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  1. the handle's jadedeffects,, tho u can call me jadie!! ive been roleplaying for a while now-- a whopping seven or so years, and while im far from perfect, i think ive got a good handle on things?

    let's see, its been a while since ive joined a new forum, so i haven't ever written an intro before,, so how shall i start? uhm, im eighteen years old, and i reckon ill mostly be doing 1x1s first to get into the swing of things. im an art student, and i use roleplaying as a means of procrastinating on the ever-rising pile of work, so if there's a period of days where i suddenly become afk, that is probably because the deadline is at the end of the week, kehehehe

    im up for what this site calls "libertine" roleplaying, both without and with plots, though if we're gonna do something with plots, i like to work our way up to it- ah! speaking of plots, im very plot-oriented mostly, and i reallllly like character development-- to the point where i like it more than gaming itself!! hahahah---!!

    anywho,, this is getting long-winded and i still havent figured out anything meaningful to say, so ill part with: I can use proper grammar and capitalization in character, but I choose not to out of character for the sake of looking more chill- that, and my nails are terribly long and pressing shift so much is a hassle sometimes, whoops--!!
  2. okay, i usually don't come into this forum, but i really like your thread title and the way you type.

    welcome to iwaku. people are chill on here, including me, who happens to be the chill master. (i'm joking i'm a short human-shaped wad of anxiety hhh)

    if you'd ever like a one-on-one, please feel free to look over my rp resume or just pm me. i'd be happy to write something with you ! ( ^ ^)

    happy rping~.
  3. oh!!! that is too sweet consider me flattered--!! also i dig ur chill avatar man it is the chilliest

    but its ok i feel u too i pretend to be chill to ignore the fact that i am only digging myself a bigger grave-- and omg i checked your resume and we are so similar!! i will hit u up soon no problem, yes--!

    thank u again for the welcome, friend!!
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  4. Psst, hey, you!
    Yes, you there!
    Welcome to Iwaku!
    I humbly present you with a narwhal engaging in a bloody battle to the death with Darth Vader!
    Not really bloody.
    I was kinda hoping there would be some Nachos floating about in there.
    If you have any questions, concerns, random quirks, interest checks, need of a guide, a roleplay partner, or just someone to talk to and/or harass, I hereby present my availability and welcome you into Iwaku once more!
  5. oh geez what a sweetheart--!! and despite not being bloody,, i can tell it's an intense battle nonetheless kehehe--

    but thank you!! ill keep that in mind and scope you out whenever im feeling too shy to advertise
    there will be much bothering
    //botherbother kehehe
  6. At first I read this and thought 'I really wish she'd capitalize those letters..' and then I thought 'Oh, she can, she just chooses not to.. I can dig that.' But then I thought..

    'Is that Darth Vader having a light saber fight with a narwhal?!... -right clicks-... -saves-...'


    Hello and welcome to Iwaku, Jade. (My mother's dog is named Jadie, I can't call you that without laughing, I am sorry.) I do not personally do libertine roleplays but I know that there are plenty here who do, so I'm sure you'll find the perfect partner(s) for what you're looking for! And, since I don't want to leave you with nothing, here..

  7. omg the fact that me and ur pup have the same name makes me so happy i love it heheh but ah yes i don't like capitalizing bc i feel less chill!!!

    but thank you for the warm welcome,, and especially for that fantastic set its one of my faves keheheh--
    hopefully we get to do other rps together that aren't specifically libertine!!
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