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  1. In the mystical land known as Neverland, there resides a very mischievous and adventurous boy known as Peter Pan. There on Neverland, Peter and his Lost Boy's battled the evil pirates, who were led by no other than Captain Hook himself, Peter's arch-nemesis. Captain Hook has always wanted Peter, but perhaps not in the way that they all might have thought... For this isn't the happy little fairytale you were told as a kid, no, this is something much different...

    Hook wants to own Peter Pan. He wants to make that mischievous little troublemaker his, and he will stop at nothing to have him in his grasp... And never let him go. So their little game of cat and mouse continues, but not in the way you ever thought before... Will there even be a happily ever after?



    1) I am looking for someone to play Captain Hook, the seme/dominant when it comes to smut. I really want to play Peter.

    2) Just a little note, this is sort of based on Once Upon a Time, though I've only seen the first season, I really like the other characters in the later seasons like Hook and Pan. ^.^

    3) If we do character sheets, I'd prefer realistic pictures for this, but I am alright with anime. We don't have to do CS's however, it's completely up to my partner! :)

    4) Third person and descriptive only! I'd like at least two solid paragraphs please! More is definitely welcome and encouraged though!

    5) This will take place on a thread that I will start. ^.^

    6) I'm pretty much fine with any kink besides anything to do with bathroom stuff, no extreme mutilation either or extreme bloodplay. There will most likely be some non-con and darker themes in this though. I really don't have any triggers.

    7) No godmodding or drama hogging please!

    8) PM me or comment below if you are interested in rping this! I am really bored and I'd love to rp Hook x Peter! If you have any suggestion/ideas/questions, don't hesitate to bring them to light! Also of you just want to chat I'm fine with that too! I love getting to know my partners. ^.^
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  2. Still looking!
  3. Looking still!! :)
  4. Still looking!
  5. If you don't get anyone for this, feel free to message me. It's an interesting idea!
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