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  1. One Piece AU (Without the strawhat pirates)
    All others and prolific characters are allowed, just an IC more for the history of characters that will play a role in this One Piece AU. Multiple characters and Cannon's are allowed, custom df's are allowed to just nothing OP if joining this prelude IC please be able to delve into your characters story alone at times not everytime characters will interact with each other. (Also if no one joins I will just delve in what makes my character the person he becomes)


    A fleet of marine ships are sailing off away from shimotsuki village, they were following up on leads of pirate activity but one ship in particular was carrying special cargo and a woman arrived on the ship mainly for security purposes. All the marine privates had got down on a knee, except for one who stood in place, as private looked at him "Are you insane newbie that's REAR ADMIRAL HINA show some respect" but the boy stood relaxed.

    The admiral approached the boy. "Hmmm interesting what is your name recruit?" she asked
    The boy looked at her and responded "My name is Eiji" he replied
    Hina looked around at the lead marine on the ship, "HEY WHATS THIS KID DOING ON THIS SHIP!!!" she yelled
    The Commador of the ship stepped forward, "My apologies rear admiral Hina, we found this boy in bad shape drifting a few weeks ago. His body was practically broken we brought him on board to heal, and he wouldn't tell us his name only that he wanted to be a Marine so we allowed him to stay" he said as he bowed to her as well as a sign of respect.

    Hina looked from the Commador to the boy named Eiji "Eiji your name means order, I like it ok boy you will come with me, from this point on your not gonna be a simple recruit your gonna be my subordinate" she says
    This surprised all the recruits and even the commador, usually to even be a subordinate to a rear admiral you had to demonstrate extreme skill or be a season recruit. Hina walked off and Eiji followed her.

    Name -
    Eiji Kuro

    Current age -

    Current Height -

    Devil fruit ability -
    At the moment none

    Devil fruit techniques -
    currently none

    Weapons -

    Fighting style -
    currently unknown

    Fighting techniques -
    Currently unknown

    Appearance -


    (This is just a prelude to a future one piece rp)​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.