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  1. So I've been in the mood lately for a good ol' fashion maidxmaster rp.

    In need of a dominant, semi-violent male character(s) associated with the maid's master, his business associate. Her love of her master leads her to fall to the blackmail of the associate, in the hopes that a long sought after deal goes flawlessly unhindered.

    Looking for someone who knows how to put a decent paragraph or two together and has an imagination. Please, be active-this can/doesn't have to be a long term rp, but I'm hoping you'll to be prompt.

    That's really all I have-I realize it's painfully vague. This is really just a play-as-you-go rp. No matter, it's all for a bit of fun.

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  2. I would do this...but I might be dumb (Haha) but this is MaidxMaster...but from what I read...it sounds like the Male Role would be the Masters friend and not the Master? Did I just read wrong?
  3. My apologies-I guess I was too focused on making a title to think about the technicalities. You're correct, it is between the maid and the master's associates, not the master himself. However, I'm more than welcome to being flexible. Nothing is set in stone for the most part.
  4. I would still be willing to do this, being the master or his friend. I don't care either way, but to be honest. I will try and be violent if you want that...but I'm not truly the best at being violent. I am when the character is made for it....but you know...anyways. I think the Master part would work better because it would be weird if the Associate was always at the Masters house?
  5. I see where you're coming from. Violence isn't a neccessity, it was more just playing into the idea that it's more forced; although, I wouldn't go so far as to call it rape. As far as the Master goes, you can play him if you want. His associates won't always be at his house. I was more referring to when they actually are. ~
  6. How about we make this a group RP? Hattori would play the associate, DreamFighter would be that adorable Maid, and i would play the Master.
  7. I'd be glad to do this with you..unless you found someone already. Message me and we'll discuss terms. :)
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