation of the Isles. It was only after Yoko, the Lady, stabbed Izanami with a blade fresh from the forge, that the Dark Mother had to flee. She vanished into the cracks in the ground and hid herself in the underground.

    Her followers considers her equal to Ishi in every sense of the word, and see Yoko as a disgrace. They wish to be embraced by the Dark Mother and made into Yokai. Due to this, most of her sects are fanatical suicide cults and her worship has been banned in the Empire.

    Her Symbol is a stylized, weeping woman.

    As Ishi raised the Golden Isles, he found within a casket of ice, a pale beauty. Yoko was her name and Ishi found her even more beautiful then Izanami. Yoko and Ishi would steal away in a chariot across the sky, and the fruit of their infidelity would be Mankind. When Izanami found out, she went mad and almost killed Ishi. But Yoko was the mother of mankind and all his inventions. And she drew a freshly forged blade from its fires, and sunk the still cooling blade trough her shoulder blade. The Dark Mother fled, but not after cursing the both. Yoko realized then that she had wronged Izanami to begin with, and as repentance she created the Moon, to give the children of the night a sun of their own. She then left with Ishi to his palace where she still tending to her wounds.

    Her Symbol is a broken blade.


    Elemental gods;
    Raijin and Fujin.
    Gods of Thunder and Lightning, the couple in the sky look down on earth and give us storm and rain as they see fit. Legend has it they were the creation of Izanamis tantrum when she tried to kill Ishi. They hold no allegiance to her however, being being of pure elemental power they only care for their own creations and their duties.

    Followers of Rajin are often Sailors and Aeronauts who are dependent on clear skies and good winds.

    The Goddess of the Sun. Ishi made Amaratsu to oversee Yokos children. He knew that they would need warmth and light to thrive, for they were creatures of love. Amaratsu is said to have nothing but love for the world and that is why she rise every morning to see us to awakening.

    Every village tend to have a shrine to her.

    Her symbol is a stylized Sun.

    Yoko created Tsukuyomi to console the restless Yokai. Tsukuyomi is filled with her mothers sorrow of what has be done, and doubles as the Goddess of grief and sorrow. But also the Goddess of reconsolidation.

    Tsukuyomi have a very devoted sect of priestesses and monks who tend to funeral rites and the like.
    Her symbol is a stylized moon with a flower stalk wrapped around it.

    God of War. Hachi-Man was created by Yoko to give the Isles a fighting chance when Izanamis children grew restless in their mothers absence. Hachi-Man is revered among samurai and bushi-men (Warriors) alike, as his blessing might just have you survive and see glory.

    His Symbol is a two crossed swords.

    Gatekeeper and Judge of the Yomi. Enma sits in supreme judgment upon your death, and decides where you go. He appeared soon after Izananamis fall from grace, created by the universes desire to right a terrible wrong. He is revered among judiciaries and warriors, as he is a being of law and death.

    Beasts and Demons Of the Isles

    The Yokai are spirits, often classified as either Black, White or Grey. The grey Yokai are not benevolent or malicious. They are merely beasts or manifestations of nature and the gods whims. These are the thunder tigers, fire monkeys and Wind riders and others like them. White Yokai are magnificent, friendly and woefully absent in a world choking on blood lotus fumes. Among these are the Phoenix birds the most revered. Black Yokai are the opposite of white. They are creatures born of hatred and sorrow. Many, like the Oni, have ascended from the Underworld itself, to do the bidding of the Dark Mother. These plague the Islands with terror and death, having nothing but hatred for man.

    Dragons are ancient beings that never stop growing, they are rare and come in many shapes and forms. The Isles used to have five dragons who terrorized the peasants from time to time. But toxic skies and sludge filled waters coupled with the rise of more advanced weapons and techniques have killed all but one of them. The biggest, most powerful of them has risen from its slumber after Dark Mother Cultists attacked it, drawing it's ire. Great Kuja is a massive creature, and as to date, nobody knows how to stop him.

    Outside Worlds gods and Mysticism.
    There are a myriad of other gods out there, real or not is anyone's guess. The on that is mentioned the most is the Daen god of thunder, Hogard. You can even find a small shrine to him next to Raijins in the capital, as he is the only god to really impress the Empires many priestesses and monks. The Daens ”Sky Born” are said to be of his blood.

    Zain Mysticism.
    Zain believes in a pantheon of their own Gods. Among these Shang-Ti is the greatest, he is also known as Tian. He is believed to be the supreme god, and Zaian scholars have argued that he was ”The Universe” that the Islanders god Ian was created by. Regardless, Zaian have a long standing tradition of adapting and creating new gods, and their religion is hard to get a grasp of. Many local deities have temples only in the one village.

    Character Creation

    For this RP, I am using a system of players assigning traits as well as using one of a few archetypes provided. The Archetypes are not so much classes, as they are there to clarify a few things creation wise. Each archetype will have a few things unique hem in terms of Traits. Players also get to create unique traits and disadvantages for themselves to further define themselves. Yes. That's right. You will have to chose a explicit weakness.


    • The People of the Golden Isles are many and varied in their profession. From artificers to peasants, from noble born to street urchins. Outlaws and Ronins, Monks and shrine maidens. Most belonging to a clan, each living their lives best they can. Those that are clanless are the lowest rung, the most downtrodden and unfavored. Tending towards menial labor and lowest of servant duties. Or banditry, as the case sometimes is.

      6 general or islander traits, 2 custom. No Unique Disadvantage; pick two general ones instead.

    • The so called Yokai are people who have connected to their clans spirit and possess special abilities. They exist within every clan, and the treatment of them varies. So does the depth of their talents. That constant is that where there is the Yokai-born, the Yokai themselves will gather.

      A yokai born have 1 Mandatory Yokai Born Trait, 3 traits and 2 custom to chose from.

      Unique Disadvantage; Yokai Magnet. (The presence of a Yokai-born attracts Yokai, needless to say, that is pretty bad.)

    • A outsider in a rather hostile nation, the Gaijin none the less travels these lands for reasons of their own. Some are former slaves or prisoners of war, others are stranded merchants or mercenaries. Unable to make it back home. Gaijin have At least 5 traits and 2 custom ones.

      Unique Disadvantage; Foreign Culture (Gaijins are ostracized and generally view with suspicion and not knowing the customs of the isles can be a big problem.)
      One of the gaijin traits, 5 traits, 2 custom

    • After years of occupation, some of the Zai have ended up on the Golden Isles. Their culture sharing similarities with the Islanders make things easier as dose their somewhat similar appearances. The Zai are far more accepted a presence then the gaijins. That is not say they are treated fairly. A Zai is considered lesser, and may not hold any possessions of their own on the Isles.
      Unique Disadvantage; Second Class Citizen (The Zai are treated with disdain, and while a westerner might be treated with suspicion and outright disdain, there is a systematical oppression of the Zai, and they are not allowed to carry weapons.)

      6 traits, 2 custom

    • Rarely seen, some of the Vuc has made it the isles as captives the Tora. The Vuc are considered more barbaric then any other race, and generally end up fighting in the arenas or being used for hard labor. The Vuc who fight in the arena are able to win their freedom. Free Vuc are given far better treatment then even the Zai, and the Shogun is known to have a Vuc Bodyguard.
      Unique Disadvantage; Bloodlust (All Vucs show symptoms of a seething rage, so bad that once it finds an outlet, they fly off the handle completely.)

      6 traits, 2 custom

    Trait List;

    • Ship Wrecked; You can be from anywhere in the Western alliance. You were washed ashore alone and only your own grit and survival instincts have kept you alive so far. To the people here, you are a anomaly, a unknown.

      Prosgarian Officer; You have the training of a Prosgardian officer, you have trained with the saber since you were but a young boy or girl. You feel at home in a saddle, you know how to carry yourself and make people listen to you.

      Prosgardian Rifleman; You have best training in the world when comes to rifles. The Prosgardian rifle corps are a thing of efficiency and deadly discipline. You were likely spared for the shoguns men to learn from, but for whatever reason, you are a no longer their captive.

      Daeni Sky Watcher; You are spirit-touched, but in a land where your gods and native spirits are nowhere to be seen. Only the sky remains the same, and if it is odd and different, choking on lotus fumes and with a sun that shines without mercy. Your ability to read the sky still remains however, and the signs you see in the smoke chokes skies are very interesting indeed.

      Daeni Thunder Caller; You are one of the few Daeni respected and given freedom of movement. As your god is similar to that of Raijin, you find kinship with the Raijin sects, and even participate in their rituals from time to time.

      Berteli Merchant. Stranded as Western Alliance stepped in, your ship and its cargo has been confiscated. But that is not to say you are poor or without means to survive. You know all the palms to grease, all he best places for a gaijin to make business. And you still carry some authority about you.

      Barite Spy; You stole away with the merchants, you have lived here for longer then any realize and you have kept relaying messages back home, keeping a eye our for new developments . You are master of your craft, infiltration being your main occupation.

    • Wolf Rider; You rode atop the the massive wolves into battle. Even now, your very being feels like a chained animal in this strange land. Ferocity is just a word, it doesn't even begin to describe the visceral, terrible nature of a wolf rider.

      Unbroken (Vuc); The pits didn't break you, it just helped you galvanize and temper your anger into a tool to turn on your captors. You are a force of nature, the kind of man or woman who can clear out a bar at a single glance.

    • Enchanter; The art to bind spirits to machines and other things of metal. You master a art that only people of your heritage can hope to understand. Its ingrained in you, and on the black markets your weapons would be selling like hotcakes. Of course, it's not to difficult to imagine the trouble you'd be in if someone find out...

      Unbroken (Zai) ; You are part of the underground resistance, having traveled to the Isles to help your people by attacking the very source of the problem. Your talents lies within subterfuge and playing the waiting game, fooling everyone around you that you are just another poor Zaian.

      Warrior Monk (Zai); You are part of the warrior monks of western Zai. You wear the orange cloth of your sect, and you wield fists and weapons with every bit the skill of a samurai. Your reasons to stay on the Isles are your own, but even here you command respect for your martial prowess and pious attitude.

    • Training (Shinobi); You have trained with one of the clans who specialize in guerilla warfare and infiltration. A stealthy assassin, you excel at blending in, subterfuge and sleight of hand.

      Training (Samurai); You have trained in the ways of Bushido, from a lone master or as part of your upbringing, it doesn't matter. You know the code by heart, you are duelist and a warrior, a true samurai regardless of what other tells you. You live and die by your honor and your sword.

      Training (Bushiman); You my not be the trained by a Samurai, you may not be meant to be a noble warrior. But you have served in one of the many skirmishes between clans, or even on the western front. You are a soldier, a Bushi-Man.

      Lotus Mechanic; You are one of those that work with the lotus first hand, who hide yourself in a skin of metal and who have learned the secrets of the mysterious plant. You are integral to the war machine, your kind held in high esteem by the shogun and the court.

      Miko; A priestess of your god, you have been raised by the shrine you serve. Your duties are much like that of a shaman, to bestow luck upon those that the god favors, to cleanse places of evil spirits and to maintain your gods will.

      Warrior Monk (Islander);
      Known for their skilled use of the naginata, their ashen grey robes and their vows of safeguarding Ishi work from the Dark Mothers unholy spawn, the Warrior sect of the Grey shroud are a reclusive but respected lot.

      • Deeper Connection; You can feel the spirits better then most Yokai-Born. This does make your disadvantage worse however.

        Self-taught; You didn't have anyone to guide you, you learned on your own. Your mental barriers are stronger then most as a result.

        Manifestation; All Yokai-born have a gift that lets you draw upon a specific trait of your clans animal.(Obligatory, choose one)

      • Eyes of the Fox; You can gaze directly into the spiritual plane.

        Luck of the Fox; You have a unnatural amount of luck, favoring you in battle as well as gambling. The higher the stakes, the better.

        The Keening; You can peer into the mind of animals, connect to them in a way no other can.

      • Floating steps; The crane has given you a grace unmatched. Your footing and balance is something extraordinary to behold.

        Light as a feather; Regardless of how far you fall, how hard you are thrown, you appear to take less damage then you have any right to.

        Talons of the Crane; You can harden your fingers into talons capable of rending flesh.

      • Scales of the Dragon; You can turn part of your skin, mainly the arms into hard scales that deflect blades and other attacks.

        Soul of the Dragon; You become highly resistant to fire of all kinds.

        Indomitable will; You can impose your very will on people by simple commands, such as Kneel or Stop.

      • Supreme Predator; You channel the tigers spirit to grow faster and stronger.

        Killer Instinct; Your mind becomes a one thought machine, sharpening all your senses while all superfluous thoughts are showed away.

        Tigers Leap; You are capable of springing forth with immense power, overtaking obstacles and clearing great distances with ease.

      • Relentless Aggressor; No Matter how many times they hit you, you keep coming.

        Unyielding Grip; Like the jaws of a badger, some of the badger clans yokai are know to be able to crush bones with a single hand.

        Stubborn Soul; A badger is very hard to deter, and to try and mentally attack someone with the stubborn soul aspect is like hitting a wall at high speed.

      • Unseen threat; Like a snake, you are capable of laying completely still in wake of your prey. Slowing your breath and erasing all trace of yourself.

        Venomous Spit; You can spit, much a like a certain cobra. Your saliva blind and burns and can leave people with nasty effect if untreated.

        Slippery Skin; You'll be hard pressed to find effective constrains for someone who can slip your cuffs with a shrug. And who escapes
        your holds with ease.

      • Wisdom of the Sea; The Turtle is the oldest clan, and they belong to the sea. You have innate knowledge of things around you, and about anything close to the water in particular.

        The Absolute Defense; You are tortoise, while you may no move the fastest , no predator can crack your defense without considerable effort.

        Snapping Jaws; Like the snapping turtle, you may seem docile, But you like it, is spring loaded to bear. Suprise others with your sudden burst of powerful speed.

      • From the ashes; Killing you got a whole lot harder. Like the firebird of old, you have a tendency to come back.

        Cry of the Phoenix; You are capable of letting out scream that banishes all doubt from your mind, igniting a flame deep within you and your allies. Willing you on.

        Cleansing Flame; You are able to imbue fire with the spirit of the phoenix, making it deadly to unnatural beings such as ghosts.

      • Thick Hide; Your skin is like hardened leather, extremely tough, able to withstand much more punishment.

        Mighty Swipe: Few things can survive a Bears angry swipes. Hitting you with the force of a hundreds of kilos heavy beast. Channeling this terrible strength, you become a force to reckon with.

        Earth quaking Roar; Lets your roar like a massive bear, instilling fear and invoking the most primal of fear and instincts in your opponents.

    • Marine; You have served on either a naval or a airship. Be in a military vessel or a mercantile one.

      Specialized Training (Weapon); You spent your time honing your skills with a weapon of your choice.

      Merchant Ties; You know people, people who trade, who know the sea and air routes and can get you things nobody else has.

      Tough; You are made of stern stuff, having lived your life in manner that built you up physically. You can take a punch and still stand, where other likely cannot. It doesn't make you invincible, just harder to put down.

      Street wise; Born and Raised in one of the dirty cities, you know how to traverse trough the back alleys, who to talk to to, what gambling den have the most lax security. How to move in a crowd and how

      Noble Birth; You were born within the higher classes of society, be in within the Dynasty elite, one of the Clans branch families or within your nations lower nobles. You know how to carry yourself within the higher echelons of society, able to converse and socialize with those who posses money and power.

      Humble beginnings; You come from lowly birth, son of a peasant or low end trades man. You know what it is to fight for your lively hood, you are at ease with the simple folks, you understand and blend in with your common man easily. You know the ways of your people better then anyone.

      Servant; You were a servant for one the lesser Vassals, you know secrets nobody else knows. You have seen the decadence of the upper class, hell you served it to them on a platter. Having moved within the servants quarters, you know the various passageways they utilize and who to press for information should the need arise.

      Mercenary; You were a sell sword, either from overseas or as a master less soldier. You do not fight for honor, but for money. You have a reputation of being reliable as long as the coin is good. Samurai and other honor bound may not take to kindly on you however.

      Hunter; You have spent most your time out in the woods, away from people. YOu know the forests, the tracks animal makes and how to survive in the wild.

      Athletic; You are naturally athletic, less prone to overexertion and you are capable of feats most humans have a hard time keeping up with.

      Sturdy; You are built a bit denser, your are hardened a bit less easy to push around physically.

      Wandering Monk; You have decided to follow the teachings of your local temple, and carry them out trough the Eleven Isles as your god intended. You live a humble life, but find that most are willing to offer you rice and other things when you pass trough town. Years of wandering and meditation has made you calm, and wiser then most to the ways of the world. You have knowledge of the spiritual world and know better then most how to handle Yokai.

      Wandering Ronin; Your master is dead, but you have decided to rather wander then find the peace of the sword. You are a former samurai, your skill with your weapons is without doubt. Sideway glances from those still fettered by honor do not disturb you anymore. You fight for yourself and live by the sword the way you see fit.

      Artificer; You are a mechanical wizard. You know how to repair and construct. To you machines are complex, living things, things you can improve and unleash on the world. You are needed wherever you go, be it to repair a simple mining pump or to help a Airship with its engines. The Empire would not operate without your kind.

      Perceptive: You can easier spot changes in body language and shift in voice. You notice the little things, the way they change posture when they think nobody is paying attention. But you always pay attention.

      Precision; You do not like mistakes, you are to much of a perfectionist to allow them in your works or in your style. You dedicate more time on things, but you see them done well. You do not leave things half done.

      Martial Artist; You have practiced in a dojo, or by yourself with a master of your own. You have learned to fight with our without a weapon, often to compensate for not having the sword training of a noble youth. Martial arts is a way of life for you, it has lent you both strength and peace of mind.

      Brawler; You are not quite the martial artist with his fancy moves, his style and his discipline. You have lived your life throwing haymakers and getting in drunken fights. You excel at fighting dirty, adapt quickly, and improvisation rather then forms and stances.

      Mystic; (Any diety) You are drawn to the less common sides of your Diety. You worship on your own, you have found secret inroads to enlightenment the common man do not always understand.

      Ranking officer; You were someone of note in your military before all this. Your rank still carries some weight with the right people.

      Fleet of foot; You are naturally adept at being sneaky and move quickly but silently.

      Deft Hands; you are a talented pickpocket and lock pick.. Among other things.

      Traveling Performer (Any); You are a traveling performer, playing your instrument or perfecting your craft as you travel. You find that people ease up around you, that what you do open doors that are closed for others.


    These are just some examples of what you could make up for yourself.

    Disadvantages. (open)

    Lotus Addiction; May are those who have fallen for the allure of smoking lotus leaves. Usually smoked trough hookah like contrapions, Lotus smoking dens are plenty and easy to find in the big cities. Rural areas tend to see farmers and others smoke leaves directly in a pipe.


    Brittle Spirit;
    You were never meant for the spiritual, and the Yokai find you a exceptionally easy target.

    Honor Bound; you cannot break your own personal code of honor, to do so would likely shatter who you are as a person, your very identity.

    Marked (Criminal); Due to a crime commited in your past, you have been branded across both hands. It is is impossible for you to ever escape your past completely.

    Marked (Slave); Your carry the mark of a slave upon your chest. Branded as the Shugonates property.

    Lotus Trembles; You, like many who lived to long and breathed into much of the foul pollution, have gotten the Trembles. Your hands can start to shake at any given moment, a major flaw for any artisan Or warrior.

    Profile Skeleton;

    Equipment; Weapon included.
    SIgn here to surrender your life to the GM's whims:
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  2. samurai_challenge_2_by_artozi-d4gxxsb.jpg

    Name: Fukui Kokan

    Age: 27

    Archetype: Islander


    Biography: The Fukui are a branch family of the Head of the Dragon Clan. They aren't really well known, despite being 'Nobility' to a certain degree. The Fukui family ties allow them to join the Military, starting out as a High Ranking Officer despite the fact some of the children have no real training and cannot lead a horse to water to save their own life. The Fukui lately have been producing children that have not been living up to the Shogun's expectations of his branch family, and was ready to disown them from the family, making them nothing more than commoners on the streets. Fukui Aran begged for one more chance, to produce child that would make up for the past mistakes. He was granted his one and only chance, and this was how Fukui Kokan was born.

    Kokan was raised to be an excellent leader, tactician, and warrior on the Field against the Zai scum.

    Age Seven;

    Kokan was trained in the ways of Bushido and the uses of a Katana. He didn't want to, and defied his parents at a young age, but he was beaten every time that he told them no. He wanted to have a childhood like the rest of the children, running around and playing, but he was denied the simple request of being a child. His families future depended on him, and they would not take the risks and chances of letting him have one day of leisure. They made sure that he trained, studied, ate properly, and waited for his body to mature more before actually adding any real training besides swinging a wooden sword around to learn strikes, stabs, and slashes.

    Age Thirteen;

    Kokan was now aging, his body was able to take more strains and he was being pushed to do simple workouts. Push-ups, sit-ups, and simply work outs like that. Nothing new was really added to his life, it was rather dull.

    Age Eighteen;

    He was seen and treated as an adult now, fully working out, training with veteran soldiers and being groomed for the day that he would be made an Officer. He accepted his lifestyle now, knowing that he couldn't escape it after so many years of training and grooming. It was best just to accept his life, and make the best out of it.

    Age Twenty-Four;

    He has proven to be a great leader, leading the few men entrusted to him into battle with great success. He has earned his respect in trust through years of service and fighting side by side with the Soldiers that would now lay down their lives for him. The Shogun was impressed that the Fukui family could still produce a worthy Officer for the Empire.

    • Katana - "Doragon No Yobidashi" Look at the steampunk sword! Link on 'Katana'
    • Wakizashi
    • Clothing
    • 10 Kokan (Gold Coins), 10 Silver Coins, 5 Bronze Coins
    • Pipe
    • Leather sack

    General Traits

    • Training (Samurai); You have trained in the ways of Bushido, from a lone master or as part of your upbringing, it doesn't matter. You know the code by heart, you are duelist and a warrior, a true samurai regardless of what other tells you. You live and die by your honor and your sword.
    • Specialized Training (Katana); You spent your time honing your skills with a weapon of your choice.
    • Ranking officer; You were someone of note in your military before all this. Your rank still carries some weight with the right people.
    • Noble Birth; You were born within the higher classes of society, be in within the Dynasty elite, one of the Clans branch families or within your nations lower nobles. You know how to carry yourself within the higher echelons of society, able to converse and socialize with those who posses money and power.
    • Perceptive; You can easier spot changes in body language and shift in voice. You notice the little things, the way they change posture when they think nobody is paying attention. But you always pay attention.
    • Precision; You do not like mistakes, you are to much of a perfectionist to allow them in your works or in your style. You dedicate more time on things, but you see them done well. You do not leave things half done.
    Custom Traits
    • Charismatic; You inspire others into wanting to join you, believe what you say and follow you into battle even if you aren't really competent.
    • Persuasive; You know how to talk around someone, and hold the Charisma to persuade the person into doing your bidding, to a certain degree.

    • Honor Bound; you cannot break your own personal code of honor, to do so would likely shatter who you are as a person, your very identity.
    • Phobia (Snakes); You have a strong fear of snakes and cannot help but shy away, freak out, and even run away when one is within arm reach. Even from a distance, you will try to find a way around the snake.
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  3. Notice; Your traits will be advances as the story progress. Survival is rewarded with points which you can spend on your traits. At certein levels, a trait might aquire a subtraitd dependant on your actions.
  4. For the record, if those of you interested in joining could post in here that'd be great, I know there is a few of you x3
  5. This is the best thing since sliced bread.
  6. I'm interested.
  7. What is the Currency in the Golden Isles?
  8. Ah. It's the classic Ryô. For those unaware; they are oval/squarish gold coins. They also use mon, aka round coppar coins with a hole in the middle.. The latter is far more likely to be seen in the hands of the lesser like farmers and low end craftmen.
  9. Am I just blind, or is there still nothing on what our Characters will be doing, and how they are brought together? All I see is the

    "With all these volatile elements in play, things are about to change in the Empire of the Golden Islands. And in the middle of the storm, a few fated individuals shall witness history first hands."

    and nothing else ><
  10. YOu are not blind. That should be up tommorow.
  11. Okay xD

    Sorry for the short biography on my character, just kinda went over his life briefly. I will change anything if it needs to be changed! ^^ (Check my first post!)
  12. @Ornstein

    I was about to say thats super barren. Then i realzie there was more then the first paragraph xD. I somehow missed the giant red letters. YOu could add a little more to it. Nothing big. Just flesh out each of the sections with a little personality. As it is, it is somewhat dry. Otherwise. Accepted. Shogun TIes eh... hehehe
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  14. Sky is out. with choi, Dargo, Lawke, Ornstein and zed. That is 5 potentials so far.
  15. Gonna watch this and approach it at amore convenient time
  16. I would like to know about the limitation of guns.
  17. Guns are oneshot, reload kind of guns. Not quite the terrible arbousques of the actual Sengoku Era that Oda employed. Think more Imperial Europe level, with a decent amount of accuracy. This being steampunk, the reloading is likely handled trough some more clever manner to reload faster. It still one shot before reload though. Possibly, there is the possibility to rock the pepperbox/multi barrel approach. Have up to say three shot before you have to reload. One for each barel.

    As for smaller ordinance its pretty much the same. Likely have to carry more then one gun on you.
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