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Discussion in 'CHARACTER PORTRAIT STUDIO' started by Opal, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. Revamping this a little bit! With my hours being cut at work and new expenses cropping up in my life, I'm needing to look for other ways to bring in some money. I am now offering not only chibis, but painted busts as well!



    $15 SALE! $10 for a single character
    +1 character is $10 SALE! $7 (2 characters max per commission)



    $25 SALE! $18 for a single character
    Not offering couples in this style at this time

    More examples of my art here!

    I will take two commissions at a time so as to not overwhelm myself. Once those are finished, I'll open up again!


    1. I will invoice you for payment through Paypal after completing your commission. The image you receive upon completion will be watermarked until payment is received.
    2. Please be patient with me! I'm a slow worker. I ask for 2 weeks to finish your commission after starting it; if I must take any longer than that, I will let you know.
    3. I will send you a sketch to approve before moving on to complete your art.
    4. Requests for small edits are welcome at any time during the commission progress for free. However, should you request a large edit that would require redrawing the whole image after it has been approved and completed (sketch phase is fine of course), I will require a fee.
    5. You will receive the high res .png, which can be made transparent (chibis only) at your request.
    6. I require some kind of visual reference for your character. They don't have to be a full reference - even just a few images of specific details are fine - but I do need at least something to work with, unless you are all right with me taking artistic freedom with the design of your character.

    Will Draw
    - Male and female humanoid characters
    - Soft furries
    - NSFW (though perhaps not for chibis? haha) only for those 18+

    Will Not Draw
    - Animals/quads (I am still practicing!)
    - Full furries (also still practicing!)
    - Mechs

    Commission Form
    [b]Requesting[/b]: (chibi or bust, single or double [chibis only])
    [b]Character Reference[/b]:
    [b]Character Personality[/b]:
    [b]Additional Character Info[/b]:
    If you are interested in commissioning me, please either post here or send me a PM, filling out the form above. Thank you!
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  2. Hello everyone! Bumping this up as I am now offering painted busts and also having a sale! I'm needing another source of income right now so I'm giving this a shot.

    Here is my most recently completed chibi :D
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  3. Username: PrettyLittlePsycho
    Requesting: Single bust
    Character Reference: Attached
    Character Personality: Happy go lucky, sarcastic, pouty about certain things (like her short height). She is humorous and sweet.
    Additional Character Info: If I could ask for a certain top since that is all will be seen with a bust? (Also attached)
    Feel free to message or quote me with questions if you take up my request, thank you!

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