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  2. I don't see insulting your potential successors as very humorous. That's just kinda.. Uncouth.

    Get some jokes that aren't offensive. Don't think the PC police are gonna be hounding him for this one.
  3. I'm just blown away. I don't care if the jokes were written for him -- just being able to hear the president say these kinds of things is just... The poor man sounds like he is so all out of fucks to give. XD

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  4. Oh Obama... You weren't perfect but I liked you, both for what you did and your sense of humour.

    And considering Bernie's effectively out I'm going to be sad to see America next leader pale in comparison.
  5. Hahahahahhaa yea it was great! XD
  6. Hm, link didn't work for me, I got 404'd.
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  7. Thankew!!! :D
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  8. Holy shit. Those stabs at hilary was fucking vichius. I love it.

    Oh god. The fuck you to CNN.
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  9. Steel beams are officially melted.
  10. Only when a republican does it.
  11. Could care less who does it really. It still seems pretty crude for someone who flaunts themselves as leader of the free world to do it.
  12. Obama is just proving he's human. EVERYONE ELSE thinks this election is ridiculous and trolly, why not him? He's not 'above' people and showing to be a smug bastard. He's showing that he is of the mind of everyone else and just laughing about all of this.
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  13. If you guys wanna discuss what type of person Obama is, please make a new thread. This was brought up to make people laugh, not discuss why a or b dislikes Obama.

    So staph, kthx.
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  14. This election is ridiculous. It make this country look like the laughing stock of the entire world. You've got Trump who claims he's intelligent, and what's good for the country but all he's doing it making impossible promises while walking around with dandelion fluff on his head and Dollar Tree spray on tan all over his face. You've got Cruz who's nightmare inducing, and who shouldn't even be eligible to run for office because I'm pretty sure he's certifiably insane. Then there's Hilary who doesn't have an idea of her own and is stealing all of Bernie Sander's ideas and calling them her own. What's not to laugh at? It's like releasing a bunch of felons and letting them run the country.
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  15. Inmates running the Asylum.
  16. Can confirm. This video is a great example of why.

    I mean frankly I think none of the candidates are great, or anywhere near it. But that's not even the worst of it. It's more that all the hate, shit-slinging and fearmongering honestly makes your elections seem like either a circus or a Saturday morning cartoon. And I'm nowhere even near proud of some of the shit that happens in the cabinet of my country.
  17. Yeah. It's more like a student government election than a presidential election. I think my kids are more mature in their bickering that most of the candidates, and that's saying something considering the common insult around my house is poopface....
  18. To most of the globe the US is currently getting an IQ test.
    And right now it's failing, hard.
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