Ooh! Ooh! Pick ME! :D

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    My name is RJ! :D

    I'm so excited to have joined this website. I've been dying to write stories with others. It's great to write on your own however I bore of reading my own voice in my head, I want to hear yours!
    I hope we all get along and write beautiful stories together.
    Feel free to send me a PM with whatever you are craving.
    My current craving: The school year has started. Students have put their swimsuits away, fire pits in their garage, and hopes of sunny hot days behind them. Fall has hit with a new school year hanging over their heads. Who will they meet? Is Randy still dating Jessica? Or is she a lesbian now? We'll soon find out!

    Now this can go any way you'd like. It could turn into a magic school or a regular school with a foreign student. Or maybe you don't like the little plot I just wrote under 5 minutes and you want to do something else.

    Hope to hear from someone soon
  2. Hiiii there RJ, welcome to the site! :D
  3. Thank you! ^-^